Sunday, August 2, 2015

Daily Frugal Failures and Successes: Sunday 8/2/15

  • Happy Sunday!  I don't know what weather is predicted in your neck of the woods but for us it's rain, rain, and more rain. But I'm not complaining because it hasn't rained yet (10 a.m.) so Greg is mowing our lawn... and also it's only 77 right now. Woohoo!  The AC isn't even running. Double woohoo!

  • The downside of printing coupons is that you have to clip and sort them... and because it's the beginning of a new month, that means that I also have to purge my coupon organizer of expired coupons.  I'll probably do that while watching some mindless TV shows from Amazon Prime... Cheers? Yeah, probably.

  • I did attempt to read my 2nd library book thriller yesterday but within 2 pages I had already decided that I didn't like the author's style.  I should try and start reading the "Sewing for Dummies" book today. I did drive by the downtown Clermont sewing store last week and it is still open.  Maybe this week I'll stop by and see if they offer any beginning sewing classes.

  • Greg, our son and I played Dungeons and Dragons for an hour and a half tonight. Yay for family time!

  • Sunday mornings mean printing coupons around these parts :) I printed coupons and clipped digital coupons from my regular sources, shot off an email to Target's customer service letting them know how much I dislike their new coupon website (they've merged it with and now it takes so long to go through everything just to find the Target store coupons. I suggested they add a "Target Store coupons" filter to their site).

  • The first Sunday morning of the month also means that I needed to purge my coupon organizer of expired coupons, which I did.   However, I'll have to do it again next weekend as a lot of the coupons that I had printed after I came back from France will be expiring next Sunday. Oops.

  • I earned my daily Bing Rewards credits and tried to take some Swagbucks surveys... to no avail.  I was particularly aggravated by the fact that I qualified for one survey, spent 10 minutes taking the darn survey, only to be told, after I had completed the generic demographic sorting questions at the very end, that I didn't qualify!  This is happening more and more. So I sent a complaint to Swagbucks. Usually they're very good about crediting me with the SB but this time I didn't even pay attention to how many SB I was supposed to earn and you can't even look it up because as soon as you click on the survey offer, it disappears from your screen! I doubt that I'll meet my Daily Goal today as now it starts at 90 SB/day and without surveys, it's harder to reach that threshold unless I babysit my laptop all day long. But I'll try anyway. Update: Swagbucks credited me with 48 SB for the survey :) I did end up reaching my 2nd daily goal (190 SB!) but barely.

  • Greg mowed our lawn, which saves us from hiring a landscaping crew :)

  • He was complaining last night that he was cold in our living room so I upped the AC to 76 today. We'll see if it's too warm for us upstairs tonight.

  • I reused water collected in the shower to flush the toilet.

  • Greg had the leftover chips from last night's dinner for lunch today, along with a sandwich.  Our on had a corn dog.  That sounded good so I had a corn dog, some steamed asparagus, a caprese salad, and a banana. Oh and Greg made me a cup of caramel tea by using our electric kettle. Did I mention that we really like it?  I was researching that model yesterday and as far as I can tell, it was built before 2002!  I love reusing appliances that might have gone to the dump otherwise :)

  • I harvested some basil from the garden for my caprese salad.

  •  I also found free tile sets that I printed since the newer version (keep on reading!) didn't come with any. I'm visual.  Imagination is all well and nice, but I need to be able to see where I'm going on the table in front of me, just not in my mind :)

  • I gassed up Greg's truck at Racetrac in Clermont and paid $2.33/gallon, which is 9 cents per gallon cheaper than at the station in town. I also got a free coffee with one of my Sodapalooza coupons (I put it in the fridge for tomorrow morning), and got a receipt with which I will get a free cookie once I answer the survey. 

  • I just took the Racetrac survey and realized that this time the freebie isn't a cookie but a free roller grill item.  I think I like the cookies better, but free is free :)

  • I submitted a $0.25 rebate for the bananas that I bought at Aldi today to Checkout 51.

  • For dinner I used the lean ground beef that I had cooked last night and some homemade taco seasoning to make burritos.  We used tortillas that had been in my fridge since before my trip to France, some shredded lettuce, light sour cream, and green salsa.  I had gotten Monterey Jack and Mild Cheddar at Aldi this afternoon so I shredded them together to make "Mexican-style" cheese.  I also warmed up a can of fat free refried beans (a favorite of my son's) and served that as a side.  I had enough leftovers to make 1 burrito for Greg's lunch tomorrow and will still have some ground beef to top a baked potato.

  • Gas... snacks.... and a dragon!  My son and I took Greg's truck into Clermont because we wanted to check out a couple of gamers' stores for D&D stuff.  We gassed his truck, got D&D info at one store and bought a couple of dice that we were missing from our set, then went to another store and ended up buying the 5th edition of the basic game set so we could play the most current version (I'd like my son to join events, the kid needs more socialization!).  Then we went to Aldi to pick up a couple of things that we needed and I bought way too many snacks because I was hungry, lol.  Our last stop was at Michaels'... we lost our dragon miniature in our original D&D game, so we bought a dragon there. It's beautiful but it cost $20 (ugh). I used a 50% coupon though, so we "only" paid $10 for it. This is why I'm frugal in other areas... and my son didn't ask me for any souvenirs when we were in France, so I'm over compensating now!

  • Ink... I printed some Dungeons and Dragons Tile Sets that I had downloaded for free.

  • I paid $19.99 plus tax for the Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition Basic Game Kit at our local gaming store... later on I saw it on Amazon for just over $12.  Arrgh. To redeem myself, I will buy the books for the advanced levels on Amazon with the Swagbucks gift cards that I'm earning.

  • The cat laser toy  (I picked it up from Walmart today since we were in town), held absolutely no interest for our cats.  They're too lazy. $20 down the drain. Last minute update!  The cats "woke up" at 10 p.m. and at least our male cat seems to be enjoying it. The female just looks at it but doesn't budge. So this is only half a failure (she's the one who needs exercise the most!).

  • Our son's computer crashed today. It's an older computer that Greg had built for gaming and that he had passed down to him when he had gotten a better one for himself.  It looks like we might have to replace it.  We researched gaming PCs tonight but before deciding to spend $600+ on a "new" PC (actually an older model), Greg decided to sleep on it.  He might try to reinstall Windows 7 on the current PC, although he'd had to do that several times before.

Did you have any frugal successes or failures today? Please do tell!

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