Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Today's Frugal Failures and Successes: Wednesday 4/22/15

I totally borrowed the graphic from the AceHardware EarthDay e-newsletter, sorry AceHardware! It just looks so pretty! is having a sale today, btw. Check out their website for details. (or your emails)

  • Happy Earth Day!  I'm not doing anything special today since I'm stuck at home with the window installation.  I'll be celebrating the Earth by staying inside the house instead of enjoying my back patio (several windows being replaced border the patio).  Update: actually, it just occurred to me that I have yet to plant my 2 nectarine trees so I might do that today!

  • So today was day 3 and Final Day of the Window Installation Project.  The crew manager was telling me yesterday that he hoped he could have 4 workers total today, which would speed up the process and ensure they're done in time, but they only had 3. They had 10 windows to install today and they were done by 2:30 p.m.!  The windows look wonderful! Now we have to wait for the city inspector to come by and give us the all-clear to reinstall the mini-blinds and take off the huge stickers on each window. I hope it happens pretty soon, the stickers are driving me batty already.

  • My daughter drove herself to school, saving us money (one fewer round-trip) and time.

  • I packed leftovers for Greg to take to work.

  • Our son packed a lunch for school.

  • I used a free sample of Nesquik chocolate powder in my morning Gevalia coffee to make myself some mocha coffee. The sample pack is quite large so it lasted for several cups.  I have more samples too. I'm glad to have found a use for them since they've been in my pantry for several months and the kids have shown zero interest in using them.

  • We finished a gallon of milk. I was going to recycle the jug but as I thought of the word "jug", it occurred to me that I could upcycled it to store some rainwater as we are really well stocked on cat litter that came in cardboard boxes so I probably won't be buying cat litter in jugs for quite a bit of time.

  • I reused rainwater to water my bean/squash plot since it didn't rain yesterday. The other potted and in-ground plants seem to be doing OK.  I have a lot more squash plants growing than I thought and they're all flowering, although 99.9% of the flowers aren't the kind that will turn into a squash.  I could cook them, I've seen recipes for squash flowers before, but I just enjoy their color in the garden.

  • I reused water from the shower to flush the toilet and then from the other shower to fill up the toilet tank since, for some reason, it didn't look like it was refilling.

  • I emptied the countertop composting bin into the larger bin outside and reused paper scraps from when I clip the coupons that I print to pad the bottom of the countertop bin. It adds needed "browns" and keep the bottom of the bin from becoming too cruddy.

  • I found the fix to my coupon printing problem with Chrome 42!  I can even print the Earthbound Farm coupons now :)  I printed most of the coupons I hadn't been able to print, although I did miss out on some several "limited edition" ones :(  I also applied the fix to my son's computer and was able to print more coupons from his PC. I guess that's not "earth-friendly" but it saves me money.
    Target Customer Service replied to my email about not being able to print the coupons with the usual "make sure you reinstall the Catalina printer" message so I sent them the real solution and asked them to post it on their website. I'm sure they won't but I tried.

  • Swagbucks credited me with 78 swagbucks from a January purchase I had at HotTopic although their credit date is 02/02?  Better late than never..,

  • For lunch, I ate the 2 leftover hot dogs from Sunday.

  • I requested a sample of Allegra allergy medicine via a link emailed to me by PinchMe.

  • I earned my daily maximum of credits for Bing Rewards (the PC searches are quick but the mobile searches tend to take me longer because of my fat fingers keeping on hitting the wrong keys and links!), I'm at 89% of my goal. It's really slow going... but, hey, $5 in free merchandise isn't anything to sneeze at!

  • Swagbucks sent me the $25 Amazon gift card I ordered yesterday. That was super quick!

  • Our library system has a partnership with Zinio so we can read online magazines for free.  They just announced that 51 more titles were added to the line-up! "Lake County Library System has added new magazines for patrons to download free with a library card! Zinio is now easier to use with a more streamlined service to access over 51 publications. New titles include: Allrecipes, American Patchwork & Quilting, Better Homes and Gardens, Family Fun, HGTV Magazine, National Geographic Traveler Interactive, Natural Health, OK! Magazine, Parents, PC Gamer, Runner’s World, Seventeen, TVGuide, Vanidades USA, WIRED, andWriter's Digest."

  • My daughter bought lunch from school today.  She was up late studying for an AP exam so I allowed her to buy lunch and also I let her off the hook with last night's dishes.

  • We bought 2 sodapalooza cups from Racetrac at $7.99 each.  The kids will be able to get free refills on soft drinks and frozen drinks through 7/31.  There's a Racetrac close to our house so my daughter can go there on the way to and from school every day and my son could easily walk there from his school too.  I didn't realize that goodies came into the cup!  We got lots of coupons, some of them for free items!

  • I was too tired to cook after moving most of the furniture back in place now that the windows have been replaced and then my middle son came for an impromptu visit right as I was supposed to be cooking... The kids and Greg voted for Subway so my daughter went to pick them up subs (my son drove her so we didn't spend any gas).  She had him stop by Racetrac so she could get a free refill with her Sodapalooza cup.
Did you have any frugal successes or failures today? Please do tell!

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