Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Today's Frugal Failures and Successes: Tuesday 4/14/15

  • I finally slept well last night, because I stayed downstairs and slept on the couch (I was wide awake when Greg went to bed and decided to just stay downstairs). I did wake up with a nagging headache and my lower back has been hurting since yesterday (I must have pulled something when I was refilling the self-watering bins yesterday).

  • I spent wayyy too much time moving digital photos from my SD card and my phone to my external drive... and I still have to back-up my external drive!  I'm pretty sure it was part of my untold new year's resolutions that I would keep on top of this every month... and I haven't.  Ugh. Also, I have way more pictures of my garden than of my family (who doesn't like to be photographed) and no one EVER takes any pictures of me. I wonder if my kids, in later years, will kick themselves for never taking a picture of me.  I sure wish I had more pictures of my parents and grandparents, as well as other ancestors.

  • My daughter packed a lunch and drove herself to school.  She returned the Redbox movie after school since it was on the way home. She also went to our vet's to pick up our cat food since the order came in today and stopped by Save A Lot to pick up more apples since I forgot to get some yesterday. 

  • I packed leftovers for Greg to take to work.

  • Our son packed leftovers for his lunch as well.  That "Amish Casserole" (really a homemade hamburger helper) that I made last night was very popular!

  • It rained a lot yesterday afternoon so I don't need to water the garden today.

  • For breakfast, I reheated the large coffee I got for free from Racetrac yesterday afternoon. I thought I had gotten XL but this morning I realized that I actually had gotten a L cup.  Oops. I had chosen the Hazelnut-flavored coffee and further used hazelnut-flavored creamer in it so it wasn't bitter at all.

  • I also saved a very brown banana by slicing it into my morning cereal.

  • I reheated it in my favorite mug. I forgot to mention last week that one morning I noticed that some cabinets in our laundry room had been left wide open and a package of Kwik glue was left open and empty on the washing machine... (I hope Greg never decides to become a criminal because he would be very unsuccessful at it...) so I asked Greg if he was the one to have used up the glue. I really wanted to know if I needed to put some on my shopping list or if we have more of it somewhere.  He looked all sheepish and confessed that the previous night he had accidentally broken my favorite coffee mug so he had panicked and rushed to fix it for me before I woke up.  He usually wouldn't care but it just so happened that I had told him a couple of days prior that that specific mug was my very favorite because I had bought it from Walt Disney World (where I used to work) before I even had children... so probably 23-24 years ago and that I was sad because a tiny crack had appeared in it.  I had to laugh because in his panic he completely forgot to erase his tracks. I probably would have never noticed otherwise, because he did a good job on the mug. Anyhoo, it's a frugal save since he successfully mended my mug :)

  • I'm going to have to add a lot of potatoes to our menu in the coming couple of weeks... the 10-lb that I had bought for $1.99 (such a great price!) and kept in a covered bin (to prevent the potatoes from rotting), didn't keep them from sprouting and all of them look like this (see below).  I'll be using a couple of them as seed potatoes to test the potato bucket-tower method that I read about (I bought 2 buckets at Lowe's just for this purpose this weekend and I'm thinking about using that garden plot where nothing grows). Instead of potato-zucchini cakes for dinner tonight, I'll make mashed potatoes and steamed zucchini.  I'll probably make extra mashed potatoes in order to freeze them to make potato rolls in the future. The problem is... that I have NO ROOM in my freezer,  Arrgh.  There's got to be a way for me to make room, dang it!

  • I reached the Silver Level in Bing Rewards, which means that I got a 50 Bing Rewards bonus. In order to do this, though, I had to redeem some rewards first. I chose to enter a sweepstake for 20 Rewards. So my net profit was 30 Bing Rewards and I'm one step closer to being able to redeem Rewards at a 10% discount (with the Gold Level, although I need 750 lifetime Rewards to qualify for Gold and I'm only at 250). If you're thinking about joining Bing Rewards, please consider using my referral link.  Thanks!
  • I "marinated" the 3 quarts of strawberries that I bought yesterday in some very diluted vinegar to extend the life of the strawberries.

  • I took the 3 Driscoll's surveys from the containers and made it to Gold Level with my 3rd survey today!  Yay!  So I earned (4) $0.75/1 and (2) $1.00/1 printable coupons and I will earn $1.00/1 coupon from now until the end of the year.  

  • By the way, I just realized that when you text SHOPS for a free Redbox code, the code is good through 4/26 so you can still try it today, it might work.

  • If you drink Coke Zero, be aware that all Coke Zero MCR codes will be worth double points from 4/21 through 5/21, apparently, on MyCokeRewards, although there is a limit of 5 million bonus points so this might stop before 5/21. I stopped drinking Coke over a year ago (my fave was Diet Coke with Lime!).  Do you all drink Coke Zero? I guess I'll have to start keeping my eyes open for bottle caps in the parking lots when I go shopping. Uh, wait, I already do that :)

  • I signed up for the Lowe's Weekly Newsletter thanks to Southern Savers so I can get a $10/$50 coupon. I used an email address that I rarely use for anything, just in case I had previously received the Lowe's newsletter with my main addy (but I don't think I ever did?).  With an old house and a garden, I can always use a $10 coupon!  The catch is that you have to use the coupon within 7 days of receiving it, which means I'd have to go to Lowe's this weekend. I think I'll place an order via SavingStar on Thursday for store pick-up so I can get the points, use the coupon and one of the Lowe's gift cards I received from one of my Rewards program.

  • I had leftovers for lunch (last night's dinner). I ate it while I was using my recumbent bike. I also took advantage of that time to delete a bunch of pictures from my phone since I moved them to the external drive.  Fiddling around my phone, I realized that I might be able to upgrade my iOS to 7.1 if I delete enough files to allow for the larger iOS. Not sure if I want to do this but it sure would be cheaper than upgrading my phone!  This whole time I didn't think I could get iOS 7 on my older phone...

  • Dinner ended up being homemade mashed potatoes with jarred gravy, steamed zucchini and pan-fried pork loin "chunks"... I thought I had defrosted pork chops but it was pork "chunks". It was still good, if not as elaborate as what I had originally planned.

  • After dinner Greg and I watched the season premiere of Games of Thrones via our Xbox One and, I have to say that our socks were NOT blown away.  Which is good because it's much easier to resist not getting HBO Now to watch the rest of the season before it comes out on Blu-Ray next year!

  • I wanted to put Season 2 of "The Middle" on hold at the library but apparently they only carry Season 1.  Oh no!  So I went through all the TV shows that they have available at the library and put some DVDs on my wishlist.

  • A Slickdeals user alerted us that some people might have a $20/$20 offer from Amazon in their American Express Deals section... but I checked both cards and we don't.  I'm not sure if that was triggered by the fact that I already had my Amex set up as a payment option in my Amazon account so I deleted it and we'll see if that triggers the offer... however, I think Amazon just disables the cards instead of actually deleting the data (the wording on the confirmation message that popped up makes me think that).  I really wish we had that offer, dang it!

Did you have any frugal successes or failures today? Please do tell!

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  1. One of my resolutions was to make sure that I kept up with my pictures and I totally haven't :) Made me smile when I read that!!!


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