Saturday, April 4, 2015

Daily Frugal Failures and Successes: Saturday 4/4/15

  • We had a lovely cool morning and I took advantage of it to enjoy my coffee on the back patio while it was still in the shade.  A female cardinal came to have breakfast at the feeder and kept me company for a few minutes. The male came to have its own breakfast about an hour later.  He was a gorgeous red but stayed behind the feeder so I never got a good shot at him (I mean, with the camera!). I never get tired of looking at the birds... must be getting old :)

  • Greg did put in the edging for the berm alongside the patio.  I need to get another roll of it, though, so he can finish.

  • He and our son washed my car for me. I am spoiled!

  • When I got up Greg woke up just long enough to warn me that he'd been up during the night and the internet had been down so we probably needed to call Brighthouse (our provider). Then he went back to sleep. Sigh.  I rebooted the modem and router, which did nothing.  I disconnected the router and connected the modem directly into his computer, turned it on... the screen wouldn't turn on.  I grumbled and swore and complained and tried to figure out why &%^ stupid screen wouldn't turn on (can you feel the frustration mounting?!  Dealing with his computer always frustrates me!) and figured out it must be because the Xbox One was plugged into it.  So I disconnect the Xbox One and tried to figure out where the HDMI cable from the screen connected into the PC.  No HDMI output that I could see.  Played with the idea of ticking him off by waking him up to ask him about connecting his screen to his PC so I could figure out what the problem was and/or call Brighthouse with the computer on but decided to let him sleep (she says, between clenched teeth!).  Suddenly realized that the modem was no longer blinking red... replugged the modem into the router and my laptop suddenly had internet access again.  Hooray!  Still don't know how what I did fixed the problem that had been going on for hours, apparently, but I left his PC on, replugged the Xbox One and settled myself on the back porch with my coffee and my laptop, feeling pretty satisfied with myself. Note to self, though: ask him to show me how his screen is usually connected to his PC. Also make a note of his PC password because I've forgotten it so turning on the screen wouldn't have gotten me very far anyway.

  • I reused water collected in the shower to flush the toilet.

  • Amazon's Kindle First program sent me an email alerting me to the April selection... last month I was able to select 2 books, but this month I could only select 1.  I chose the mystery. It's a prequel to an established series so if I like the prequel, I might be able to get the other books in the series from the library.
  • Emailed SavingStar because they only credited me with 4% back on part of my order from March 26. I think it's because Kohl's decided to ship my order in several shipments.  I attached screenshots of my order confirmation and I'm waiting to hear back from them.

  • The gallon of whole milk that I had just opened yesterday (and that had a sell-by date of April 1) is definitely going south. Thankfully I defrosted 1/2 a gallon of skim milk that I had gotten on 50% clearance a few weeks ago.  I have more of it in the freezer so we'll use that up before I get more milk on Wednesday.  I need to see if the whole milk can be used for something else. Maybe I'll make crepes and freeze them, chocolate pudding... what else?

  • I surveyed the garden and the in-ground and potted plants seem to be doing well so I might not need to water them today.  My red canna has grown a long reddish stem, I'll be getting flowers soon.  My hibiscus cutting has another bud getting ready to bloom and my rose bushes have buds and blooms that smell delicious.  Such a lovely time of the year!  I love Spring. I got the rose bushes at Home Depot last year with a Buy 2, Get 1 Free coupon for Mother's Day so this is their 2nd year of providing me with lovely roses in exchange for a pot and water from time to time.  I call that frugal :) My little rose cutting is surviving, I will need to try to propagate roses again this year.

  • Update: by noon, my green beans and other greens were looking parched so I watered them and the potted plants with water collected in cat litter jugs yesterday and also with the little rainwater collected in the bins a couple of nights ago.

  • I had leftovers for lunch.

  • Once again we made sure the leaky hose connection was inside a large bin as Greg and our son washed my car... we collected a binful of water, which I will use to water the garden tomorrow.

  • I harvested collard greens and fresh thyme from the garden for dinner.

  • Today was a No Drive Day for us.  #13 for the year, out of my goal of 24.

  • For dinner I made Roasted Sausages and Sweet Potato-White Bean Stew.  I used a package of Publix's Artichoke and Parmesan Chicken Sausages (bought on 50% off clearance at $2.25 a few months ago), 1 small sweet potato that I had gotten for $0.04 after Snap rebate a few weeks ago plus 2 sweet potatoes from the $0.99 bag bought at Aldi this week (so about $0.40 of potatoes), a bunch of collard greens from the garden (free), fresh thyme from the garden (free), a can of cannellini ($0.65 at Aldi), the equivalent of 1 small sweet onion from my freezer (the 3 lb bag had been $0.89 so maybe $0.10 of onion), a cup of homemade chicken stock (free) = about $3.50 after everything else (salt, minced garlic) for 5 servings = $0.70 a person. Plus I served homemade bread slices from the loaf I baked yesterday.  It was delicious.


  • Greg and our son brought me some presents back from their trip!  OK, not a "failure" but not frugal behavior either. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining (I love surprise gifts and rarely get them!) but I'm accounting here for non-frugal endeavors :)  They got me a large "Clean Linen"-scented candle (a gag gift since I always tell them NOT to get me any candles), a small bag of peach rings and a small bag of watermelon rings.  I lit the candle last night and I'm thinking that if I had one of those in each room, I might never need to clean the house again, LOL.  I also already ate the watermelon rings. It was a small bag!

  • Ibotta replied that they will indeed be discontinuing support for iOS 6 with the upcoming app update so since they're a program that only works through an app and my iPhone 4 doesn't allow me to have iOS 7+, I asked them to cancel my account. Good thing that I hadn't started using it yet.

Did you have any frugal successes or failures today? Please do tell!


  1. I use sour milk in place of buttermilk and it will keep for at least 2 weeks in the fridge to use it that way. Try doing a search for recipes with buttermilk on Pinterest. I recently found a very good bread recipe and a pancake recipe that I will be using from now on for sour milk.

    1. I'm not on Pinterest (used to but too much of a time waster for me, the internet is already taking too much of my time!) but thanks for the ideas, Lana! I do have a buttermilk cornbread recipe that we love so I'll make some of that and freeze it (we're running low on it anyway and with the milk that I'm defrosting out of the freezer, now I have room for it!). I'll use it in pancakes and waffles too since I can freeze those as well.

    2. I was going to say that I usually make a batch of pancakes or waffles to freeze when the milk is getting bad. I also have a chocolate cake recipe from my grandmother that calls for sour milk ( They are not really super sweet so you can eat them for just about any snack or breakfast if you don't frost them :) I usually make rolls too which are easy and a good way to use up the milk. Sounds like a great day if you got your car washed. Mine needs it too!!!

    3. That's a great idea too, thanks Alison! I printed your recipe and I'll try it out tomorrow. The kids (and I!) love chocolate-flavored treats so it's a double whammy!


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