Saturday, March 14, 2015

Today's Frugal Successes and Failures: Saturday 3/14/15

  • Happy Pi Day! I made a Country Rhubarb Crostada with frozen rhubarb that I had bought in 2012 for $0.06/lb (pricing mistake, I had stocked up!) and a pie crust patty that I had made last year.  I'm running low on these and it's been so nice not to have to make pie dough this whole year that I'll definitely make 10 more in advance and freeze them when I run out. I also used some orange zest that I had frozen earlier this year.

  • I was all excited to tell Greg that I had won a digital Xbox One game but he told me he had already gotten it for free, a while back, as a Live Gold member.  Arrgh. I don't know anyone else who has an Xbox One. I guess I'll have to post it on Slickdeals or something.

  • I pulled weeds from the garden for about 90 minutes. It was dang hot!  I felt bad pulling all those daisy-looking weeds because the bees were collecting the pollen, but I had already left them to grow too tall.  The bees can go to my potted flowers... or to pollinate my cucumbers!

  • Greg and I watched 2 more episodes of Game of Thrones Season 4 from the Blu-Ray that we own.  We'll finish the season tomorrow.

  • My oldest son and his girlfriend came for lunch. At first I was thinking that I needed to go to Publix to pick something up, as I usually don't cook lunch at all.  But then I decided to make pasta and smoked turkey sausage and a salad with items that I had on hand so it didn't cost me anything extra and I didn't have to go to Publix.  We had a nice, frugal visit and he went home with a couple of reams of paper that I gifted him so he can print his papers.

  • My youngest son is a homebody like us. I offered to take him to Pig on the Pond (well, drop him off and let him hang out with friends) but he turned me down as he had "no interest" in doing that.  He's a very frugal boy.

  • Greg did some painting on the house and used an empty jug of milk that he fished out of the recycling bin to fashion himself a paint tray.  Frugal hubby!

  • He also crawled under the house to inspect our AC ducts since one vent in the living room wasn't blowing any air and realized that the duct had been knocked out of place (thankfully we haven't been running the AC or heat much this winter... and I think the duct just fell out a couple of  evenings ago when I heard that loud clanking noise). He put the duct back in place and secured it with duct tape. Unfortunately, our stock of duct tape consists of tape that isn't very good so he'll probably have to buy better tape and go back down there.  I'm glad our living room is getting cooled off more efficiently and we didn't have to pay for a repairman to fix it!

  • Since the bins I had placed around the house during the rainstorm on Tuesday (Wednesday?) collected a lot of water, I used all our empty cat litter jugs to store some water for future watering use and was also able to water all the potted plants and the in-ground plants. My beans have really sprouted very well AND I think I also see some cucumber or squash plants growing in there too (probably seeds that were in the compost that I spread before planting the beans). It'll be interesting to see what ends up growing.  I also reused an empty car litter jug that was in the recycling bin to store more water.

  • Once again I didn't feel like cooking dinner and proposed to Greg that we go to Sonny's but despite being really not excited about my menu plans, he urged me to be frugal and cook what I had planned (because he really didn't want to drive all the way to Sonny's!) so I cooked the tilapia and used up the last of the zucchinis (that were starting to go bad) and the collard greens that I had harvested earlier in the week and that were turning yellow, to make stir-fried vegetables.  I also served the leftover couscous from a couple of nights ago. Dessert was the rhubarb crostada.

  • In the morning, my daughter drove herself to Pig on the Pond where she volunteered with her FFA chapter.   I gave her $10 for lunch since she was there through the early afternoon but instructed her to bring me back my change. However, a chicken sandwich and a drink were priced exactly at $10 so no change and she came back aggravated by people's rudeness (she was a ticket taker at the entrance).  I should have told her to pack a lunch and a drink, but what's the fun of going to a fair and not eat fair food, right?

Did you have any frugal successes or failures today? Please do tell!

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