Friday, March 20, 2015

Food Waste Friday

Inspired by The Frugal Girl blog who started it all...

Here is what I had to throw away I threw away this week...
Why the struck through text? Because the devil is in the planning... 99% if the time,  if I had planned better, I wouldn't have had to throw away food. 

  • A box of Annie's organic Mac'n Cheese. My daughter wanted to make mac'n cheese and found this box full of pantry moths. Arrgh. In all fairness, I had forgotten about it... I bought the box many months ago!

  • These 3 clementines look fine, weirdly enough, but they'd been sitting on my kitchen table since before Christmas and they felt "empty"when I picked them up. Time to compost them!

  • The rest of a large egg that had beaten in order to dip the pork tenderloin in it last night.  I thought 1 egg would be enough, ended up needing 2, but couldn't reuse the rest of the 2nd one since raw pork had been in it :(

  •  2 tbsp of guacamole that I never used and got all moldy.

  •  I had frozen some shredded zucchini in order to use it to make baked goods later on. I defrosted this several weeks ago but never used it (it ended up being much less than I thought it would!) so it was time to compost it.

  • A hard-boiled egg that went bad. It doesn't look like a hard-boiled egg because it was extremely hard to peel so half the egg had come out with the shell.  Since then, I had gone back to waiting for the water to boil before adding the eggs and actually letting them boil for 10 minutes (I had experimented with cooking the eggs in the water from the start then turning off the stove when the water started boiling and letting the eggs cook in the hot water for the rest of the day because I wanted to save some electricity but it was a bust, obviously.)

  • The worst news: the grapefruit marmalade that I had made from my neighbor's grapefruit turned out to be a disaster: it's like really hard, burnt-tasting candy in jars.  I can't get it out of the jar because it's so hard even a knife won't make a dent into it. Nuking the jar just produces smoke and bubbling from the sugar but I still can't get the contents out.  So now I'm probably going to lose the 2 actual Ball's jars along with the contents.  I'm so disappointed. Thankfully my orange marmalade turned out OK.

On the bright side, here is what I saved this week!

  • I had prepared a menu that would have used up a bunch of items from my fridge, but instead of cooking the dishes that I had earmarked, I ended up cooking simpler versions of them so I didn't really "save" any food items this week. As a matter of fact, I need to make sure those items don't end up on the Food Waste Friday list next week!
  • We did eat leftovers for dinner on Sunday and  most days for lunch!


    1. Fill those stuck up jars with hot water and keep dumping and filling with hot water when you are passing by the sink today and you may be able to get the gunk out. It is so painful to toss a Ball jar! I had to recycle one with a chip on the lip this week and I hated it!

      1. I think you're right. I'll boil water in the microwave and try that. I have to remember to dump the contents in the trash and not down my sink though, that would probably be a plumbing disaster. Thanks, Lana.

    2. I hope you are able to save the Ball jar! Keep us posted on if you salvage it.

      Aren't the hallow oranges the strangest? I've had that happen before too.


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