Friday, August 28, 2015

Food Waste Friday: 8/28/15

  • Last week I had salvaged a bunch of yellow squash that I had defrosted but not used in my cooking by making chocolate squash bread.  This week, I had to throw away half of the last loaf because it somehow was very undercooked and since it had sat on the kitchen table for a few days and contained eggs, I didn't want to try to save it by cooking it some more.  I was wondering why, suddenly, no one was eating it... still wondering why no one mentioned anything about it being gross!  I guess they didn't want to hurt my feelings?!

  • The 2 Ichiban eggplants that I had harvested last week turned ... odd in the fridge, so I composted them. Sob.

    • I used a medley of leftovers to make myself a lunch: leftover rice, meat picked from the chicken bones after I made stock, leftover balsamic brown sugar glaze, the rest of a salad made several days prior,  as well as a spoonful of crumbs from the PB&J granola bars that I had made (I used those to top a yogurt).

    • I used the heels of a loaf of bread to make toast for Greg one morning.  We used to never have any bread waste but lately I have been finding the heels left in bags here and there... argh but also I catch them and use them every time so still no bread waste so far..

    I'd love to hear how YOU did this week! Feel free to post links back to your own Food Waste Friday posts in the comments.

    This post was inspired by Kristen at The Frugal Girl, who has been blogging about her food waste since 2008!

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    1. Great save on the lunch, Nathalie. Oh and I have the same problem with heels of the loaf but one of my boys has just announced that he loves these bits toasted (big mistake that's all he will get for breakfast from now on). X


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