Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Today's Frugal Failures and Successes: Tuesday 5/5/15

  • Well, the Award Ceremony took place. It was very long (2.5 hours) and our category ended up being announced last... and my daughter didn't make it to the top 3.  She was a little disappointed because she is very competitive, but we knew that she wouldn't have been able to make it to the National Competition in Washington, D.C. in June anyway so that tempered her disappointment.  Am I glad we went to Tallahassee?  Well it was a lovely time with my daughter but it was a big expense (ado) about not much.  Her interview ended up being only 8 minutes long and the rest of the time was us waiting around for the results.  I think this should have been organized much differently, and certainly over a weekend when kids and teachers weren't taking AP exams which precluded them from attending the ceremony. Many winners weren't present today.  Also, people in the Tallahassee area were really, really nice, everywhere we went. It was a very friendly place. I called it "The Maine of Florida" because when I went to Maine, I could get over how nice everyone was.

  • Greg drove to work today but his building lost power in the late morning. After 90 minutes of continuous loss of power, they just told everyone to go home so he was home by 1 p.m. and worked from home after that. He's going to work from home 2 days this week as well.

  • I have gotten bored with "Elementary" and probably won't be finishing Season 2. I also realized that I missed about 1/2 of the first season since the library had only sent me 2 of the DVDs when I thought they had sent me the whole 1st season! Anyhoo, I find myself completely tuning out the show. so much that I keep having to rewind and rewatch segments several times. Also, being under the gun to watch 6 DVDs by Saturday is annoying me.  I like watching things at a more leisurely pace.

  • We had breakfast in our hotel room: cereal and milk that we had brought from home (and Special K bought at Walgreens for $0.99/box).

  • On the way out, we picked 2 complimentary apples from the reception desk.

  • We also brought home the bottles of shampoo and conditioner that my daughter had used but not finished. I brought home the 2 small bars of soap that we had used but not finished, as well as a shower cap (for covering leftovers) and a small bottle of body lotion.  Oh and 2 tea bags for Greg :)  

  • We brought back all of our produce peels/cores to compost them at home, as well as all the plastic, paper and foam containers from our meals and snacks to recycle them at home.

  • I was able to order 4 different samples from PinchMe this month!

  • I earned my daily maximum credits from Bing Rewards.  Now at 65% toward a $5 Amazon gift card :)

  • On the Swagbucks side, I'm up to 979 SB as of 8:30 p.m. tonight.  I just received 90 SB as my April Daily Meter bonus, which isn't bad.  I need to try to hit my daily goal more often! It's kind of hard when I don't want to sign up for things that will generate a lot of spam and I get rejected for a lot of surveys.

  • I entered the code from the box of Special K that I bought in Tallahassee into Kellogg's Family Rewards and earned 80 KFR points. Later on, I entered bonus code KFRFIESTA4POINTS and earned 50 bonus KFR points.

  • I harvested 2 Roma tomatoes, 2 grape tomatoes, a bowl of Parris Island lettuce and a few greens beans.  The tomatoes will finish ripening on my counter, we had the lettuce for dinner, I put the green beans in the fridge.

  • Dinner at home was tuna patties made with the Starkist tuna pouches that had been in my pantry for several months, homemade bread crumbs and some cheese that I had shredded in our food processor before leaving on Sunday.  I served it with white rice that I cooked in the microwave and a fresh salad made with lettuce from the garden, the rest of the grape tomatoes I bought at Aldi a couple of weeks ago, some cucumber slices and some organic Caesar croutons. I also whipped up a new jar of my homemade Dijon mustard vinaigrette.  We have some rice and salad left over for tomorrow's lunch.

  • I submitted a review of our Tallahassee hotel on Orbitz.com and earned a 15% discount on a future 2-night reservation. It would need to be booked by 6/30, though so I doubt we will use it.

  • Lunch: we stopped at Subway on the way home. I ordered the 6" meal for $6 and gave the drink and chips to my daughter, who in turn ordered a foot-long sandwich. I drank water that I had in the car, though.

  • We didn't have any failures today!

Did you have any frugal successes or failures today? Please do tell!

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