Sunday, March 29, 2015

In My Fridge... (Dinner Plans)

Each week I peek in my fridge to see what needs to be used up and I take a couple of minutes to think of ways to use up those ingredients in the next few days...

Our breakfasts consist of scrambled eggs and toast (Greg), quick oats with fresh or dehydrated fruit (myself), cereal (the kids).  I don't cook lunch, everyone fends for themselves. Greg and I usually have leftovers and the kids make themselves sandwiches.

Note: This week will be different and EASY as I'll have only myself to feed most days.  I'll make a large pot of soup tomorrow (either Spicy Black Bean Soup or Carrot Ginger soup) and eating it with a salad or a sandwich for my lunches and dinners this week.  

I'm planning "official" dinners only for Friday through Sunday.  Since there are a few meals that I had planned on cooking this past week but didn't,  I'm putting them back in the rotation with a few tweaks.


  • Some kind of soup with what I have on hand, accompanied by a salad (with lettuce from the garden) or sandwich.

FRIDAY: Tuna Patties with Rice and Steamed Zucchini (the tuna patties recipe comes from "The Dad Cookbook" but you can probably google something similar)
  • From the freezer: nothing
  • From the pantry: large tuna can, white rice, EVOO, homemade bread crumbs
  • From the fridge: eggs, shredded mozzarella, zucchini, parmesan cheese
  • Need to harvest: nothing
  • Need to make in advance: shred the mozzarella
  • Need to buy: nothing

SATURDAY: Roasted Sausages and Sweet Potato-White Bean Stew with Rolls (use Russet Potatoes instead)
  • From the freezer: diced onions, chicken sausages, brown & serve rolls, chicken stock
  • From the pantry: Russet potatoes, Kosher salt, pepper EVOO, red wine vinegar, cannellini beans
  • From the fridge: minced garlic
  • Need to harvest: collard greens and Swiss chard
  • Need to make in advance: garlic and herb butter
  • Need to buy: nothing

SUNDAY:  Classic Chicken Parmesan with Fresh Side Salad and rolls
  • From the freezer: basil cubes, chicken drumsticks (since I have so many of them in the freezer), brown & serve rolls
  • From the pantry: flour, canola oil, pasta, homemade  breadcrumbs
  • From the fridge: mozzarella cheese, eggs, 
  • Need to harvest: lettuce
  • Need to make in advance:  skin and debone drumsticks, rosemary/sun-dried tomato seasoning (apparently this is a McCormick seasoning. I'll make my own! Ingredients are "Garlic, Rosemary, Black Pepper, Sea Salt, Tomato, Sun Dried Tomato, Red Pepper , And Salt")
  • Need to buy: fresh mozzarella
What are you cooking this week?

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