Sunday, August 30, 2015


Do I drive to Winn Dixie to take advantage of the $2/lb pork loin 3-day sale (today through Tuesday only and I only have access to my SUV or Greg's truck today...) OR do I skip the sale and add a "No Drive Day" to my 2015 tally?

Cons of going today:

1) It's a good sale but the loin has been $2.29/lb at Aldi so not an incredible sale.

2) Winn Dixie is about 10-15 minutes away from here. I drive a gas-guzzler. It'll cost me about a gallon of gas for the round-trip, which means about $2.14 expense.

Pros of going today:

1) I save $0.30/lb on pork loin, something that I do need to stock up on.

2) I could stop by Save A Lot too and get more $0.99/lb grapes before the sale ends on Tuesday AND try to score more free cardboard boxes, which I need for my gardening project.

Other possibilities:

1) I think my teen daughter is driving to the college tomorrow, and if so she could stop by Winn Dixie for me (on the way) and practice finding the correct cut of meat, using my Winn Dixie card to get the discount AND paying with our shared credit card... I'd have to make sure she packs it into one of the cooler bags that I keep in the car since then she'd be at the college for 90 minutes?  Also, I could ask her to see if there are cardboard boxes available in front of the Winn Dixie Liquor store right next door (they usually pile them up in front of the store on Monday mornings and they're free for the taking).  But I'm not sure if she would have time to do this before her lab and I don't want to go there when it's dark because I don't feel that it's the safest part of town for a teen girl to be after dark. With my car. She definitely wouldn't have time to go to Save A Lot too. So no grapes and no extra boxes?

2) Or I could ask my middle son, who I think is off tomorrow and planning on going shopping in Clermont with his GF, to stop by the Winn Dixie liquor store to see if they have free cardboard boxes  But, he's not all that reliable.

Hmmm, I think I'm talking myself into driving there myself today... I can't do all my shopping today since my fridge is still kind of full and I wanted to go on Wednesday to take advantage of the new Aldi deals anyway. Plus I haven't worked on my menu for the week yet so if I go before doing that, I might need to go out again on Wednesday anyway. If I went today and scored more cardboard boxes, I could finish my mulching gardening project before the end of the week, possibly.  Argh, I can't make up my mind! 


  1. Here are my thoughts...But remember, I still consider myself a frugal "newbie" and tend to makes mistakes...
    I wouldn't have the kids do it - I would say no to your daughter solely on the fact that the pork would be sitting in a car for 90 minutes in the Florida heat -- even in a cooler, I wouldn't risk it. But, I'm kinda crazy when it comes to food safety. As for your son, I would be worried that he wouldn't pick up the correct amount/cut/etc. No offense to him - It's a "guy" thing. LOL
    Now, if you are planning on stocking up on a good amount AND you are throwing the other store in to grab the grapes PLUS the possibility of scoring more free boxes for mulching...I think that's a smart plan! Maybe there's another way to cut driving down somewhere this week?
    Just my thoughts...I am not a professional at this frugal thing! Haha =)

    1. Good thinking, thanks! I'm not as much of a food safety stickler (my grocery shopping trips last at least 3 hours each week although I tend to get most of my stuff at Aldi and that's usually near the end of my trip) so I'm not too worried about the pork loin being in the car while she's at her lab, although it IS definitely a tick in the "pro" column as far as me going to get it today instead of having her do it.

      You're absolutely right about my son, LOL, although I'm more worried about him not "remembering" to stop by at all. It'd just be one more thing to have to track tomorrow... although since I wouldn't drive tomorrow at all, I wouldn't be "out" of anything if he didn't go (I think I might ask him to stop by anyway) and they won't have them out today anyway.

      No, going today definitely won't save me any driving this week... I still have to drive on Wednesday anyway since my son has a dr's appointment in Clermont that afternoon. I could try to consolidate the Dr's appointment with my shopping trip so I don't go out twice, but honestly, I don't feel like dragging him to about 10 stores after he's had a shot AND it'll be the end of the day so the stores will be packed.

      But I hear ya and appreciate you helping to convince me to go out today, TrayceeBee, lol :) Thanks for the input!

    2. Wow... I just checked the regular Winn Dixie ad as well (might as well maximize my gas usage!) and there are some great deals on other meats as well so I guess I'm definitely going AND stocking up: $0.45/lb for chicken leg quarters, $1.45/lb for bone in chicken breasts, $3.95/lb for pork tenderloin (on the fence about that one because I've gotten it as low as $2.99/lb in the past but that was over a year ago...) and some other things too. I'm gonna need to cram a lot of meat into my already kind of full freezer or eat a lot of pork and chicken this week, lol.

  2. I think you made the right decision to go. I would have gone but then that could be why I am over budget for the hast three weeks and you are $200 under. Sorry still in awe of that. Ha ha. Hope you get lots of bargains xx


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