Monday, April 23, 2018

Day Book: Monday, April 23, 2018

Outside my window... it's 6:15 a.m. and it's still dark.

I am thinking... that I don't know how I'm going to do my chores today because I'm really tired.

I am thankful for... Greg getting to Romania safely and that I'm not the one who just had to travel for almost 24 hours, didn't sleep a wink, and has to head straight into a day of meetings.

From the learning rooms... Daughter is studying for her finals that start later on this week, YS is studying for his as well, trying to get French completed by the end of the school year if possible, and has his orientation at the state college this week.

From the kitchen... a pile of dirty dishes so what's new?!

I am wearing... the usual uniform of a black V-neck T-shirt and black yoga capris. I feel like a ninja!

I am creating... my masterpiece (the spreadsheet with all the classes YS has taken and hopefully will take at the state college and high school over the next 2 years is on hold until we meet with the Dual Enrollment Advisor)

I am going... back to bed when I get back from the high school?  Unlikely but right now that's really what I want to do!

I am reading... The Cutting Edge by Jeffery Deaver. It's not that good, due in a couple of days, and I'm thinking I might not finish it.

I am hoping... that it rains today and that Greg didn't catch any bugs while traveling and will be able to sleep soon.

I am hearing... Male Cat performing his morning ablutions, YS getting ready for school.

Around the house... The AC just kicked on!  It's going to be one of those days when it's hot and humid.  I guess I won't open the windows today and the cats will have to amuse themselves otherwise.  The kitchen is a mess and I need to do the dishes.  I should vacuum too.  But maybe today isn't a good day since I barely slept last night.

One of my favorite things... the Focus. Despite its more recent clutch problems, it's been a lovely little car to drive. I will miss it once YS starts driving it by himself :)

A few things on my schedule for the rest of the week... chores of course, grocery shopping of course, taking YS to his driver's licence test, picking blueberries with my BFF, stressing over YS driving to school and his college orientation on his own, stressing over Greg flying back to the US, stressing over my Daughter doing well on her finals :)

My goals for this week... get back on track with my diet: drinking all the water, planning and tracking my intake, exercising, and making sure not to get upset that I freaking didn't lose anything over the past week. NOTHING.  Also trying to remain positive and upbeat and grateful that I also didn't gain anything.  But I biked double the miles every day so I'm freaking annoyed.  Deep breath.

Here's the picture I'm sharing...

My sister and me in 1979.  I thought she was the most beautiful baby.  She's having a hysterectomy this week and I hope she's OK.  Look at the groovy 70s wallpaper. I don't remember the wood paneling, that's odd... I think maybe it's a piece of furniture, though? I really don't remember this.

Have a good week!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Uh... Happy Earth Day Part Deux ~ Sunday 4/22/18

So I was told that TODAY is Earth Day, not yesterday, so re-Happy Earth Day!

I feel dumb but I just got tricked by all the Earth Day events that were taking place yesterday around here and then the Google Doodle was about Earth Day yesterday too.  Goes to show you that it's true "assume" does make and ass of you and me. Well not you, because you knew and you told me.  Good for you!

I didn't sleep well at all last night. I was very gassy (eating extra carbs will do this, I've found out!), and anxious about Greg's trip (as in the actual flights there, I stress for him, lol) and I tossed and turned and didn't feel great when I got up.

Plus Explorer was crying for food (or me) at 5:30 a.m. when I still had 2 hours to sleep.  I told him to hush up and he was at it again at 6:30 a.m. so I got up and told him to get back downstairs and hush up again but I didn't close the door at the top of the stairs all the way up and then I just pushed my bedroom door closed. I tried to go back to sleep and after a while, heard someone tip toeing in the hall outside my bedroom and I thought it was Greg going to use the bathroom, but then I heard noise in my room... and I saw that my door was open... and there were cats in my room!!!  I said "How in the heck did you get in here?!" and they both ran off. I heard jiggling so I think it was Explorer and Tabby Kitty (Princess doesn't have a collar on right now because hers broke).  Sneaky kitties!

Greg got up after that and fed them and I tried going back to sleep but I couldn't. I got up at 7:15 a.m. and took a shower.

I made Greg's breakfast (just eggs this morning) and I made my own: just 2 egg whites, half a homemade English muffin with Smart Balance spread on it and an orange. I drank the little bit of decaf coffee left from last night because I didn't want to have to stress about having to pee on the way to and/or from the airport.  My plan was just to drop Greg off, not park and go inside with him.

I earned the mobile Microsoft Rewards when I was still in bed, btw.  I always try to do this first thing in the morning so I don't forget.

I put a load of YS's laundry in the dryer since it had been left in the washer overnight, and then went to pick up the Sunday paper from the driveway. I had 2 coupon inserts (flimsy) and a Publix coupon insert.  I clipped the few coupons that I wanted while I ate breakfast.  I need to ask my BFF (again!) if I'm supposed to keep her the inserts or not, after all. I'm so forgetful it's not even funny. I think it's going to be the 3rd time that I ask her the same question. To my credit, though, she's gone back and forth about her answer too!

Have you noticed that there are fewer and fewer coupons available, both in the paper and to print, at the same time as the food prices are increasing by quite a bit?!

I think coupon distributors are definitely putting more emphasis on digital coupons, either via store apps or rebate apps, and that sucks for us because we can't use them on multiple items anymore.  I'm not happy about this.  But in a sense, I think it'll come back to bite them because I know that if I don't have a coupon for an item, then I might as well buy an equivalent item from Aldi.

Greg and I ate our breakfast together, each on our phone. It's a little sad that we're not going to see each other for a week and we weren't talking BUT: we spent a lot of time together yesterday and talked a lot, and I was driving him to the airport this morning anyway and that takes an hour and we talked on the way there too :)

I was on my phone checking Reddit, btw, and was laughing at this video of dating woes when one person doesn't have a social media presence. This will be Youngest Son :) I can't upload the video but I provided the link.

We left the house at 8:30 a.m. and drove to SuperTarget where we bought the international travel adaptor.  Since the only cash register that was open along with the self-checkout lanes was aaaaaaaalll the way at the other end of the store near the produce section, I decided to just buy lettuce or spinach there so as not to have to stop by Aldi on my way home.  Well, their spinach was on sale but for double the price of Aldi and they were still selling Romaine hearts and cut Romaine despite the CDC asking people to throw it away due to the E.coli epidemic, so I just left it there.

I had brought a reusable bag with me and paid with my Target Mastercard so I got 5 cents back and then 5% off (I had made sure there wasn't a Cartwheel offer on the adapter too).  So I spent about $25 after tax. Greg said he couldn't expense it because it wasn't an expensable... expense.  He should have ordered one along with his laptop when he got it but back then he wasn't traveling outside of Canada and the US so he hadn't seen the point. He said he should be able to get a new laptop soon, though, and he'll make sure to tell I.T. that he needs ALL the accessories this time.

Then we drove to the airport. It was overcast and more so by the airport than in our neck of the woods but traffic was light today. I just dropped him off.  He was there 4 hours early, which was way too early, but he thought there might be a long line to check in and also he needed to talk to them about his seat assignments all the way to Romania, and then we never know how long the line at the Security checkpoint will be.

Come to find out, there was no line at the United counter, they couldn't help him at all with his flight from Newark because it's a different airline operating it and that airline won't let you book your flight over the internet (I told him to call them and I think he did), and then they were using the dogs at the Security Checkpoint, which made the line go much faster than usual since no one had to unpack their carry-ons or take off their shoes.  So, poor guy, he had a very long wait ahead of him.

My drive home went fine, and I was back by 10:20 a.m.  I first opened the windows for the kitties but it felt very humid.  The Kittens and I heard woodpeckers in the front lawn so I looked and we all witnessed two red-bellied woodpeckers land in the grass in front of the house, pick an acorn each, and then fly into the trees across the street with their acorns!  I'd never seen that behavior before and I didn't have my camera or phone with me at the time so I don't have a picture of it. I thought they only ate bugs from the bark of trees!  Maybe it was courting behavior? So I did some research. There a species of woodpeckers called the Acorn Woodpecker that creates granaries of acorns in tree trunks, but they live in California and the Southwestern US.  However, this article states that woodpeckers eat acorns (and also berries and other things) so I guess that's normal behavior. Huh.  Good to know!  I still wish I had gotten a picture of them!

Not my picture but think two of those with acorns but in the front lawn :)
Youngest Son got up at that time and we chatted for a little bit. We agreed to play Bunny Kingdom at 2 p.m.

I heated up the rest of the coffee that Greg had brewed for himself, and had another half of an English muffin with sugar free blueberry preserve, this time, because I was still hungry!  I hopped on the bike with this Second Breakfast and my mug of coffee and set about earning Rewards while I biked. I was able to take one 50 SB survey, but my 1st goal is 99 SB today and I don't think I'll reach it. Oh well.  I biked for a little over 1 hour and 10 miles. Not too shabby!

But then it was very hot (77F in the living room and climbing!) and humid, so I closed the windows and turned the AC on. And since it's officially Earth Day today, I went into the garden to take some pictures. I ended up pulling some weeds from my basil containers and from in between the pavers on the patio, although many remain, still.  I heard thunder in the distance so I hope this means it WILL rain today. Some of my flowers are almost dead!

I have yet to see a flower on this hibiscus plant that I bought a couple of months ago (the blooms keep on dropping!) so I hope this one opens up!

The verbena is almost dead because of thirst! Yikes!


And 4 more coming up on the same bush, yay!

Every day it seems that I discover yet one more sunflower under the bird feeder. Love those!

Little milkweed seedlings have emerged in my red canna pot that is right next to the milkweed pot!

And more here, on the other side of the pot. I did pull the weeds after I took this picture.

The canna looks healthy but it'll be a while before I get flowers, I think. I love that it comes back every year!

The bees are preferring the weeds to my flowers.

I have a ton of volunteer vincas all over the garden.  At least they're free and very colorful. So I can't be upset about it. Plus, they're really low maintenance. Actually, they're NO maintenance. My favorite kind of plant that's not a weed!

Part of my basil forest.

And I found a basil baby in another bin nearby!  I love that it replants itself so easily.

And yet more basil that replanted itself... along with a couple of oak tree babies because the squirrels like perching themselves on this bin while they eat acorns and then dump them in the bin!  So I pulled them out.

The verbena reseeded itself too! This verbena baby is growing at the border of my patio and the berm.  I'd love for it to reseed itself all over the berm.  Verbena is so pretty.

Explorer came to cuddle next to me on the futon while I was chatting with Greg via text and checking his flight status via United's app.  I ought to go make my lunch now as it is past 1 p.m. already!  Time is... flying!

So I made my lunch and used spinach for my salad. I think I'll be OK waiting until Wednesday to go to Aldi, I still have half a bag of spinach and also a whole cabbage that I can shred.

And yes, I once again added a bit of sugar-free chocolate syrup to my strawberry shake. We'll see what the scale thinks of this tomorrow morning when I weigh myself.
I ate it while watching the 9th episode of "The Tunnel" (season 1). It's very melodramatic and kind of getting on my nerves. We'll see if I watch Season 2.

At 2:15 .m. YS and I played a game of Bunny Kingdom. Explorer was circling around, crying, jumping on the table a few times, stole one of my cards by pawing it off the table, and then jumped on YS's lap and tried playing a hand, lol.

My pink bunny army, ready to conquer the Kingdom.

In the end, YS beat me. It was a good game and it actually only took an hour and 15 minutes today!

My Daughter called in the middle of the game just to say hi. She's prepping to start studying for her finals. The first one (Calculus) is next Saturday.  And then she'll have 2 more the following week.  She and her roommates just renewed their leases, the leasing office was pressuring them to renew ASAP because they had a very small inventory of 3-bedroom apartments, so they did. They'll stay in the same apartment, as far as I know.  The rent had gone up from $499 a month (per person) to $515 a month, which is manageable, but still an increase.

Greg had texted me, before his flight took off, that a lady was causing a commotion and he was looking forward to seeing her being dragged from the plane, but I guess she calmed down, although she was sitting in an exit row and when they asked her whether she'd be willing to help people in case of an emergency (a condition to sit in that row), she said "NO!" and they wouldn't let her change her mind and made her switch seats.  I was concerned (and so was he) that she would create more drama when in the air, but he said she hadn't.  Phew.  Now he has a couple of hours to wait in Newark.

The airline that he's flying next has a terrible app that is pretty much useless to track flights, so I'm using the Flight Aware app. I feel like a Mama Hen, lol. I took my phone off the "Do Not Disturb" mode so I can hear when he texts me, too.  I've asked him to text me each time he lands and takes off, so he should text me at about 5:45 p.m., and then 2:25 a.m., then 4 a.m. and then finally at 5:45 a.m. and I guess I'll just get up then.  He'll be going straight from the airport in Bucharest to the office to start his meetings. He's going to be exhausted. I hope he gets to sleep on the transatlantic flight, at least.

I offered to treat YS to a snack to celebrate his victory over me so he drove us to Publix in the Focus. On the way there, I noticed that his hair was really bushy and checked him in to Great Clips via my app because I wanted him to look good in his Driver's License picture (provided that he does obtain it on Wednesday!).  So we went there first. I'm glad I checked in via the app because he was able to cut in line in front of 2 other people, lol.  I handed him one of my prepaid Great Clips gift card that still had one haircut on it, so there wasn't any OOP and it cost us only $9.99 instead of the current rate of $14 or $15.  I did give him $2 in cash for the tip.

Then we walked to Publix. I was thinking that I'd have to use a plastic bag on Earth Day (crap) since we took the Focus and I didn't have any reusable bags in there (forgot to bring one along) but... then I remembered that I had one of those flimsy Walt Disney World reusable bags that I had gotten as a freebie years ago, rediscovered a few months ago and stashed in my purse for just such an eventuality. Hooray, Earth Day save!  Only... I drove to the airport and back in my large SUV, we ran the AC almost all day, we drove to the store again, and then bought pre-packaged food.  So, not so much a victory for Earth Day :(

YS picked a sub from the deli, and I let myself be tempted by my favorite salad (Southern Cobb Salad) because it was on sale AND there was a $1 store coupon for it if you also bought a medium fountain drink. What a coincidence, I really wanted a Diet Coke!  The medium is actually huge, I think 32 oz, and it was $1.59 so really just $0.59 after the coupon. Then I suggested we get Breyer's ice cream because it was on sale for $3.33 a container whereas neither the Ben & Jerry or the Haagen Dazs pints were on sale at all.  YS picked a flavor different from coffee, probably because he doesn't want to share and he knows coffee ice cream is my favorite, lol.  I charged the $15.70 OOP to my Discover card for 5% back in Bonus Rewards. I didn't have any digital coupons to apply to my order.

At the register, they had keychains with little mini Publix shopping bags, to remind you to bring your reusable bags. I asked if I could take one because I've had one of those on my keychain for years and my current one will probably be in tatters before long.  The cashier was happy to give one to me.  Woohoo!

I also checked my lottery ticket (didn't win anything this time) and picked up a free recipe card from the Publix Apron kiosk for Monterey Jack Poutine. Greg loves poutine (well, loved it before he was on his diet).  The lady at the kiosk was cooking a batch of it but I didn't want to wait around just to get a sample.

On the way home, I suggested to YS that he should be the one to drive me to the airport next weekend to pick up Greg so he can have the experience of driving there and around the airport and then home again. That way if one day I need him to drop one of us or pick us up, he'll be familiar with it and it won't sound so scary. He agreed.  Greg refuses to ride in the Focus because he claims it's uncomfortable, so I'll probably have him drive my SUV.  I told Greg about it over text messages and he thought it was a good idea.

He and I texted back and forth for a while since he had a couple of hours to kill in Newark. He went to an Irish pub and got himself some dinner in case he slept on the flight. He was charged $44 for a beer and a brat. He didn't even eat the bun or the chips it came with!

I have two Kittens cuddling next to me on the futon.  I'm going to watch the last episode of "The Tunnel". It still hasn't rained and it's now 5:45 p.m.  Arrgh.  There's still 100% chance of rain but it looks less and less likely that it'll actually rain over my house. I'm going to have to water the plants tomorrow morning as soon as I come back from the high school, even though we have high chances of rain tomorrow and Tuesday. I just can't keep postponing that, they're going to die!

I put Greg's bedding in the wash and put a fresh bottom sheet and pillow case on his bed.  I'll use the dryer since it might be raining and also we both have pollen allergies so it might not be a good idea to dry the bedding outdoors right now! I'm washing it on cold/cold with Purex bought on sale with coupons and with a rebate.  I'll wash my own bedding tomorrow.

Then I went ahead an input Greg's other trips into my Google calendar since I still hadn't done that.  I sure hope that all that travel will allow us to earn some mileage towards a personal vacation at some point!

I finished watching the 1st season of "The Tunnel" and I found it... mediocre but not terrible.  I'll probably watch season 2. I guess the fact that I never saw either versions of "The Bridge" did help. Apparently the Swedish (Norwegian, Danish? Not sure) original version of "The Bridge" was terrific and was the exact same story but set in different countries.  I might have to watch it now to see if it truly was better.

Then I switched the laundry around as I had to do 2 loads due to the number of blankets that Greg uses. You know that we live in Central Florida, right? And that it gets HOT upstairs where our bedrooms are, right?  Well, he uses a comforter, and two sherpa blankets.  He's crazy! LOL.

After that, I reheated a mug of coffee (I had brewed a 2nd pot by adding a fresh scoop of coffee to the previous pot's grinds) and while it was in the microwave, I decided to go water my outdoor potted plants that desperately needed it. I just can't trust the weather app to be accurate and it really doesn't look like it's going to rain!  I used 2 cat litter jugs full of rain water and then kept on refilling them at the rain barrel. I don't bother using the little spigot because I'd be there all day!  My rain barrel's top comes off and then I submerge 2 jugs at a time (1 in each hand) and keep on refilling them as soon as they're empty. I pretty much emptied the whole rainbarrel just by watering the potted plants.   If it doesn't rain overnight, I'll water the in-ground plants tomorrow (pineapples, seedlings).

As Bless smartly commented, I decided to "honor" Earth Day by not doing the dishes the whole weekend!  So guess what else I'll have to do tomorrow. If it rains, I should just set them out on the patio and let Nature do my chores for me!

I've been researching the Shark steamer that Cheryl recommended. It is now discontinued but you can buy it from 3rd party vendors on Amazon. I like that it's less than half-price the cost of the newer models, but there are quite a bit of bad reviews too.  Should I try it anyway?  It's $59.  A lot of people were recommending the Bissell steam mops instead because they emit a continuous jet of steam (apparently you have to constantly manually pump the Shark) but the Bissell that I was looking at ($79, gulp, do I really want to spend that much to clean my floors?!) also had its detractors, a lot of whom complaint that the cap on the water tank breaks very easily and that the tank sometimes melts.  So now I don't know what to do... I'm not that much of a cleaning aficionada that I actually look forward to spending more than $10 on a cleaning tool, lol.

I finished the evening by replying to all your comments, thanks so much!

Greg is now somewhere over the Atlantic and I hope he's going to be able to sleep a bit.  I have a weird night ahead of me as well, so I should try to head up to bed as soon as I'm done inserting pictures in this post!  I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

I managed to capture this male Northern Cardinal taking flight from one of the feeders tonight! How generous of the squirrels not to have eaten all the seeds!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

A Walk In Nature on Earth Day ~ Saturday 4/21/18

Happy Earth Day!  Did you do anything to celebrate, consciously or not? 

I wish it were a day when we could have the windows open all day but it's a bit humid and the AC just came on at 12:15 p.m.  We did go on a walk, though, this morning, a bit more about that later...

I did a bit of reading last night but I was really tired (I watched through episode 5 of The Tunnel, Season 1) so I only made it through one chapter before I had to turn off the light because I was so tired.  Then I slept pretty well until 7:30 a.m. when I had to use the bathroom and I heard a cat behind the door.

I went downstairs to feed them so they wouldn't wake up everyone else, set a pot of flavored coffee to brew and then went back to bed!  I was trying to fall back asleep when I heard a cat (I thought it was Explorer) making a deep throaty sound behind the door, much like barking, so, in exasperation I got up to tell it to go back downstairs and I found... Princess!  Who was very insistently chirping to get my attention. She never does that in the mornings so I went downstairs with her and then saw that a grey and white cat had come to visit on the patio and my tribe was all agog!  I didn't have my phone with me so I couldn't take a picture, but I think it was the grey and white cat that I photographed during the cat fight last week, the one that I thought might not have a tail.  well, it has one and it's pretty long. It doesn't look like my Kittens so I don't think they're related. When it saw me at the window, it ran off across the street.

So after that, I was wide awake and just stayed up, drinking my coffee.  None of the cats came to cuddle so I think Princess was just tattle telling on the cat that was visiting, lol.

Greg got up, dressed to go walking, at 8 a.m.  Huh, no... I was barely into my 1st mug of coffee and in no mood to go walking right away, ha. He had brought his laundry down so he threw it in the wash.  Then he made himself breakfast and I worked on my Rewards.

Microsoft Rewards is offering 2x the credits for PC searches (so 300 daily credits) for "a limited time" so it took a little longer to max out my earning today, but I was able to redeem credits for a $5 Amazon gift card. Today, I had to verify it with a code sent to my phone instead of via email and it's now several hours later and I still have to receive the code. Usually, when I got the email verification, I got the e-gift card instantaneously so I'm not too happy about the change. 

I was able to take a survey on Swagbucks so I met my 1st daily goal, woohoo!

This is a screenshot from the survey that I took... Yeah, I was confused too. The statement I had to agree or not agree with was "I don't know". LOL.  I said "strongly agree" :)

I caught up on emails and the news in the meantime, and cooked my breakfast.  We had brought back broccoli from Greg's dinner last night, so i used that in my omelet instead of zucchini.  No food waste.

However, I have to point out that Greg was proud of telling me that he didn't eat the rice or potatoes that came with his business meals earlier in the week but I pointed out that he could have gotten boxes to bring them home since neither YS nor I have completely eliminated carbs from our diets!  He looked sheepish so I hope that he remembers to do that in the future.

After I ate, I went to get dressed and was ready to go at 9:30 a.m.  I threw Greg's laundry in the dryer before we left as we have a high chance of rain today.

We drove to the General Van Fleet Trail, which isn't too far from our house. YS was still sleeping but we had told him where we were going last night and that we'd be back before the D&D gamers showed up.

The weather was overcast but a lovely breeze was blowing so the temperature was really nice. However, it got sunnier and hotter as we walked.  The trail was busy with bicyclists today, but most of the time we were still alone,

As soon as we started walking, Greg had to stop to adjust his boot. I was looking at the swamp trying to see gators when Greg got my attention and pointed out a racoon that had come from under a bridge and was standing right there by him in the middle of the trail!  Sadly, as soon as it spotted me looking at it, it ran off before I could even raise my camera. Rats!

We don't get cell phone reception on that part of the trail so usually my RunMeter app doesn't work. Today it worked but totally guesstimated how far we walked and told me we walked almost 12 miles!  LOL. Nope.  We walked for and hour and a half and 4 miles and some. Here are some of my pictures.

We saw lots of squirrels today!

Back home at noon, Youngest Son had just woken up and told us the same 2 players who always back out of D&D backed out yet again so the session was cancelled. Arrgh. I wish those kids checked with their parents to make sure they're actually available before they say they can come but then have to cancel!

I brewed a new pot of flavored coffee by adding a scoop of coffee to the older grinds from this morning.

Greg made his lunch and I coaxed Tabby Kitty to scare the squirrels that were climbing on the newest bird feeder in the front yard by staring at them from behind the window. They didn't seem to care so I went outside to scare them off. Then there were more on the feeder in the backyard!  Forget Earth Day, it's Squirrel Day today! 

He was like "What do you want ME to do about it when you won't let me go outside?!"
I was turning on WQRX on IheartRadio via the Roku when there was a knock at the door: it was the mailwoman, delivering my sign from Savannah!  Hooray!

She did a really good job wrapping it because I had a hard time cutting through all the tape (I was trying not to damage anything, lol). She included a personalized thank you card which was very sweet.

If you have a need for a sign for your home or as a gift, I really recommend Savannah at Dirt Road Daisy. You can find her on Instagram and Facebook at Dirt Road Daisy Decor (@DirtRoadDaisy).  I love my sign!  Unfortunately my patio walls are bare and the weather is overcast so the picture really doesn't display the sign very well or pay it justice. But it's extremely well made and sturdy. Not light wood like those signs you buy at Michael's but nice and heavy wood. The lettering is impeccable and Savannah said she triple coated the sign as I had told her I needed it to withstand the humidity and rain of the Florida weather.  The sign came with a hanging wire installed on it too. All I had to do was pound a nail in the wall and hang it.  Easy!

"Life is Better on the Patio". The light was too bad for the picture to come out, sorry!
I need to iron a pair of pants for Greg and he needs to pack. I needed to find my European plug adapter for him, but try as I may, I couldn't find it anywhere!  The last time I remember seeing it was when I lent it to him last year when he went to Romania.  We looked everywhere for it.  We didn't find it. We did find, though...

  • 3 doses of Advantage II for large cats that I had bought last year before the vet recommended Frontline instead. I'm now using Advantage II multi but I'll make sure to use those Advantage II doses first!

  • The cat collars that I had bought months ago. Aargh!  I already had collars!  Oh well.

I checked the Target website and they have an international travel adapter for $25 and it's in stock at the Clermont SuperTarget so Greg suggested we stop there on the way to the airport tomorrow instead of running there today. I told him he should expense it.

In the meantime, guess what Greg did?  He signed up for the United Airlines frequent flyer program and even assigned one of his many reservations to his new account!  Then he got busy doing other things so I'll need to make sure that he assigns his number to all his reservations as well as make sure his corporate travel account has his frequent flyer number on file.

It's now close to 1:30 p.m. so I'm going to make my lunch and I'll watch the 6th episode of "The Tunnel" while I eat, I think.

When I opened the fridge, I realized that I still had half a heart of organic romaine left in a bag. I decided to eat it instead of composting it, since I'd eaten the rest of the bag already with no ill effects.  I also splurged by adding a splash of sugar free chocolate syrup to my strawberry milkshake.

Earlier today I had checked the digital coupons area of the Publix app and noticed that they had a $1.00 off coupon for Publix coffee filters so I uploaded it. I like it when I can save money on items I need to buy anyway!

I replied to your nice comments, thanks! Now it's 2:35 p.m. and I still have most of my lunch to eat and I haven't even started watching the show yet. Greg and YS have a date at 3:30 p.m. to play Axis and Allies together and they invited me, but the game usually takes 3 hours which is way too long for me, even if they promised that the rules were much simpler than the ones for Bunny Kingdom :) So I'll watch my show and they can play their game and bond over that.

I had to share some of my papaya with Tabby Kitty, who was begging me for it, perched over my shoulder with his little paw tapping me on the shoulder, lol.  He's always loved papaya ever since he was a small kitten :)

I spotted a couple of pictures on Reddit that made me laugh:

1) I would totally eat pizza there!

2) Live & Learn had a recent post about "qute" spelling and I said I really didn't like it when I saw spelling mistakes in official documents, newspapers, or billboards. I also don't like math.  So this really made me laugh :)

For dinner I reheated leftover pasta for YS and myself and made a cheese omelet for Greg while he made himself a salad.   After we ate, I ironed Greg's pants for his trip.