Monday, May 4, 2015

My Daily Freebies: Monday 5/4/15

Here is what I got/found for free today!

  • Redbox emailed me a code for a R1G1F DVD.  People have reported (I have still to test this assertion!) that you can just rent 1 movie for free with those codes.

  • They also emailed me (at a different address, not sure how I have 2 separate addresses registered with Redbox?!) a code for a free DVD rental, straight up (although the small print states that I have to have another DVD in my cart at the time?! Go home, Redbox, you're drunk.).

  • The Racetrac Insider freebie for May is... (drum roll!) a small cup of coffee!  I get the large ones for free with the codes from the surveys on their receipts and I also have 2 coupons for free coffees from the Sodapalooza cups, so I probably won't redeem that one. You need to be a Racetrac Insider member and print the coupon or show it on your phone to get the free small coffee.

  • An orange from our hotel's reception area. I will use it in a dinner recipe later on this week.

  • I earned a free 20-oz Coca Cola product from Target by redeeming 50 MyCokeRewards points.

  • A copy of USA Today from my hotel.

  • 2 cookies from our hotel (they offer complimentary fruit in the morning and complimentary cookies at night).

  • I had frequent flyer miles with Air France's Flying Blue program that were going to expire in August so I redeemed most of them for a free hand-held luggage scale. This will come in handy to weigh my and the kids' luggage before each flight we take this summer, so as to avoid excess luggage fees.

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