Sunday, April 12, 2015

Frugal Failures and Successes Today: Sunday 4/12/15

  • This was a very quiet at-home day for us today.  The kids read and were on their computers, did their laundry and generally hung out.  Greg read most of the day and then did some yard work.

  • I biked over 22 miles today!  I occupied my time by clipping coupons and recipes from magazines that I had picked up from the library's donation pile, while finishing Season 1 of "The Americans" on Amazon Prime and finally starting Season 2!

  • We had some rain last evening, albeit not that much, but there is a strong probability of more rain today so I'm going to skip watering the garden and keep my fingers crossed!

  • I printed a few coupons from the usual sources: via Swagbucks, Redplum, Smartsource, Target, and CVS and uploaded digital coupons to my Publix and Walgreens digital wallets.

  • I watched several episodes of the TLC genealogy show "Who Do You Think You Are?" on Youtube via our Roku (for free, of course!)

  • I earned 25 KFR points by entering bonus code RKTREATSSWEETEAT in my Kellogg's Family Rewards account.

  • I reused water collected in the shower to flush the toilet.

  • When I was typing today's post about my weekly dinner plans, I realized that when I went shopping last Wednesday, I forgot to look at the menus for Monday and Tuesday this week so I didn't get what I needed. I ended up making substitutions but I might also need to go buy a couple of things :( I also got started on my shopping list for this coming Wednesday and it's already over $50 due to the things I bought yesterday and will undoubtedly go up. However, I can technically go up to $100 and I've saved so much in the past 2 months that I could even go higher and that would be fine. But I won't.  It's apparent, however, that sticking to $50 a week might be a little trickier now that I have used up a lot of our staples that I need to restock. I think that I might redeem my Swagbucks for a Target gift card instead of an Amazon gift card, so I can use it for grocery items... I checked it out and I'd need to show the e-gift card on my phone at checkout since they wouldn't accept a printout, for some reason.

  • I took the 2 surveys about the containers of  Driscoll's strawberries that I purchased on Wednesday and earned 4 more $0.75/1 coupons that I will print in early May at the latest.  I only need to take 3 more surveys to get to the Gold level and start earning $1.00/1 coupons with the surveys.  Since Target has the raspberries on sale for $2.50 each this week and there is a 5% Cartwheel and a $1.50/$7.00 digital produce store coupon that expires on Wednesday, I will be buying 3 containers of raspberries, this week. I just came across some recipes for raspberry pies in a free magazine from the library's donation pile so I might just try and bake one, for a change.

  • I baked a loaf of bread.

  • I prepped my dinner menus through mid-June, using recipes I just clipped from magazines today.

  • Dinner tonight was Mushroom Ragout with Polenta.  I used 1 cup of Bob's Red Mill polenta and some canned sundried tomatoes from my pantry. I never did make the chubs in advance so I just served it as soon as it was cooked.  The mushroom ragout was made with 8 oz of baby bella mushrooms (Aldi $0.99 on 3/25!), 8z oz white mushrooms (Aldi, $0.54), marinara sauce (free at Target a couple of weeks ago) and a little bit of grated Parmesan.  I served warm homemade bread with it.

  • Today was a No Drive Day for us as we all stayed home. Woohoo!

  • It finally rained at 7:30 p.m.! The garden is very happy. Hopefully it'll last long enough to fill up all of my bins!

  • We didn't have any frugal failures today :) Yay!

Did you have any frugal successes or failures today? Please do tell!

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