Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Today's Frugal Failures and Successes: Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

  • It's April's Fools Day... I really dislike pranks so I'm not looking forward to any of this foolishness. Yes, I'm getting to me an old stick in the mud :)

  • I met my friend Jodie at Aldi and guided her as she shopped there for the first time and wrote down price information to put a price book together. Afterwards she went to Walmart (where she usually shops) and wrote down prices for her price book there either. She texted me in the afternoon to tell me that I made an Aldi convert out of her because everything was more expensive at Walmart! I also had her scan my Cartwheel barcode at Target since she hasn't downloaded the app and gave her a Driscoll's coupon and some M&M's coupons to use.  Later on, I texted her to submit her receipts to Snap to save $0.25 on eggs and $1.00 on candy and to Checkout 51 to save on green peppers and I helped her figure out whether Target had deducted the $3.00 coupon off the chicken drumsticks she had purchased or not. She was happy :)

  • I did a first coat of paint in the main bathroom.  I'm using the rest of the sage paint that I had bought for the accent wall upstairs... unfortunately, what looked nice in a big bright bedroom looks like institutional green paint in a small enclosed bathroom :(  Hopefully it'll look nicer after a 2nd coat and once the blue painter's tape has been taken off, but I kind of doubt it.

  • I had coffee and breakfast at home prior to leaving on my shopping trip, and brought coffee along in my new travel cup (the one I stole from Greg!) and a snack so I wouldn't shop on an empty stomach.

  • I reused water collected in the shower to flush the toilet.

  • Save A Lot's weekly ad had the grapes on sale for $1.79/lb but when I got to my store, this were the price tags that I saw:
What a great deal!! I double checked with the cashier and they actually rang at $1.79 in the register but she double checked with the manager who confirmed the sale price and changed it in the system so they did ring at $0.50/lb when I bought them.  They weren't "old" grapes or anything so I have no idea why they were so discounted!
  • Still at Save A Lot, I resisted buying mini links on 50% off clearance since historically we haven't liked them anyway.  Still, it is physically hard for me to walk away from a 50% off clearance item, LOL.

  • I stopped by Racetrac to top off my tank, only because I was curious to see what the new monthly survey was... well the receipt printed with the old survey that expired on 3/31.  I asked the manager about it and he said that "Racetrac coupons really never expire, we'll honor them even 6 years from now." Hmmm, that's great news but I anticipate that some clerk might not see it this way? Still, I'll take the survey and try to redeem the code (for a free bakery item) next week. 

  • I was going to buy light mayonnaise that wasn't on my list because the Hellman's was on BOGO sale at Publix and I had 2 store coupons and a digital manufacturer coupon but when I was at the register I realized that the coupons weren't for the size I was buying so I told the cashier that I didn't want them after all.  The BOGO deal would have been a great deal only if the coupons had applied.

  • I dropped off pet coupons at the South Lake Animal League thrift store and didn't see anything that I needed so I didn't spend any money there.

  • I had leftovers for lunch: the last of the Florentine crêpes from last week and a salad made with the now-wilted lettuce that I had harvested yesterday morning.

  • Upromise confirmed that they got the transfer from SavingStar. Wow, that took much less time than we thought.

  • I asked Jodie to text me the code from her Driscoll's strawberries so I can take the survey and hopefully qualify for the Gold Level (hence $1.00/1 coupons for the rest of 2015) some time soon. She did :)

  • My son continued to download free gaming apps to his Kindle, as I got several new emails from Amazon today.

  • I earned 200 KFR points by entering the codes from the cereal that I bought today in my Kellogg's Family Rewards account and 50 KFR points with bonus code WELOVETRICKSTERS and 25 KFR points with bonus code RKTRECIPESFORYUMI also earned 1,000 Balance Reward points at Walgreens by buying them.

  • Snap and Checkout 51 were very prompt in crediting my accounts today.

  • Ace Hardware sent me an email with a $10 off $40 promo code for "trying out their free store pick-up" option. I've been using their store pick-up option for a few months already but I'll take the discount... I just need something to buy now!

  • I put the next DVD of "The Middle, Season 1" on hold at the library. Since I watch those episodes very quickly, I wanted to also put the following DVD from the same season on hold, but the system won't let me. I emailed the IT person with whom I had corresponded when the county switched over to a new library catalog, asking him if he could change the setting so patrons can request more than 1 DVD at a time. We'll see what he says...

  • CVS sent me my quarterly rewards for the first quarter of 2015: $5.50! Woohoo!

  • A lot of coupons reset today so I printed more coupons via Swagbucks and also clipped new digital coupons to my Publix digital wallet.

  • I took the survey on the Racetrac receipt from this morning and earned a code for a free bakery item. 

  • Ironically (because later on today I'll be posting about how I organize my shopping trips so I minimize my gas expenses and maximize my time), I was pretty disorganized today as I returned to Target and Save A Lot twice and missed the opening hours of my eye doctor's office (I wanted to get my new eye glasses tightened). However, I also saved money by getting great deals and got to help my friend save money as well.

  • Since the butterbread is priced the same at Aldi and Save A Lot, I had been assuming that the white bread was also the same price... so I had been buying it at Save A Lot since I can charge my groceries there (and earn rewards on my credit card).  However, I realized this morning that Aldi actually is cheaper by $0.14 a loaf.  I'll make a note in my pricebook and buy my bread from Aldi from now on.

  • My son had ran out of toothpaste... his dentist wants him to use Prevadent to help prevent cavities. I think it's all a scam because he's very good at brushing and flossing and uses that toothpaste and fluoride rinse but he still got a few cavities this year (he's inherited my bad teeth, unfortunately for him). I still buy the toothpaste, but at $15 a bottle, it's really pissing me off.  This time I charged it to my FSA account so at least it's paid for with tax free money.  I just noticed, however, that I'm supposed to have a prescription for it (for IRS auditing purposes) so I called my dentist's office and they will get the dentist to write the prescription and I will pick it up next Wednesday.  What really ticks me off is that I have to run around and get prescriptions for this and the acne over the counter medications the pediatrician recommended for my teens, but no prescriptions are needed to get treated by a chiropractor, for instance (chiropractors are quacks, in my book).

  • Due to extended shopping time at Aldi and Target since I was "mentoring" my friend Jodie, I ended up at the eye doctor during their lunch period so I was unable to get my eye glasses tightened. I will stop by again next week.

  • As I started painting the bathroom, I had to take the top of the toilet tank off... I sat it on its side instead of flat on the floor, since I didn't have much room to manoeuver... and of course it slid and broke in half.  Arrgh.  It's an old toilet so I doubt I can find a replacement... we'll probably have to replace the whole toilet.  I'll try glueing it back first but I don't have much hope.

Did you have any frugal successes or failures today? Please do tell!

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