Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Today's Frugal Failures and Successes: Wednesday 4/8/15

  • Today was my shopping day so I dropped off my daughter at school and picked her up afterwards. She borrowed my car in the afternoon to go to her volunteering activity.

  • I packed leftovers for Greg to take to work. Our kids packed their lunches to take to school.

  • Our son walked to the library and back and attended his free weekly teen program over there. He's still enjoying it very much.

  • I brought my home-brewed coffee along on my shopping trip in the travel cup that Greg got for free from the conference he attended a couple of weeks ago. It does a great job at keeping my coffee hot while I shop!

  • Save A Lot still had the grapes on special for $0.50 per pound. Woot!  I bought 5 more pounds of it.  They didn't have any milk on clearance though. Oh well.

  • I stopped by Racetrac in Clermont where gas was $0.10 a gallon cheaper than at the Racetrac closer to my house. I got 1/4 tank just to see what the new survey reward is and it's... a free any size coffee.  I guess I'll be drinking free flavored coffee this month :)

  • I went to Kohl's to spend my $15 in bonus money (Kohl's cash and Yes2You Rewards) and spotted a skirt that I really liked for just $16.99 as soon as I walked into the store... unfortunately, they didn't have my size :( However, I did find another skirt that I really liked although it was more expensive. Since I rarely buy clothes for myself these days, I decided to splurge.  We'll be attending my brother's wedding and a concert as well when we're in France and I can wear that skirt with one of my black T-shirt and black flats.  I'm actually excited about it :)

  • I used a coupon at Dollar Tree for the first time today!  I bought 2 packages of Hormel pepperoni and used a printable $1.00/2 coupon without any problems. I looked at their frozen food section to see what brand names they have so I can start saving those coupons too from now on (Picsweet frozen veggies, State Fair corn dogs, Bar S bologna and franks).

  • I got a better deal on ink for my inkjet printer than I expected, at Staples and was able to redeem my Staples Rewards as well.  I was thinking that it would also enable me to receive ink rewards for another 6 months, but I had forgotten that I needed to spend $30 in ink in order to qualify. I didn't.

  • My favorite errands took place downtown Clermont because I was able to park and walk to my eye doctor to get my glasses tightened for free (and I also made my yearly appointment for the summer), walk to our dentist to pick up the prescription that I needed for IRS records re: our FSA account, and walk to the thrift store to drop off the pet coupons that I was donating and buy some great deals :)  Since all the other stores are located a few miles from one another, it was nice to just park in one spot and walk to all those places.

  • I bought several meats and cheese from the deli counter at Publix and each time I was offered a sample. Only, instead of just giving me a little bit, they gave me a whole bunch of it each time :)  So I had lunch, part 1 at Publix's deli counter :)

  • When I got home, I made myself a sandwich with some of the turkey pastrami that I gotten for free at Publix, 2 slices of rye bread (bought on 50% off clearance at Save A Lot a few weeks ago) and homemade refrigerator zesty pickles. Delicious and very inexpensive.

  • I took the survey on my Racetrac receipt and earned a reward code for a free coffee, any size.

  • I made Chorizo-White Bean Stew for dinner and served it on white rice, accompanied by homemade corn bread.  The stew was delicious and really cheap: I found a 10 oz "link" of beef chorizo for just $1.69 at Save A Lot and since it didn't have a casing, that made it very easy to cook.  The can of cannellini beans was $0.65 at Aldi. I used a can of stewed tomatoes that I already had and pureed it in the food processor. I cut up 2 jalapeƱos that I harvested from my garden last week.  The onion came from a 3-lb bag bought for $0.89 at Aldi (diced and frozen) and I buy my minced garlic at Dollar Tree (1 jar = $1). The recipe made 6 servings so I still have enough for Greg and my lunches tomorrow!

  • I earned 100 KFR points by entering bonus code GREATTOBEAMEMBER in my Kellogg's Family Rewards account.
  • I saw a rack at the thrift store that I was sure would fit my oven, even though I didn't have the dimensions that I needed... so I bought it for $1.00. Unfortunately, it is too wide for my oven so I can't use it at all... and the thrift store doesn't do returns.  Grrr. I wasted a dollar!  I should have just gone home and measured the oven first. I am doing this as soon as I'm done with this paragraph and putting the dimensions on my thrift store wishlist in my phone. Thankfully, I do keep  a small tape measurer in my purse.

  • I'm starting to think that I might need to spring for a newer phone at some point in the not too distant future because not only can I not use the newer apps that were developed for newer operating systems (like the new CVS app... no $3 ECB credit for me!) or I have had to delete apps that no longer support my version of iOS (7-11, Ibotta...).  The thing is... my phone works great!  But the day I can no longer use my bank's app or Target Cartwheel might be the day I decide to upgrade my device!

Did you have any frugal successes or failures today? Please do tell!


  1. Oven racks are great for cooking over campfires! Do you camp?

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, I appreciate it! I used to camp with the kids, every month, when they were younger (there was a group of us doing us, we had so much fun!) but we no longer do. My husband does try to go camping with our son once a year so I'll ask if that's something he wants to keep for that purpose! If not, i'll just re-donate it to the same thrift store.


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