Friday, April 17, 2015

Food Waste Friday

Inspired by The Frugal Girl blog who started it all...

Here is what I had to throw away I threw away this week...
Why the struck through text? Because the devil is in the planning... 99% if the time,  if I had planned better, I wouldn't have had to throw away food. 

  • 2 potatoes at the bottom of the older bag that I was using up had gotten soft and moldy, so I had to compost them.

  • My daughter opened a bottle of organic apple juice a few days ago but neglected to put it in the fridge (she claims she didn't know it was supposed to be refrigerated).  I found the bottle all swollen with gas and I had to dump it down the sink (3/4 of a bottle ).  

  • Update: I totally forgot to mention that there were 4 moldy grapes in a bag that I washed and had for lunch yesterday. I composted them. No photo was taken.

On the bright side, here is what I saved this week!

  • I had ONE very brown banana so I cut it up and ate it with my morning cereal.

  • I had stored another 10-lb bag of potatoes in a plastic bin, hoping that the darkness would prevent them from rotting since I was still finishing the first 10-lb bag that I had bought for $1.99. We don't have cellars or basements in Florida and no place in the house is ever cool enough for produce not to spoil for months.  When I went to use some of the potatoes from that bag, I found that all of them had started to sprout pretty badly... but none of them were rotten!  I made mashed potatoes with about 1/3 of the bag. I plan on planting a couple of potatoes outdoors (although it's kind of late in the year for Florida, we're supposed to plant them in January) and the rest will be eaten in time.  A few eyes won't deter me from using them up.


    1. There is never a cool spot in my house! Someone asked me today why our water wasn't cold and I had to explain that it's too hot outside so the pipes carry it in warm. Ugh. The perils of living in paradise, right?

      You did great this week. I'm still jealous of your compost bin. If only we lived closer and I could send all my waste to you. I need to find someone here that has one. Great job on the potatoes! I love mashed potatoes and would find any excuse to eat them.

    2. I love that you and Frugal Girl do this post on Fridays! It's always impressive to see what kind of creative ideas you two can cook up to save whatever you can from the garbage! Great job on the potato save! was thinking of trying some container potato plants myself this gardening season. I'm just wondering how hard it is to grow them...


    Anything you'd like to add? Share away!