Saturday, April 25, 2015

Today's Frugal Failures and Successes

  • Oops, I forgot to schedule the actual posting time for this post so some of you might have read it while it was an early draft since Blogger published it instead of just saving it as a draft.

  • Happy Saturday!  As I'm typing this it's 8:15 a.m., Greg and I are on our back patio enjoying our morning coffee and tea (well, each of us on our electronic devices, such goes the world nowadays!) and the birds are chirping.  Greg's about to do some painting on the outside of the house and in a little bit I'll go weed out the rest of the berm so we can re-mulch it.

  • I had forgotten that I needed to watch that DVD of "Elementary" this weekend since it's due next week and can't be renewed.  Actually there are 2 DVDs in there and I think there are 5 episodes per DVD... which means I have a lot of TV watching to do!  I started watching the pilot last night but I promptly fell asleep halfway through.  So I might not be very productive this weekend.

  • My daughter is attending an AP World History exam preparation seminar this afternoon.  It's free and offered by the local high schools. Our county actually has one of the highest percentages of students who take and pass AP exams.  Kind of mind-boggling since our schools aren't the best and kind of overfunded.  She's also taking the PERT Test at the end of May.  If she passes, she will be able to dual enroll at the local state college this Fall, in her Junior year and will take 2 classes for free.  If she does well in them, she can then take 11 credits per year, I believe, for free.  I wish my older boys had been that motivated at her age. Hopefully my youngest will be. Boys are sure different.

  • I told her that she wouldn't have to pay for her portion of the June car insurance since we will be gone most of the month and she's not allowed to drive in France, so she doesn't need to do the dishes at night in May.  This works out well since she has several competitions and exams to study for.  May is her busiest month.

  • The outdoor digital antenna came in.  Greg said he would install it tomorrow.

  • I was reading a log and was reminded of a book that I think it might have already read, but I'm not sure so I put it on hold at the library: "America's Cheapest Family Has You Right on the Money" by the Economides family. Even if I read it, it was more than 5 years ago so a refresher might be helpful. I draw a lot of inspiration from people who write books or blogs about how they save money.

  • Greg and I wanted to go check out a paint promotion at Ace Hardware to see if they had the paint we needed and if we could use the $5/1 gallon coupons I had gotten.  We decided to run a couple of errands at the same time: we needed bread so we stopped by Publix and got a loaf of bread and the canister of Morton salt which was the SavingStar freebie of the weekend.  At Ace Hardware, we got our BBQ propane tank refilled and bought 2 rolls of landscaping fabric since I had run out of it for the berm.  Thankfully it was still on sale for $4.99 a 50-ft roll instead of $10.99, so we saved $12. Woohoo! The paint that was on sale was ineligible for the coupons I had so we didn't buy any. Also, I looked at the lettuce seeds that they had but since they weren't on clearance, I didn't buy any. I'll check Dollar Tree on Wednesday.

  • On the way home, we stopped by Racetrac so I could get a Sodapalooza frozen drink refill for our son and also redeem a survey reward code for a free large coffee for my breakfast tomorrow morning.

  • Back home, we moved our furniture around in the living room for a 2-week experiment. This didn't cost us anything and the living room hasn't changed too much. Yet, we gained some open space too!

  • My daughter got a free refill on her Sodapalooza drink on her way home from her seminar.

  • Our son had leftovers for lunch.  We made ourselves sandwiches and topped them with some of my recently made zesty pickles.  They were great!

  • Our rain chance went from 40% to 0% so I reused rainwater collected in the bins to water my garden and potted plants.  I also refilled the tomato self-watering bins with the hose, since the water level had dropped a lot again.

  • I earned the maximum credits for Bing Rewards today so I was able to order a $5 Amazon gift card (which I got instantaneously!). I'm now working towards the goal of having at least 750 lifetime credits so I can order the gift cards for 10% off in the future!

  • Dinner was meatball subs that we ate in front of the TV since we held Family Movie Night.  We watched "Maleficent" on a DVD that I got from the library.  The meatball subs were made with Target italian-style meatballs that I had bought several months ago, 4 sub rolls that I had gotten at a great discount from Publix during their Italian Days promo in February, some marinara sauce that I got for free from Target last month and the remains of shredded cheese that I had in the fridge.
But after about 1/3 of the movie, it was apparent that those of us who hadn't seen the movie before (i.e. everyone but my daughter) absolutely HATED it so we turned it off. I resumed watching "Elementary".

  • Nothing today.

  • We didn't have any failures today. Yay!

Did you have any frugal successes or failures today? Please do tell!

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