Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Failures and Successes: Wednesday 8/5/14

  • Practically no rain in the forecast today, what a change!  The AC is running though because we lowered the temperature. Greg was too hot at 75 (I think he'd the one having hot flashes now!) and we have guests upstairs.

  • I read through the Dungeons and Dragons For Dummies book last night. It's a lot to take in! I want to be able to keep on playing with my son and Greg, but at the same time, a big part of me was thinking "Sigh... all this... for a board game?!".

  • Today was my Grocery Shopping Day. I wasn't planning on buying much but then I ran into some great sales... so I didn't resist them :)

  • I guess I was cranky today... at the CVS checkout, I was having some problems with coupons but my favorite cashier was handling it.  She was trying to explain to me how to go about it but there was someone in line behind me so I asked her to just void the whole thing, take out the problematic items (I wasn't going to buy them after all if I couldn't use the coupons) and start over. I wasn't buying a lot of things so it wasn't a huge hold-up.  Well, the old lady behind me (for whom I was rushing the cashier!) let a HUGE sigh when she heard me ask her to void the transaction and then demanded that I let her check out ahead of me.  That really ticked me off so I said "No, I'm in a rush too!". She wasn't happy and kept on muttering behind me. I didn't care.  Then, as I was leaving, I heard the cashier tell her that she couldn't redeem the ECBs that she was trying to redeem because they didn't correspond to the ExtraCare card she had presented.  LOL. She was trying to scam CVS and was annoying at me for holding up her line an extra minute?  People are incredible.

  • The coupons that I was having a problem with were the manufacturer Tena coupons with the CVS logo on them that you can print from  I was buying 4 packs of Tena pads on BOGO and wanted to use (4)  of those $2.00 off manufacturer coupons and a 30% off personal items CVS offer that they had emailed me.  For some reason, the cashier was insisting that she would have had to ring each pack separately (?), resulting in 4 additional transactions. Whaaaat?  You see why I didn't want her to spend time explaining it to me while other people were in line? It just doesn't make sense.  So I just didn't buy the pads.  Btw, I'm not incontinent!  I just buy those pads instead of feminine pads when the deal is good. They work just fine as feminine pads.

  • Greg has a business lunch today: free food for him!

  • I worked on my Bing Rewards credits for the day and on my Swagbucks too. Due to having to leave the house for my shopping expedition, my earning rate will be slower and I don't anticipate hitting my 2nd Daily Goal today. I just hope I make the first one, though. It's up to 100 SB now. Update: I did reach my first Daily Goal at 4:45 p.m. but I had to laugh at my second one: 270 SB?!  Not only I qualify for several surveys!  

  • I ate breakfast before going on my shopping expedition and brought a drink and snack along.  

  • Even though my car was almost gassed up, I stopped by Racetrac in Clermont and topped it off anyway. It only cost me $6 and I got another receipt with which I will earn a free roller grill item for taking the survey :)

  • Laziness can be good (like when I don't go anywhere and don't spend anything!) but also bad: I didn't bring my coupon organizer into Dollar Tree today. I was just looking for the Orowheat bread that I had seen there before because I had (2) $1.00 off coupons so I only brought those in with me. However, I spotted these packs of Dial Basics soap... for $1.00 each, of course. I had $2.00/2 coupons in my car but I didn't feel like going back out to get them (it was hot and humid!). I used one of the coupons at CVS to get the regular Dial bar soap for $1.00 a pack later in the morning.  The good news is that I still have one of those coupons and there were a lot of those packs of Dial Basics soap at my store, so I will stop by next week and see if they let me use the coupon (they should. there aren't any restrictions on it). I found the coupon on, if you're interested.

  • I combined a BOGO coupon and a $5 Reward to get 2 free air filters at Ace Hardware, woohoo!

  • I stopped by the South Lake Animal League Thrift Store and dropped off the boogie boards that I fished out of the trash yesterday and they put them on the floor immediately for $2.00 each.  I also gave them 2 big envelopes of pet coupons.  I didn't find any of the items on my wishlist, but I did buy several kitchen items for my middle son's apartment since he's moving in next month. He still hasn't given me a list of what he needs, but I do know that he'll need kitchen stuff!

  • My son and his GF didn't have lunch at home, I don't think.  Fewer expenses for me :) My youngest son had a corn dog and some grapes.

  • No cakes for us at snack time today!  I gave my son the extra large chocolate cookie that I got for free from Racetrac and I made myself a PBJ.

  • Discover sent me some coupons for Michael's in the mail.

  • I got my first boxes of Kellogg's cereals without any codes so I had to upload my receipt to their site.  I don't like not getting the points right away, it's yet something else I need to keep track of now :(  On the plus side, I saw that they have a 100 point bonus on each box of Mini Wheats until March 2016, so I should earn 180 points per box, I think. I bought 2 boxes today.

  • I took the survey on my Dunkin' Donuts receipt and received a code for a free doughnut the next time I buy a medium or larger beverage.

  • I took the survey on my Racetrac receipt and received a code for a free roller grill item.

  • Dinner was the extra large cheese pizza that I got at Aldi ($4.99).  I love that I can top it with whatever we want.  I cut it into slices in advance with my kitchen shears and tonight I topped half with pepperoni, made a couple of ham and pineapple slices for my son (leftover ham from the fridge, some pineapple tidbits from a small can bought several months ago) and I fixed a slice of pineapple and jalapeƱo with a pepper from my garden, for myself :) I also made a side salad with the last Romaine heart in my fridge, some grape tomatoes, and croutons.  The dressing was homemade.

  • Home Depot's Garden Club emailed me a $5/$50 coupon. I always print those, although I rarely use them.

  • I requested a free sample pack of Keurig K-cups.  I'm thinking I should be able to use those in my French press... aaand I just spent 5 and a half minutes watching a YouTube video showing me how to use a K-cup in a French press... save yourself the time: you use it just like regular coffee but you press the plunger very slowly.

  • I stopped by Dunkin' Donuts to see about a freebie. I needed to buy something to qualify for the freebie so I got an everything bagel and cream cheese for just $1.29 thanks to a coupon in my DD app... and then treated myself to a free iced coffee.  This ended up being my lunch.

  • Target had some deals that I wasn't planning on buying but I did anyway... one of them was "buy 5 General Mills kid cereals and get a $5 Target gift card".  There was a 10% Cartwheel offer off General Mills cereals and I also had coupons. So I bought my 5 boxes and got my $5 gift card. However, when I got home, I realized that they had only taken off the Cartwheel off ONE of the boxes when it should have come off 4 of the boxes.  So they shorted me $0.75.  The rule is that you have to go back to Customer Service within 3 days to get a refund.  I called them and explained that I couldn't make it back until next Wednesday so the rep gave me her name and told me to ask for her next week and I also gave her my name. I also asked her to look into why the Cartwheel wasn't applied properly so other customers don't have that problem.

  • When I broke down my Aldi receipt into food categories to input it into YouNeedABudget, I realized that I was overcharged: I was charged for 11 yogurts when in fact I only bought 10. I know that I did because I get them off the shelf 2 by 2.  Grrr. So now I have to start counting the cups of yogurt that they charge me before I leave the store too? There aren't enough hours in the day!

  • It looks like the librarian who was really liked by the teens and ran the weekly teen program my son attended has left :( Both my son and I are really disappointed, especially since it doesn't look like anything else is in place to continue or replace the program.

Did you have any frugal successes or failures today? Please do tell!

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