Thursday, April 30, 2015

Daily Frugal Failures and Successes: Thursday 4/30/15

  • I started the day unnecessary stress as my daughter called me shortly after leaving for school with a tremor in her voice. I immediately thought she'd been in an accident and she just wouldn't get to the point fast enough... turns out she was almost hit twice on her way to school so she was stressed herself and calling me to share the stress... ha.  It's incredible the physical response my body has when I experience any stress.  It makes me feel incompetent afterwards because I always doubt that I would be able to handle a true emergency :(

  • Later on, I had to upgrade the app I have used for over 5 years to keep myself organized because it wouldn't work properly on iOS 8.  I hadn't updated it in years and they changed everything. As in... NOT for the better.  An app that I could use in my sleep in now always useless to me and yet I depend on it so much. It brought me to tears, I was so frustrated.  Ugh. I have never EVER cried over a program or an app changing.  I have been frustrated before (many, MANY times), but I usually just bitch.  

  • At the end of the day, my daughter toasted almonds in the toaster oven and went back upstairs. A while later, from the other end of the house, I smelled something weird so I checked the kitchen and lo and behold the toaster oven was on fire.  Well, a couple of almonds that had fallen off the tray she has used had caught fire.  Yikes!  It was quickly dealt with but I shudder to think what could have happened had we not realized or had we left the house. I told her she can't be using that toaster oven anymore. 

  • My daughter packed a lunch to take to school and drove herself, which saved me money (one fewer round trip) and time.

  • My son also packed himself a lunch for school.

  • I added 1/2 a gallon of water to 1/2 a gallon of whole milk to stretch it longer.

  • SavingStar credited my account for several purchases.

  • I earned my maximum daily Bing Rewards credits and I'm now up to 725 lifetime credits. I should reach the 750 level tomorrow and qualify for the 10% discount on gift cards!

  • Swagbucks credited me with 30 SB yesterday for redeeming coupons. I wish they would give us the details of which coupons were credited so I can see which store(s) is/are diligent in redeeming them properly.  I try to always use SB coupons and I rarely get the SB for them.

  • My dinner menu for tonight calls for tuna patties but I forgot to pick up cans of tuna at Aldi.  Arrgh.  However, I have a ton of Starkist Tuna Creations pouches, most of them bought for pennies after coupons a couple of years ago. I figured that the "Herb & Garlic" variety would probably make tasty patties and I found 6 of them in my stash.  They're 2.6 oz each and a typical can of light tuna is 5 oz, so 4 packs = 2 cans, which is what I needed for the 3 of us.  Hooray for ingredient "substitution"!  Update: when it was time to cook, I didn't want to deal with tuna so I made pancakes and cheesy eggs instead. The kids were happy :)

  • It felt cooler outside (it's all cloudy) than inside and the AC was already kicking in so I turned it off and opened all the downstairs windows to air out the house and naturally bring down the temperature. 

  • No rain in the forecast today despite all the gloominess so I watered my garden with rainwater collected in the bins.

  • I harvested a bow-ful of green beans. I meant to weigh them before adding them to the previous harvest but I forgot. I put all the beans in a recycled plastic ziploc bag and they weigh in at 9 oz.  I think that's 3 days' worth of harvest.  Not too shabby!  I probably cooked that much earlier in the week too.

  • I emptied the countertop composting bin into the larger bin outside and relined the bottom with scraps of paper left over from when I clip printable coupons. I ought to empty the countertop bin more often (I wait until it's full, usually) because then the scraps are put to making compost faster, I think. Yet one more thing to try to remember!

  • I reused water from the shower to flush the toilet and water left in a cup at dinner last night to water my indoor herb seedlings.  I went to get more rainwater to give my rose cuttings a drink too.  The rosemary cutting didn't take at all :( I composted it and will keep on trying...

  • I downloaded the CVS app and linked my Extracare card to it... and got a $3 ECB for doing that!  Woohoo!  I uploaded it to my card so now I need to remember I have that on there (I like printed ECBs better, like my coupons!)

  • I found 3 small chocolate cupcakes that I had baked a couple of weeks ago but no one had eaten, under a pie cover on the kitchen table. They had hardened but weren't moldy so I nuked them for 30 seconds and enjoyed them with my 2nd cup of coffee.

  • I printed several coupons via Swagbucks from my son's computer, and also from Target and Redplum. Smartsource is still giving me trouble on that computer though.  I also uploaded (4) more digital coupons to my Publix digital wallet.

  • I texted my kids not to stress over Mother's Day because I don't need anything that will cost them money and I'd rather see them and/or get some of the amazing art that they make.

  • For lunch, I made myself another one of those yummy smoked salmon sandwiches with a Flatout Everything artisan bread (free from Publix), the rest of the Vita smoked salmon (free from Publix), some fresh dill from the garden (quasi free since I grew it from seeds), and a schmear of Neufchatel cheese ($0.69/brick at Aldi several weeks ago). I also had a Caprese salad as a side, made with grape tomatoes ($0.79 a pint at Aldi last week), mozzarella cheese ($2 at Publix several weeks ago), fresh basil from the garden (quasi free since I grew it from seeds) and balsamic vinegar/EVOO from Aldi.  Dessert was a piece of buttermilk pie (made with spoiled milk), topped with sliced strawberries.

  • I took a Swagbucks survey about skincare products which took quite a while, and after all my opinions were recorded, the program said that they had hit maximum capacity and they awarded me only 1 SB instead of the 100 SB that I should have received.  I emailed customer service and they credited me with 100 SB.

  • Nothing today.

  • I had to compost half a large cucumber that had gotten rather slimy in my fridge. I'm mad at myself because I was planning on making more pickles this week and I delayed for no good reason. I need to get better at prioritizing tasks so as to avoid unnecessary waste like this.

Did you have any frugal successes or failures today? Please do tell!

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