Thursday, April 23, 2015

Some great deals today...

Here are some non-food great deals that I found today:

  • I had to order an outdoor amplified TV antenna since our indoor antenna no longer gets the signals from several TV stations with our new (and thick) windows in the way.  I found one on Amazon for $31.99 and redeemed that $25 Amazon gift card that Swagbucks sent me yesterday. Shipping was free so my total cost out of pocket was $6.99 (although we will have to buy some kind of a pole for it).

  • Ace Hardware was offering bottles of Ajax laundry detergent for $1.99 with an automatic instant rebate of $1.00 for Ace Rewards members (limit 1 per member). I'll take cheap laundry detergent any day!

At Ace Hardware as well, I spotted this hummingbird feeder on sale for $3.99. It also contained the mix for the nectar.  I made my own feeder from recycled materials about a month ago but it experienced design problems so I decided to spring for a pre-made one. I'm hoping I'll see some hummingbirds!

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  1. We got a fancy glass hummingbird feeder and it did nothing but drip on to the porch that it was mounted on :( I think that the plastic ones work the best. I am sure you will have lots of great time watching the hummingbirds on that one!!


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