Monday, March 16, 2015

Gardening Update: 3/16/15

Here are some photos from the garden...

I shouldn't have waited so long to prune the roses because they just started growing again...

The rose cutting that I propagated looks just fine.

And so does the hibiscus cutting from my neighbor's hibiscus bush.

I love how those pink flowers are still blooming (they haven't stopped since last Spring!) and how I have a small guest plant in between the pavers now!

My basil looks great. I'm going to start more seeds indoors.

The rhubarb is still alive so I'm happy.

I had just watered this pot that contains the sage and the marjoram that I had planted from seed.  I think they're doing OK.

The cilantro is still getting used to being outside.

and so is the dill.

The parsley will probably get eaten by some caterpillar any day now.

The confederate jasmine that I had cut down is coming back at one end of the wall...

And also at the other end of the wall.  I can't wait until we have big fragrant jasmine bushes again!

I had a visitor while I was reading on the patio this afternoon... I was wondering why the lizards are rushed away in a panic, all of a sudden!

He's quite harmless but still creepy, slithering around the bushes where I usually walk in my flip flops!

My milkweed look very bedraggled, as they are full of bugs and the seed pods have opened up, but the butterflies were loving them this afternoon. There rarely was NOT a butterfly having a snack, the whole time I was there.

My 40X digital zoom captured this pixilated woodpecker among the Spanish moss, just above Greg's shed.

My one green collards plant is still producing huge leaves!  I've harvested leaves from it at least 4-5 times by now!

The twin cabbages right next to it are still forming their heads.  They'll be small but I should be able to make more stuffed cabbage leaves.

The other cabbages are doing great as well.

To my surprise, the tomato plants that I thought had been done in were reinvigorated after last week's rain storm and have gotten new foliage...

This one pineapple head somehow grew a conjoined twin.

My other cabbage bed.  The small one at the bottom of the screen is the stem of the large cabbage head that I had harvested a few weeks ago.  Leaves are regrowing on the stem!  However, in the past 2 days, some bugs have done some damage. Yep, bugs are back in Florida. It was so nice not to worry about them this winter but I fear that the time might have come to get the organic bug killers out again (not that they're very effective, though...).  I had planted zucchini seeds in this bed and the other cabbage bed back in February but nothing grew at all. I might replant seeds now that the ground is a little warmer.

I had completely harvested the Bibb lettuce prior to the freeze, but left some stems in the ground... and they regrew leaves!

I will be harvesting the spinach this week. I wish I had planted more because it really grew well and quickly!  These were seeds from the Dollar Tree.

My lone Romaine lettuce head is still growing a little and the Parris Island lettuce seeds that I planted last week have sprouted.

This is one of the bins with (organic) Roma tomatoes...

While this is one of the bins with Supersweet 100 tomato plants.  Some of the plants didn't survive their 1st week in the bins, but I think I only lost 3.

I should have thinned the turnips but I'll leave them alone and see if I get any of them. If not, I'll
harvest the leaves and cook them.

You can't see anything because there's nothing left in my cauliflower bin... some bug ate all the leaves!

They also ate all the carrot leaves. I should dig out the roots as I doubt that they'll keep on growing without any foliage.

The Swiss chard really disappointed me but the few leaves that I do have look healthy still... I'll probably harvest it too.

Still loving the cool colors of the kohlrabi plants but I sure would have loved being able to harvest some of them!

I think this plant is the closest that I'll get to a kohlrabi :(

This bed is a huge disappointment: the broccoli never grew, the kale is still stunted, and the beets never grew at all!  I probably should dig everything out and replace the soil.

I had transplanted my broccoli seedlings right here last weekend but the damn squirrels dug them out.

Last year's mystery plant in this former tomato pot is flourishing this year. I still don't know what it is but it's green so I'm letting it grow.

I still have a few jalapeƱos to harvest.

The green onions that I grew from seed are loving the partial shade.

The pole beans have gone from seed to this in just 1 week! Soon they'll be climbing their towers.

I had laid down compost in the bed so there are some kind of squash plants growing among the beans!

My cucumber seedlings that were flowering when I transplanted them last week aren't looking so hot this week. I think they might be getting too much sun... and not enough water.  They probably won't survive much longer, I fear.

The eggplant plants still have plenty of blooms but no still no fruit.

Pretty pink raspberry flowers... I hope this means I'll be getting raspberries this year!

The bin that contains new jalapeƱo and serrano chili pepper seedlings.  They've survived so far...

My little lemon tree is flowering. I hope we'll have lemons this year!  One grew last year but the squirrels stole it.

The orange tree loved last week's rainstorm as well as new growth appeared this week.

The blueberry "sticks" finally show new leaves but they keep on getting eaten up by bugs as soon as they form. I never see a bug on them so I'm not sure what's eating them.

I thought that my small plum tree had died but today it had flowers...

... and small buds all over.  It desperately needs more rain/watering too. It's all the way in the back
of the garden so it takes a while to get water there. I need to be better at it.

The small green pepper plants are finally growing.

No change with the leeks, still very tiny.
The Russet potatoes seem to be healthy. I haven't been hilling them, though, so I wonder if I'll get any potatoes at all.

The sweet potato plant came back from the almost dead... I read recently that we're supposed to bury the vines so new roots form (and that's what gives us the sweet potatoes) so I've totally cocked this up by planting it in a bin instead of in the ground directly!

I have no hope for these leeks. They've been that size for several months now!

Peppers are growing on my green pepper plants!

I still need to transplant these flowering plants into larger pots...
as well as these spearmint flowers...

Well, this is all for today. Nothing very impressive but I'm excited to see some progress with the lettuce, beans and peppers and I sure hope we get tomatoes too!

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