Friday, March 27, 2015

Daily Frugal Failures and Successes: 3/27/15


  • Today was the first day of Spring Break for us so the kids didn't have school... no packed lunches, no driving to school and back.

  • However, this is tricking me into thinking it's Saturday instead of Friday. I guess I'd rather have this problem than the opposite!

  • Yikes!  Due to the Yemeni conflict right now, gas prices are going up, up, UP!  Gas went up by 17 cents a gallon since Wednesday, in these parts, now at $2.55/gallon.

  • Greg got home safely!  It's so nice to have been back.  The last 2 times he traveled he got delayed by mechanical problems and had trips from hell, but this time all went well. Phew!


  • It poured last night and it's supposed to rain more later on today so I didn't need to water the garden AND the bins collected plenty of rainwater for me to use in the near future.

  • There was a half cup of coffee left in the pot that I brewed yesterday morning so I drank it first thing this morning. No coffee waste here!

  • I forgot to mention yesterday that I mixed 1/2 a gallon of water to 1/2 a gallon of whole milk to extend it. No one has commented on the milk in several months, proof that it really makes no difference (and therefore saves me money when I do dilute it).

  • SavingStar deposited $0.67 in my account for my umbrella purchase at Lowe's last month (1% cashback).

  • Swagbucks deposited 75 SB in my account for my Groupon purchase (museum tickets) last month.  I hope to reach 500SB today or tomorrow and order a new $5 Amazon gift card!

  • My daughter wanted to go to Michael's to pick up sculpting supplies so I decided to tag along and run a few errands at the same time to maximize the mileage out of the car.

  • I was stopping at a couple Racetrac stations to redeem survey codes for free bakery items so I decided to top off my tank again before gas got any higher. Plus, I was hoping the new receipts would reveal the April reward for the surveys. I had 4 codes to redeem by 3/31.  However, the receipt I received still has the survey that expires on 3/31 (free bakery item) and then when I redeemed one of the codes for a free muffin, the station manager, wanted to be nice, issued me an extra receipt. So I got 2 free muffins today but now I still have 4 more codes to redeem by Tuesday. Aaaack!  I guess I'll need to walk to the closest Racetrac station every day for the next 4 days :)  I'll make my son walk with me (since the muffins are for him).

  • I got several freebies including a surprise one at CVS: I hadn't realized that the Cadbury eggs were on BOGO but my favorite cashier pointed it out to me, enabling me to get 2 of those for free (since one was the SavingStar freebie of the weekend).

  • I needed to get plastic edging at Lowe's and I had a $10/$50 American Express offer loaded to my card, so I also purchase some potting soil a couple of other things and got (2) 6-packs of strawberry plants that will be free after American Express offer.

  • We had lunch at home. I had leftovers.

  • I baked a loaf of bread.  Yes, using the oven for just 1 loaf is wasteful, but nothing beats the smell of fresh bread! My scale is going to scream when I get on it on Sunday morning, though.

  • I harvested a bowl of the largest spinach leaves from my garden to use in the crêpes Florentine that I made for dinner.  This wasn't on the menu but I read a blog post about this kind of dinner tonight and thought it was a perfect way for me to use them up, as well as the 8 oz of mushrooms that were going mushy in my fridge. I'd like to say dinner was a great success but it was very frustrating (my crêpes kept on falling apart because I couldn't get the temperature of the pan right... arrgh) and the filling, despite all the Swiss cheese in it, tasted pretty bland. The kids weren't too impressed and I have quite a bit of leftovers for tomorrow.
I made sure to only cut the large outer leaves. This will ensure the smaller core
leaves keep on growing... unless the slugs get them first!

  • The handsoap in the bathroom felt pretty watery and I hadn't added water to the bottle so I asked my son if he had and he said yes, that he always did this when the bottle was empty or close to being empty.  LOL!  I never told him to do this so I guess my frugal habits have rubbed off on him by osmosis. This is awesome :)

  • Snap by Groupon credited my account with $1.00 for the Dole pineapple chunks that I bought on Wednesday.

  • I had printed a 20% off your purchase coupon from Joann's for my daughter to use at Michael's since they accept competitor coupons, but we found out at the register that they don't accept coupons with "x% off your whole purchase" wording.  Crap!  She used a Michael's coupon for 40% off ONE item instead and spent more than she had anticipated. Thankfully she had a gift card.

  • I didn't check the strawberry packs and one of them was empty so I only got 11 plants instead of 12.  It's too far away for me to go back just for this so I'll exchange them for a full pack on Wednesday when I do my usual weekly shopping trip.
Did you have any frugal successes or failures today? Please do tell!

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  1. I am working on selling everything on facebook before we move so I am trying to take pictures and post things to see how much stuff I can get rid of and not have to move and I have made nearly $100 in just a few days. I need to get to taking some more pictures and get going to try to make another couple of hundred before we move!!!

  2. $100! That's awesome! I hear you but not wanting to move all that stuff if you don't have to. You can add the savings of not having to transport those items too!


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