Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Frugal Failures and Successes: Wednesday 3/18/15

  • Today was Grocery Shopping Day!  I love grocery shopping.  I spent more than $50, which is why I was trying to stick to, but I'm still under my official budget for the week so I'm not stressing about it. Plus, I stocked up on some meat and other items.

  • My middle son texted me last night that he'd be in town today so we agreed to meet for lunch. I picked Steak'n Shake since it's good and cheap and I had coupons :)  I used a coupon to get my meal for $3.99 but I did splurge and got a sweet tea. My son's meal was full price since I didn't have a coupon for it, but I did use a coupon to get him a free drink. He didn't want to eat his fries so I got the waitress to box them and also put my second refill in a to-go cup (I wish I had remembered to use my own cup that I had in the car!).

  • The same son ended up spending the whole afternoon at my house since he was waiting for a local friend to get off work so they could go kayaking so I wasn't productive at all: we just spent the whole afternoon chatting, which was very nice. However, I didn't get to water my garden... I hope my plants are OK! It was pretty hot again today.

  • I woke up to more than 500 SB in my account again, due to the points from my Advance Auto Parts purchase from February getting credited, so I ordered another $5 Amazon gift card. Woohoo! I have earned $205 in gift cards from Swagbucks since the end of September 2014.

  • I packed a lunch for Greg and our son packed his lunch to take to school.

  • I ate breakfast at home so I wouldn't be hungry during my shopping trip and also packed my own drink and snack.

  • I put $12 worth of gas in my SUV, which is less than a 1/4 tank, but for which I received a receipt with a survey for another free bakery item :)

  • I won a pack of Skittles from a sweepstakes that's apparently still going on even though I haven't entered in several weeks, lol.  Hopefully this is true and I will get the coupon in the mail :)

  • I went to 2 thrift stores to see if any of the items on my wishlist were available and they weren't. However, I did get several great deals.

  • I was able to apply some of the $200 Statement Credit from American Express to today's groceries.  This leaves me only about $4.05 to apply to next week and I'll have used up the whole credit.

  • I was going to mail from Steak'n Shake coupons to my oldest son (I gave him a Steak'n Shake gift card for his birthday) but since my middle son was visiting and they're sharing a house at the moment, I asked him to pass them on to his brother. So I saved an envelope and a stamp :)
  • My usually taciturn youngest son attended the free weekly teen program at our library and came back all happy and talkative. He loves the program (they're making various videos) and he also made a new friend!

  • I drained the chicken bones and veggies that I cooked yesterday and ended up with 4 containers of 4 cups each of delicious smelling chicken stock, that I then froze in upcycled Chinese take-out containers and an upcycled yogurt container.

  • I took the survey on my Racetrac receipt (I actually got 2 receipts today since I bought a gift card as well but I can only fill out one survey per day) and earned a reward code for a free bakery item.

  • My tactique of turning the AC down to 75 in the afternoon and through the night worked really well as our bedroom was finally cool enough to warrant leaving the pedestal fan off and consequently I was finally able to get a good night's sleep!  So forget frugality, I will continue to do this as not getting enough sleep isn't good for my health.  I turned the AC back to 76 when we got up.

  • Along with having to restock on some staples that we depleted, it seems that we're eating more bread, fruit and eggs these days than we did before: most everything that I bought on Sunday and was meant for this week's budget has already been eaten!  So I have to go to Save A Lot and buy those things again (apples, bread, eggs...). It's not crap food so I can't complain, but there goes my $50 weekly goal.  We're at $57-$58 projected expenses and that even accounts for some free food (thanks to the remainder of the $200 Amex Statement Credit).

  • I should have checked the gas prices in Clermont before I left this morning because I ended up getting my gas in town, where the prices had been matching Clermont's for several weeks... however, today, Clermont's prices had gone down by about 6 cents a gallon.  I should have saved very little (as in maybe 20 cents) since I got very little gas, but still...

Did you have any frugal successes or failures today? Please do tell!

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