Friday, March 13, 2015

Food Waste Friday ... and Fridge Pictures!

Inspired by The Frugal Girl blog who started it all...

Here is what I had to throw away I threw away this week...
Why the struck through text? Because the devil is in the planning... 99% if the time,  if I had planned better, I wouldn't have had to throw away food. 

It was a pretty good week over here, I have to say! We had some waste but it was very minimal and I was able to save a few things.  Also, I decided to take the plunge and post pictures of my fridge and freezers for those people who like that kind of thing.  It won't be a weekly occurrence so enjoy, lol :)

  • A couple teaspoons of guacamole that had been in the fridge for too long and started to get moldy.

  • About 1/2 a cup of what I thought was chicken stock but that ended up being a mixture of raw egg, milk and cinnamon that I had used for making French toast a couple of weeks ago. I was too lazy to label the container back then so I avoided it and consequently had to throw it away.

That's it for the week so I think that's pretty darn good!

Ohhh, I forgot to mention the gallon of milk that fell from my trunk into the Aldi parking lot on Wednesday... the jug exploded all over the place.  Arrgh. So that was wasted too :(

On the bright side, here is what I saved this week!

  • I never did use the fresh basil that I had to buy last week (mine hasn't grown enough yet) for a recipe that I was planning on trying (our dinner plans changed that evening and I just didn't use it). It had started to go bad so I composted about 1/4 of it and chopped up the rest. I had read that you could freeze it in water in an ice cube tray so I did just that. Now I need to remember that I have that in the freezer next time I need fresh basil!

  • (not pictured) about 3/4 cup of evaporated milk that had been in my fridge. I DID label that container so I knew exactly what was in it.  I made some mac'n cheese from scratch this week. The recipe was supposed to be cooked in the crockpot, but it was way easier to just do it on the stove.  Instead of using 1 can of evaporated milk and 2 cups of milk, I just used the 3/4 cup of evaporated milk and lots of cheese and the mac'n cheese turned out delicious.  I was stocked because I wasn't really sure how I was going to use up that evaporated milk before it went bad.

  • (edited to add)... Oops, I forgot to comment on this picture!  Several days ago I had left a bag of Armour meatballs in the fridge instead of putting it back in the freezer, for some reason, so it was time to use up the meatballs.  So for my lunch yesterday I assembled a meatball sub (that I proceeded to slightly char in the toaster oven!) with one of the hoagie rolls from Publix that I had frozen (gotta love the microwave. I do!  We didn't have one when I was growing up but now I use it all the time), the 5 meatballs from the bag and the bottom of a jar of spaghetti sauce that was kicking in my fridge. I topped it with some grated smoked gouda. It was delicious (if not low cal) and I didn't have to throw away the meatballs or spaghetti sauce.

I took pictures of my fridge and freezer yesterday morning (with my phone so they're not great pictures, sorry!):

Not so full this week. Yes, that's actually kind of bare for us!
I go grocery shopping on Wednesdays so this is the beginning
of a week for us.

This is the fridge door. I keep a few containers of condiments
in there that were open some time ago as well as such baking
items as nuts, chocolate, dried fruit, yeast, coconut
(otherwise the pantry moths have a field day with all that
Our refrigerator is a side-by-side fridge/freezer so the freezer
part of it is really narrow. You can't even fit a frozen pizza
in there!  This is where I keep all my frozen produce and
things like frozen shredded parmesan. It's a mess but I
kind of know what's in there. I need to use up a lot of the
fruit to make room but that would mean baking scones, pies and cakes
that I would eat so I'm avoiding doing this right now.

The door of the freezer. Exciting, no?

This is my very full chest freezer. We got it because I was tired of never being
able to buy milk and meat on clearance and I wanted to be able to buy frozen pizza
and making our own ice cream with Greg's old ice cream maker. We've had it for
3 years, I think. We've never made ice cream (it's always been too full!),  but
it is full of discounted meats and milk, homemade corn bread and baked goods,
homemade chicken stock and gnocchi and other things.  This is also where we
make ice cubes since the icemaker on our fridge isn't working anymore.
Despite defrosting it a month ago, it's back to having an ice crust.  Arrgh.
Well, I hope you all enjoyed these bonus pictures!  Personally, seeing the inside of someone's fridge leaves me cold (ha!) but I do enjoy seeing pictures of the grocery shopping trips and descriptions of great deals.  My husband rolls his eyes at all of those things!

Did you have a no food waste week?  Or did you manage to rescue some food items that would have been otherwise thrown away?

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    1. I would have been sad about the milk too! No use crying over spilled milk though.

      Great job on the basil. I need to do the same with some of mine. Thanks for the reminder!


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