Sunday, March 29, 2015

Today's Frugal Failures and Successes: Sunday 3/29/15

  • Chilly night last night (in the 40s!) but we didn't turn on the heat. It was 65 in the living room this morning, which was nice.

  • Eager to enjoy a cool day outside (before our temps climb into the 90s or higher again!), I set up my laptop on the back patio (getting that outside electrical outlet installed a couple of years ago was the best idea ever because I can plug in and stay outside all day, regardless of the charging status of my battery!) and read blogs.

  • I was going to read "The Black Road" by Tania Carver since I had borrowed it from the library and already had to renew it once... within a few seconds I realized that the store sounded very familiar... a quick check of my Shelfari account revealed that I had already read it in December (my short-term memory is especially horrible!) and hated it so much that I had made myself a promise to never borrow a book from that author again.  I guess the "note" didn't stick.  

  • So I started reading "Jamie's Food Revolution" by Jamie Oliver.  His prologue was interesting and certainly inspiring. but for a book which is also titled "Rediscover How to Cook Simple, Delicious, Affordable Meals" and have filet mignon steaks as the first ingredient for the first recipe listed... I almost gave up right there and then.  "Affordable", if you're a highly paid celebrity chef, I suppose! Last I checked filet mignon was priced at between $15 and $20 a pound so I doubt that would inspire the 75% of Americans who supposedly never cook at home. Despite the book being quite hefty, it was a quick "read" for me as I already had my own version of many of the recipes described in it. I like that he showed a lot of pictures (although, honestly, a lot of them were unnecessary).  I did take photos of a couple of recipes that I might try, "Ground Beef Wellington" and "Sweet Potato and Chorizo Soup" as well as a couple of different ways to cook flavored rice.

  • Since I was out of "real" books to read, I ended up getting my Kindle out and starting a book that I got for free via the Kindle First program, "Younger" by Suzanne Munshower. So far, the writing isn't bad, even though the story isn't all that gripping.

  • I printed some coupons from my usual sites: via Swagbucks (10 SB per redeeemed coupon), Smartsource, Redplum, Target and clipped digital coupons to both my Publix and Walgreens wallets.

  • Swagbucks emailed me the $5 Amazon gift card that I ordered a couple of nights ago.

  • I earned 125 KFR bonus points by entering these 2 codes in my Kellogg's Family Rewards account: (thanks, Slickdeals poster!)
    • EAST-ERTR-EATS-4ALL (100 pts)
    • MORE-RKTR-EATS-4YOU (25 pts)

  • Greg downloaded a free e-book from Amazon

  • So annoyed that Amazon doesn't let you use gift cards for your "1-Click" settings... my 13 year-old son's Kindle Fire is linked to his own Amazon account where he has over $100 in gift card credits (his birthday presents from various family members) but for him to download the free Netflix app to his Kindle, he had to set his 1-click settings. I had to record my credit card into his account, something that I hate doing for security reasons, so he could use that for his 1-Click setting.  Then he could download Netflix and use our credentials to use it.  I get copied on all his emails though and I did notice that he downloaded 4 free game apps... and got a $1 digital promotional credit.  Good for him!

  • I baked a small loaf of bread with the rest of the bread dough I had in the fridge. I had meant to try baking it in the crockpot but totally forgot!

  • For dinner I cooked the salmon that I had gotten at Aldi. It tasted very "fishy" so I think that in the future, when we want salmon, I'll splurge and get it fresh at Publix.  I served it with a sauce made of maple syrup, soy sauce, rice vinegar and ginger. It was just OK.  As side dishes, we had couscous and steamed carrots.  A thoroughly forgettable dinner.

  • After dinner I drove my daughter back to her dad's for Spring Break. I took Greg's truck so I could gas it up for him since he and our son are leaving tomorrow for an out-of-state trip.  I got another survey that expires on 3/31 with a free bakery item as the reward, and redeemed a survey reward code for a free croissant. It was stale but I'll toast it tomorrow and have it for breakfast.

  • I also stopped by CVS since the Special K came on sale today for $2.50 a box.  Since I had a $5 off $15 coupon that they had emailed me, I bought 6 boxes of Special K and used the CVS coupon as well as (6) $0.50/1 printable manufacturer coupons to get my cost down to $7.00.  My daughter was really happy since she's the one who eats Special K and I only buy it when I can get it on sale.

  • She bought herself some nail polish. I had her scan my CVS card and she got an unexpected $2.00 off the bottle with the card, bringing her cost down to just $0.99 + tax.

  • I earned 500 KFR points by entering the codes from the 6 Special K boxes into my Kellogg's Family Rewards account.

  • Katy from The Non Consumer Advocate recommended the book "We Had Everything But Money: Priceless Memories of the Great Depression"by Clancy Strock and my library had it so I put it on hold.

  • SavingStar, once again, only credited me with $0.50 instead of $0.99 for the freebie of the weekend (Cadbury egg) because I bought it on BOGO at CVS. However, here in Florida we pay full price for the first item and get the 2nd one for free (instead of paying half-price for each item).  It happened last year with the Reese's eggs too but they had credited me with the balance once I had emailed them. So I emailed them again this morning, I'm hoping I'll get the other $0.49 because I wouldn't have spent the money if they hadn't publicized it as being free.

  • They also credited me with a pending partial cashback from my Kohl' purchase earlier this week, due to Kohl's shipping my items in separate shipments. I hope that I will get the rest of the cashback when they ship the other items! I'll need to keep an eye on this over the next few days.

Did you have any frugal successes or failures today? Please do tell!

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