Friday, April 10, 2015

Food Waste Friday

Inspired by The Frugal Girl blog who started it all...

Here is what I had to throw away I threw away this week...
Why the struck through text? Because the devil is in the planning... 99% if the time,  if I had planned better, I wouldn't have had to throw away food. 

  • An envelope of Teriyaki marinade and one of Sloppy Joes seasoning because the pantry moths had drilled through the outer wrapping and colonized the insides.  Gross!  I did save adjacent gravy mix envelopes that hadn't been touched yet by dumping the contents into several upcycled glass jars.

  • 2 moldy strawberries from 2 different quarts of strawberries. I had bought them more than 5 days prior but forgotten to rinse them in diluted vinegar so I can't really complain... I composted them.

  • Half a small homemade cheese pizza that I made with very old pizza dough mix. I managed to eat half of it but couldn't make myself eat the other half.

  • I noticed that one can of tomatoes looked like it had developed a slight dome and when I opened it, it made a noise as if some carbonation was escaping... the tomatoes smelled fine but I didn't want to take any chances so I composted them.

On the bright side, here is what I saved this week!

I made spinach dip by using an old envelope of spinach dip mix (sell-by date was 2013) and the rest of some Greek yogurt that I had made with Aldi plain yogurt, a couple of weeks ago (I added some light mayo as well). I was glad to finally use up the yogurt and get that dip envelope out of my pantry. I ate the dip with homemade bread, over several days (no one else likes spinach dip here).

I made myself a cheese pizza with an old (probably circa 2010) envelope of pizza dough mix, the rest of mozzarella cheese that I had shredded but not used up and some bruschetta topping sauce that I didn't even know I had in my pantry. However, it was pretty gross so I only ate half of it and had to throw the other half away (see Food Waste section).

I had a whole gallon of sour whole milk to use up: I made a chocolate chip pancakes, a double batch of buttermilk corn bread (substituting the sour milk for the buttermilk), 24 chocolate cupcakes, and some instant chocolate pudding. Yes, we love chocolate!  I still have some sour milk left so I might try to make buttermilk pie, which is apparently a traditional southern recipe. I saw a couple of recipes in Southern Living magazines that I had rescued from the library's donation pile.

There was an old (as in over a year old), large box of Publix-brand cheerios on my cereal shelf that the kids weren't eating so I endeavored it eat it myself, over the last couple of weeks.  Not my favorite but I grew to like it when mixed with fresh or dehydrated strawberries. I ate the last cup of it for breakfast this morning!

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    1. Great successes this week! I'm just now learning about how to save sour milk. I wish I had known this a few years ago. Right now we are all on non-dairy milk, but I'm sure we will introduce it back to our diet eventually. I'm so happy to know that there are ways to salvage the sour milk!


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