Saturday, April 18, 2015

Daily Frugal Failures and Successes: Saturday 4/18/15

  • I woke up without much energy and motivation to do much of anything. This is a problem as I had planned on going shopping today and we need to start moving things away from the windows in pretty much all the rooms of the house in order to be ready for the new window installation that starts on Monday!  Ugh.

  • It never rained last night. How we can go from 100% chances of rain to no rain at all is starting to get on my nerves!  Why do I even bother checking that dumb weather app?!  So I have to water my garden today. Thankfully, I have rainwater collected in bins and cat litter jugs.

  • I continue to use Bing Rewards to get as many credits as I'm allowed each day. It's slow progress but I'm 68% towards my goal of earning a $5 Amazon gift card.  They also don't have all that many interesting choices for their gift cards, I have to say. I was hoping to get a gift card to use in my grocery shopping but they don't offer Target cards, CVS or Walgreens :(

  • Despite my lack of energy and enthusiasm, I decided to go do my shopping.  There are several reasons why I needed to go this weekend instead of next Wednesday, the main one being that I will be stuck at home all day Wednesday with the window installers. Also I had several coupons for free items that I could pick up at Publix and I wanted to try to hit $50 before coupons so I could qualify for a $10 discount on a $50 gas card.  And I also had a $10/$50 coupon that I needed to use at Lowe's.  So I dragged myself out of the door.

  • My first stop was the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, where I wanted to drop off 2 massive analog TVs. I had stopped by on Wednesday and asked if I could bring them today and was told yes by the cashier.  But today the drop-off people said they weren't accepting TVs anymore as they were overrun.  I protested that I was told I could drop them off so they decided to help me out and accept them. Phew.  They said they have some scrappers who come and pick some up once in a while.

  • From there I went to Publix. I'll post the details of my grocery shopping on Wednesday, but I'll reveal today that I saved $24.82 in manufacturer coupons, and $1.00 in store coupon, as well as $21.29 in special price savings. My total out of pocket was $13.59 but that also included a bottle of Drano.  I got lots of freebies!  The Horizon chocolate crackers were $2.00 each but I got them for $0.50 a box after coupons. Then. at the register, another $2.00 in digital coupons were deducted!

  • My next stop was Save A Lot. They were out of the corn on the cob on sale at 4 for $1.00 but they're getting more this afternoon. If we have any errands to run tomorrow, I'll stop by and get some.  They did have their eggs on sale this weekend only for $0.99 a dozen so I got 4 dozens.

  • I stopped by Racetrac, got 1/4 tank of gas, got a new survey to take and redeemed a reward code for a free large coffee. While I was in line, an older lady in front of me had a Racetrac coupon for a free sandwich so I asked her where she got it. She said it came in the mail and that Racetrac always sends her coupons but she's never requested them...Grrr!  There's a Racetrac station close to my house but we rarely get any coupons in the mail.  Clermont is a much bigger market, I suppose.

  • At Lowe's I agonized, as I knew I would, over what kind of fruit trees to get.     I ended up getting 2 nectarine trees: they're hardy and are self-pollinating (although having 2 or more of them encourages a larger yield, apparently).  Not sure that they'll do well here but if Lowe's sells them here, you'd think they would actually be bred for Florida, no?  Let's hope. Now I have to figure out where to plant them. We have lots of room but I want to make sure that we leave plenty of room to manoeuver our SUV and/or pick-up truck in the backyard because sometimes we have heavy loads of garden-related things to drop off there.  I needed to get to $50 to use my $10 coupon so I also bought 2 buckets to make more potato towers and a salvia plant on clearance for $0.50,  All of it ended up being free since I used one of the gift cards I had ordered from our Mastercard Reward program! 

  • Since I was in Clermont, I went to Aldi as well.  Just the regular great deals there, but I did get 2 packages of mushrooms for $0.79 each and a cantaloupe for $0.99. I also got 2 huge cucumbers to make more zesty refrigerator pickles.

  • Lastly, I stopped by another Publix store since I wanted to see if they had the frozen lobster dishes that my Publix didn't have... but they were out of those too. However I was able to get 2 more boxes of Horizon graham crackers for $0.50 a box and thanks to the digital coupon overage, they ended up being free as well.

  • My son and I had leftovers for lunch.  Greg made himself a sandwich.

  • With no rain on the horizon, I reused rainwater that I had collected in bins placed under the roof line to water my in-ground and potted veggies, herbs and flowers. I did use the hose to water my roses, which I moved away from the windows (they're in large pots) so the window installers can have easy access.

  • I also scavenged a piece of drywall from Greg's shed, which I propped against a plastic table kept from when the kids were little, placed over my raspberry canes. Hopefully this gives enough room to the windows installers.  Also: I guess those are black raspberry plants and the fruit is sweet!

  • I harvested several raspberries from my canes. Funny, I had totally forgotten they were black raspberry canes (I don't know if both were, though, maybe only one of them?). They're sweet instead of being tart. Greg and I really like them!

  • I watched the remaining of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix. I wasn't too into it at first, but now I think it's hysterical.  I need to have my daughter watch it with me. And Greg too.

  • Dinner was pizzas made with some of the Flatout Pizza thin crusts that I got for free today.  I cooked all 3 at the same time and they ended up not being crunchy. I think I might have used too much pizza sauce? But everyone liked their pizza.

  • I took the Racetrac survey on my receipt and earned another survey reward code for a free any size coffee.

  • CamelCamelCamel sent me an alert that a DVD documentary that I wanted, "The Story of England" by Michael Wood, had reached the $15 price point that I was comfortable paying for it. It was for a "like new" copy. I used a combination of Discover Rewards and Swagbucks gift cards to get it for free! I first saw this documentary series a couple of years ago on PBS and it was amazing. I love history and genealogy and being European, I very much appreciate how old and rich European history is.  I hope Greg will re-watch it with me (he didn't see it the first time around), as well as my daughter who will be taking AP European History next year.

  • Nothing, really.

  • I totally forgot to freeze my chicken bones yesterday after I cooked dinner and they remained on the counter (in the ziploc bag) all night so I had to throw them away.  To add insult to injury, I hadn't been all that careful about using up as much meat as I could have had since I was planning on freezing the bones to make stock, anyway, so I ended up with a double waste.  This would have been avoided had I done the dishes at night, like I'm supposed to. I'm very complacent with this, I usually do them in the morning.

  • I just realized tonight that I forgot to pick up the SavingStar freebie of the weekend while I was out shopping today!  Arrgh.
Did you have any frugal successes or failures today? Please do tell!

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