Thursday, March 19, 2015

Yep... it's Spring has arrived in Central Florida!

I went to water the garden at about mid-day and I couldn't believe the changes since I last took photos of it... earlier this week!  It's like my garden has been on steroids or something... I think Spring is in full swing!

I can't believe it took me this longer to realize it... but the weird plant that I couldn't decide was either a cabbage or a collard greens plant?  Yeah... it's both a cabbage plant AND a collard green plant!  I must have planted both seeds in at the same time without realizing!
I added composting oak leaves to the Russet potato AND the sweet potato bins to promote the growth of more potatoes. I hope it works!
The beans continue to grow at lightning speed... and so do the pumpkin or squash plants that are growing in between...
If you ever wondered whether you should make yourself some self-watering bins, here is an illustration: Supersweet 100 tomato plants grown from seed and transplanted into a regular bin on 3/6. Trust me, there ARE 2 plants in there. It's just hard to see...
Supersweet 100 Tomato plants grown from seeds and transplanted into a self-watering bin on 3/6.  Yeah. HUGE difference! Here is how I made my bins.

My tomato plants (Roma and Supersweet 100). Those plants will become huge in a few weeks!

Love those raspberry blooms!

This raspberry cane shot out of the bed and buried itself in the ground. I'm guessing that's how they propagate.

I saw 4 Ichiban eggplants growing on my eggplant plants!  (that's a mouthful).  There were only flowers just a couple of days ago!  I got those plants last March so this is their 2nd harvest.  They're in a self-watering bin as well.

My puny and leggy broccoli plant that is a year old now is finally showing some sign of growing some florets!  I told you it was Spring... however, this is tinier than the tip of my pinkie so  I don't think we'll be harvesting broccoli anytime soon. Still it's finally progress.

The Romaine lettuce head looks larger and the Parris Island lettuce seedlings have definitely grown a lot in just a couple of days.  Those are in a self-watering bin as well.

Bibb lettuce that regrew from the roots that I had left in the self-watering bin after harvesting all of the leaves back in February.

My spinach (grown from a $0.25 seed packet from the Dollar Tree) is so large, I can't believe it!

My collard green plant is still growing strong and has a lot more smaller leaves developing. The cabbage head to the right is small but very firm.

The Red Canna plant survived the frost and grew some more shoots.

The old tomato plants (planted last Fall) are regrowing leaves. No new blossoms yet, though.

The green pepper plant blossoms are opening...

I added the pepper cages to the bin since they'll be growing fast now. I grew these from seed as well.

The thyme is flowering!

The basil cutting that I had propagated is flowering as well!

My little guest flowering plant has grown much bigger in just a few days!

And more plants have reseeded themselves in the pods.

I emptied out the bird feeder since the old seeds were all clumped together, and refilled it. I bought those seeds from the Dollar Tree, I think, over 10 years ago!

Some of my green onions are flowering as well!  I'll be collecting seeds in a few weeks.

This is very blurry but the result is that those little plum flowers were really ephemerial because they've already gone :(

However, the tree has a lot more leaves than I thought it would.

So I untangled the hoses and stretched them all the way to the back of the garden so I could thoroughly water the plum, orange and lemon trees, as well as the blueberries.
The orange tree is blooming and smells so good!

I guess I missed the wild blackberry flowers... the birds will get to any berries before we ever get a chance to harvest them.

I placed a bin under the other outdoor faucet to catch any extra water that always seem to spew out of the hose/tap connection.


  1. I'm so jealous of all your plants! I miss having a yard for gardening. The bins are awesome and I'm super impressed you are doing so well with Dollar Tree seeds!

    1. Thanks Hannah! Do you have a balcony? You could grow you own herbs and maybe even a tomato and pepper plant or two. The Dollar Tree seeds are awesome. They're selling them right now, in case you want to try them. Mine has a whole display of them (herbs, veggies, flowers). Herbs are super frugal to grow because they cost so much to buy fresh.


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