Monday, March 30, 2015

My Daily Freebies: Monday, 3/30/15

Here is what I got/found for free today!

  • I met my friend Jodie at Starbucks tonight for a lengthy session of chatting and coffee-ing. I don't like their coffee but I had a $25 Starbucks gift card that I earned by trying some retirement planning tool on our of our investment firm's website so I treated Jodie.  She had some fancy mocha coffee drink and I had a hot cocoa.
  • Two jumbo chocolate muffins from Racetrac, free after redemption of two survey reward codes. 
x 2, I didn't take a picture of the 2nd one since it was several
hours later and it looks exactly like this one, lol!

  • A newly released best-seller and a DVD for my lonely week's entertainment... oh crap, I probably won't be all that productive after all! Both from the library, of course, my absolute favorite place for "freebies".

  • The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly (free subscription via Recycle Bank) - not pictured.

Did you get any freebies today?  Care to share?  

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