Thursday, March 19, 2015

How do you find new frugal bloggers to follow?

I love following blogs written by people who are or trying to be frugal.  I find it such an inspiration, most of the time!

Most of the time I find new bloggers by following their profile link from comments they have left on blogs that I read and comment on. Or if they're mentioned in and/or linked to from a blog that I read regularly. Some bloggers helpfully list "Blogs That I Follow" in their sidebars and I've gone down many rabbit trails that way. I suppose I should do the same on my blog, to repay the courtesy, but I keep on forgetting about it and also I'd probably forget to cure the list.

Those bloggers that I particularly like get added to my Feedly. If you like reading blogs but don't use an RSS feed reader, do yourself a favor and start using one (Feedly is my absolute favorite, it's free and awesome) because it'll save you tons of time... and money too as you can easily stay on top of those couponing blog posts! (they also have a free app for your phone and tablet and it keeps your Feedly synced with your laptop/desktop so you never have to re-read the same posts if you switch between devices).  Oh, and you can share posts easily from Feedly, using a variety of tools. I only use the email function and I email myself posts that I can to bookmark later or email tip posts to my kids or Greg, etc.  I'm telling you, I love Feedly.

But adding too many blogs to your Feedly can also mean hundreds of posts to wade through, not all of them might be relevant to your particular frugal interests. Its easy enough to pick which posts to actually read at a glance (I keep mine set up to see only headlines in the compact format) and if the blogger set up for a full-feed setting on their blog, you can read the whole post right on Feedly insteaf of having to click on the post and wait for another tab to load in order to read the rest of the post.  A great time-saver, I tell you!

Another way I like to meander through frugality-themed blogs is by doing the following searches on Swagbucks Search (hey, might as well earn SB too! by the way, this is an affiliate link) every couple of evenings as I'm watching older TV shows:

    • Frugality Wordpress Tag
    • Frugal Wordpress Tag
    • Frugal Living Wordpress Tag
    • Saving Money Wordpress Tag
    • Money Saving Wordpress Tag

Wordpress is awesome that way. Blogger is much less awesome when it comes to that. You can search by interests if you click on them from your own profile but that only brings up those profiles whose authors have indicated that they have an interest in that specific area, not necessarily posts about that specific interest (if someone has a better way to search Blogger for frugality-related blogs, let me know!).  Also I don't really care to read the bloggers' profiles because a lot of times, they also have interests that leave me totally cold and, I'm human and flawed after all, if I see that a blogger is interested in something that I'm particularly not interested in, I might just skip their blog altogether and actually miss out on great information. Yes, I have my own biases :) Anyhoo, I wish Blogger was a better platform but I'm too lazy to switch to Wordpress.

Here is a partial list of the blogs I follow on Feedly, in no particular order (well, maybe alphabetical order). I should mention that I created folders in Feedly to keep it organized since I follow dozens of blogs. This is from my "Frugal Living and Savings" folder. I have 35 feeds saved to that folder alone.

I'm going to be lazy here, once again, and just post screenshots of my feed list.  I couldn't make the margin any wider so some titles are truncated. Post a comment if you'd like the full title of a specific feed.  If you're intrigued by some of those blogs, just sign up for Swagbucks (you should use Swagbucks for your searches!  Earn some gift cards with the least amount of effort!) and search for them by title.

Some of them aren't really active anymore but I keep them in my list of subscribed feeds so I can easily go back and find past blog posts that were interesting or had recipes or tips that I wanted to access again.

Your turn to share: name your favorite frugality-related blogs in the comments!  Ready? Go!

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