Monday, March 16, 2015

Today's Frugal Failures and Successes: Monday 3/16/15

  • My daughter is back at her dad's for the week.  Our son bought lunch from school today.

  • I took down the painter's tape in the upstairs spare bedroom and wouldn't you know it but the white paint that it was supposed to protect on the door jamb?  It all came off with it!  This isn't because the paint wasn't dry enough... it'd been drying since last June!  And of course the ONLY place where it came off is on the part of the door jamb actually visible from the bedroom.  None of the tape that I stuck in the nooks and crevasses where no one will look did any damage.  Arrgh. So now I have to break out the paint and paintbrush again. Not a huge deal, but I was hoping to be able to make some progress with that room this week, not stagnate!
The contrast isn't very good in this picture, but the white paint above the blue tape has all come
off and you can see the pinkish hue that was in the room before (several years ago? I don't remember
that door jamb being pinkish when we moved in).

  • I forgot to mention yesterday that I solved the mystery of at times slow-as-molasses cable internet connection.  I had noticed that it started when my ex-husband gifted a new laptop to my daughter and let her bring it over here too, and thought that somehow her laptop's modem was able to capture more bandwidth than her desktop had been (I'm not really a technical guru so I'm guessing my way through things!).  I went to check on her yesterday and we started talking about a show that she'd been watching. Since I forbid my kids to use torrents or any illegal sites to view shows or movies, I was wondering how she was able to watch the show and when I asked her she told me she'd been watching it on Netflix because her dad had given her his password.  Mystery solved!  1 router, 2 online gamers, me with my laptop connected at all times, the wireless printer and now her with her Netflix while she's also on her smartphone surfing the internet AND on her tablet doing her homework online.  Arrgh. Well, at least, it saves me an irritated phone call to Brighthouse.

  • Greg had to go out of state for the day to finalize the sale of his parents' RV.  I packed him a lunch, snacks, and a thermos of tea.  However, he'll buy dinner though since he'll be home late.

  • SavingStar credited my account for the Riceroni bowl that I bought this weekend.

  • I did 2 extra large loads of laundry in cold/cold, (forgot to use vinegar as softener, oops), and dried the socks/undies/polyester clothing/cleaning cloths/cloth napkins outside on my racks while the cotton clothing and towels went into the dryer, using the Auto Moisture Sensing setting. I'm thinking that I might treat myself to another drying rack soon because I'm drying more and more clothing outside.  My favorite rack is from Target but it's $22.99 and only available online. The cheapie one from Aldi ($9.99) is nice and sturdy and wider but doesn't allow me to hang as many articles on it.  Also, Aldi doesn't stock them so I'd have to wait for the next time they have a laundry sale of some kind... decision, decision. I added it to my Target cart "for later" and I'll wait to see if an online coupon or cartwheel offer comes around. I think I read that cartwheel offers could be used online although I'm not sure how that would work out.

  • Thanks to a heads-up on Slickdeals, I was able to add several offers to our American Express cards.  The one I'm most excited about is the $10 off $50 at Lowe's since we'll be needing ceiling repair materials. I was able to add the offers on both Greg and my cards (they have different account numbers although they're linked) and a Slickdealer confirmed that we should be able to use those offers on each account... that would be a great way to save $20 on Lowe's materials that we need to buy anyway.  Plus Greg is traveling today so I called him to tell him to gas up at a Chevron station and use Amex if he sees one that's not too expensive (he'll be in SC and GA, which has lower gas prices than FL anyway). We'll see if he remembers. Knowing him he'll probably go to the Chevron station but forget to use Amex since he's so used to charging to Discover!

  • I had leftovers for lunch; salad with homemade dressing (from Saturday's lunch), pumpkin soup (from Friday's dinner) and roasted vegetables and tilapia (from Saturday's dinner). And the last piece of rhubarb crostada that I made on Saturday.  Apart from 1 slice that Greg ate, I ate the whole darn pie on my own.  It's going to be hell to pay on the scale next Sunday! This is why I don't bake anymore, because I have no.will.power. (yes, I know willpower is one word).

  • I reused the water from boiling eggs last night to water my cucumber seedlings.  I also reused rainwater collected in the bins last week to water a lot of my in-ground and potted plants, as well as my lemon and plum trees and the blueberry "sticks".  I had enough rainwater left to store into 3 large cat litter jugs. When filling the jugs, I used the funnel that I made out of a cat litter jug and it worked great, actually. It saves some time, which translates into less lower back pain. I used the hose to water other plants. It's not supposed to rain again until next Sunday so I suppose I will have to use the hose several times this week as the temps are in the high 80s all week.

  • I returned some items to the library and picked up a few goodies while I was there. I also put a brand new issue of Equus magazine in the donation pile since my daughter has another year on her subscription but no longer reads it (it'll teach me not to renew magazine more than 1 year at a time... not that we are paying for subscriptions anymore, anyway).

  • The children's librarian is in need of plastic Easter eggs and we don't do Easter anymore since the kids are too old for the egg hunts, so I'll be dropping off my stash for her on Wednesday.

  • I made crêpes for my son's after-school snack. 

  • I had planned on making Chicken Enchilada Pasta Skillet for dinner tonight but since Greg wasn't here and we had some leftovers to finish, my son and I had Leftover Night.

  • After watching the last 3 episodes of Game of Thrones, Season 4 last night, I had a very restless night with dreams of battles and zombies.  I didn't feel rested at all so I decided to drive to the library instead of walking there, as I had said I would do every Monday.  But today was a gorgeous, hot day, and I preferred spending my time in the shade on my back patio, reading one of the books that I had just picked up, to walking and sweating to the library (and aggravating my sunburns).  That's my rationalization :) 

Did you have any frugal successes or failures today? Please do tell!

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