Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Daily Frugal Failures and Successes: Tuesday 3/24/15

  • No rain in the forecast for today but it was really cloudy.

  • Can I brag about my daughter again?  Of course I can, it's my blog after all, right?  These are the shoes she made for a friend for her birthday. It's not a great picture, but I managed to snap it right before she left for school this morning as she was hurrying me up to take it because she was running a little late... aren't those awesome?!

Here are the ones she made for her brother's girlfriend not so long ago.  She's looking into getting on Etsy.

The GF wanted a "Tangled" theme...

  • I was on the patio and I thought I heard "Mom!" so I almost replied... and then realized that it was a crow cawing.  I swear it sounded just like of my son's calling me from another room! Quick survey: how many of you turn around right away, ready to reply, when they hear "mom!" in a store, even if they know their own kids aren't even in that store? Just me?  Alrighty, then. Carry on.

  • Speaking of my daughter, she found out today that her best friend's parents are bidding on a house that's just 2 streets behind us. She is over the moon!  The friend lives in the next town over right now. It would be a lot of fun for her to have a close friend nearby, even though her friend wouldn't change high schools.

  • Since I seem to only talk about my daughter, here is something about my youngest son: he's a laconic 13-year old teen. If I tell him something, his answer is, most of the time "OK."  It doesn't matter if it's something exciting or sad or informational, his answer is almost always "OK."  So I told him that it was rude and didn't invite conversation and we've been practicing his small talk skills.  Honestly, he's been a delight with it and trying, when I put him on a spot. He's a great kid. He just doesn't like chit-chat.  Too bad he's stuck with me as a mom!

  • My daughter drove herself to school, saving me a round-trip. She packed a lunch too! However she's misplaced the reusable lunch bag that I had given her and is back to using brown paper lunch bags. I tasked her with finding the reusable one after school today.

  • My son packed his lunch for school as well :)

  • I earned 100 KFR point by entering bonus code KFRMEMBERSRGREAT in my Kellogg's Family Rewards account.

  • I signed up for the Redbox Play Pass and they send me a freebie code right away. I emailed my daughter to ask her to see if there's a movie she'd like to see and I'll pick it up tomorrow when I go shopping. I'm going to link the debit card that she has for our joint account to my Redbox account so she'll be able to pick up the movies on her own and I can still earn the rewards from now on (you have to be 18 to earn the rewards).

  • You can't get everything for free, although I do try to reduce our costs as much as I can. I needed black duct tape and Ace Hardware emailed me a 15% off promotional email this morning so I put the item in my cart, and then went back into the Ace site via SavingStar to complete my purchase. I got the $1.50 discount, free pick-up from my store tomorrow (it's almost right across from the library and I'm going there anyway), 5 % back from Saving Star (so $0.45), and will earn about 100 Ace Reward points. Oh and whatever rewards I will earn n Mastercard (not a lot but it all adds up!). And I'll be hiding the duct tape so Greg doesn't take it from me and store it in his shed. I'm sick and tired all of my "tools" migrating to this shed! I could have probably bought duct tape for $1 at Dollar Tree but I wasn't planning on going there tomorrow, it would be pretty crappy duct tape, and it would be silver. I could have also priced it at Lowe's but I didn't feel like dealing with Lowe's tomorrow and Lowe's doesn't have a loyalty program like Ace does :)

  • I spent most of the morning gardening since it was nice and cool outside and overcast... at some point I decided to open the windows for the cats... and then I turned off the AC for good measure lest it came on... it's about noon as I type this up and the temp is in the low 70s, very nice!  I reused rainwater to water my garden (carried into a recycled cat litter jug).

  • I ate a nice lunch of "leftovers" from last night's Easy Loaded Grits that I baked after the kids had already had their dinner and that is our dinner for tonight, as well as a salad of spinach, tomatoes (including 1 tiny Supersweet tomato from my garden) and sliced cucumbers, topped with some fried wontons kept from a previous Chinese take-out order (I stick them in my veggie drawer, nowadays, and they stay crispy and fresh) and homemade mustard vinaigrette.  I ate it on the back patio while listening to the woodpecker having his lunch and other birds chirping around ;) I even saw some really cool birds!

  • Frugal success or failure?  The loaf of bread that I baked yesterday... was entirely eaten by the 3 of us (well, mostly me!) by this morning.  So I baked another one.

  • I harvested a bunch of collard greens for dinner tonight. I'll stir-fried them and served them as a side to the Easy Loaded Grits I baked last night.

  • I reused water collected in the shower to flush the toilet.

  • We didn't have any failures today... that I know of. My daughter said she wanted a new wardrobe and she never asks me for clothes so I told her to put a list together... we'll see what she comes up with :)  I'm hoping she wants things from Kohl's so I can order them online and get the 30% off (someone will post the code online, hopefully because I only got 20% off.)

Did you have any frugal successes or failures today? Please do tell!

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  1. Oh my word! Your daughter has mad talent! Those shoes are simply adorable! I would definitely buy some of those! Since I am still "late to the party" catching up, maybe she has started an Etsy store for you to share!

    1. Thanks, Joy! Sorry to disappoint you but back then she had looked into it but you had to be 18 to have an Etsy shop, apparently, and then she made some for a few friends and moved on to something else. She is a very good artist, though. I featured her work in later posts as well :) I will share your comment with her, though, she will appreciate it!


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