Friday, July 31, 2015

Food Waste Friday: 7/31/15

  • This chagrined me to say... but I threw away the rest of the bag of cherries that I had bought on manager special at Save A Lot.  I waited way too long to do anything with them and they went bad.  So I composted them.

    • I bought grapes at Target last Friday (on sale @ $0.99/lb and I was supposed to get 20% back from SavingStar) but they were too green so I first left them on the table to ripen. Then I left them out so my son and his GF might snack on them. Well, no one did and when I went to get some today, I realized than most of the bag had rotten. Rotten!  Arrgh. I picked through the grapes and ate those that were OK but I had to compost the rest.

    • I had to compost several jalapeƱos that I had harvested last week because I had left them on my countertop (so I wouldn't forget about them) and they spoiled :(

    • I also composted a salad bowl-ful of watermelon cubes (from 3 weeks ago!) that had turned.

      • About a cup of grapes that I rescued from the rotten ones.  I ate them as dessert for my lunch that day.

      I'd love to hear how YOU did this week! Feel free to post links back to your own Food Waste Friday posts in the comments.

      This post was inspired by Kristen at The Frugal Girl, who has been blogging about her food waste since 2008!

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