Friday, August 21, 2015

Food Waste Friday

The BBC's website had an interesting article about a controversial French law aimed at reducing Food Waste this week.  The byline was "A French law that bans supermarkers from destroying unsold food and obliges them to give it to charity is irritating retailers who say they already make a big effort to fight waste."  What do you think?  Personally, I went to several large hypermarkets while I was vacationing in France this summer and every time that I went, the stores were almost devoid of customers.  I did wonder about what they did with all the food that went unsold especially since the bakery, deli meat, cheese, fresh meat and produce counters were huge and there was no way those stores sold all their stocks. Their objections to the law raise valid concerns from both the charities and the businesses involved. Perhaps they should think about limiting the size of supermarkets/hypermarkets? I've always read that the profit margin of supermarkets (at least in the USA) is ridiculously low (something like less than 1%, I want to say), but then why would you put yourself in a position where a lot of your stock is going to be wasted? That's what I don't understand.

  • I was really hoping to have another "No Food Waste Week" but alas, it wasn't to be. On Saturday night, I discovered that the 1/2 cup of mozzarella that I had in the fridge and was hoping to use in my Ratatouille Bake had gotten moldy.

  • I cooked Rosemary Orange Chicken for dinner on Monday night and I was really looking forward to tasting this new recipe.  But we threw most of it away as the consistency of the meat was... odd. It was cooked (and in liquid so it's not like it was dried up) but it felt raw when we chewed it. It was chewy, almost crunchy, I have never had chicken like that.  The breast that I cooked had been huge and Greg wondered if maybe the chicken had been an old chicken. I just hope that it wasn't something that had been added to the meat that gave it this consistency.  I didn't take a picture of the waste but here is a picture of the dinner I cooked that night.

  • I couldn't use the oyster sauce that I had in my pantry for the tofu stir-fry that I had planned on cooking on Wednesday night because when I opened the bottle, I found that the sauce was all moldy. I guess I should have kept it in the fridge.  I poured it down the sink and recycled the bottle. 

  • I used the crumbs that were left at the bottom of the pan when I baked the PB&J Oatmeal granola bars by mixing them with a cup of yogurt for my snack on Monday.

  • There was a heel of chocolate chip banana bread that was left over from last week and had hardened so no one wanted to eat it. I put it in the microwave for 30 seconds and enjoyed it with a cup of decaf coffee as a special treat.

I'd love to hear how YOU did this week! Feel free to post links back to your own Food Waste Friday posts in the comments.

This post was inspired by Kristen at The Frugal Girl, who has been blogging about her food waste since 2008!


  1. Eek! Your oyster sauce reminds me that I need to look at my fish sauce. It's pretty old. I'm going through all my condiments this week in preparation for moving. I had to throw out some olives.

    I find all the supermarket waste to be interesting too.

  2. Hi Nathalie, what a shame about the chicken it looked so tasty too. I think food waste should go to people who need it. We have started to see an increase in homeless people and food banks are starting to open for people that can't afford to buy food for their families. Its awful to see and I don't remember food banks being around when I was younger. There were homeless people but mainly in the cities but now you see them in the towns and villages. Its heart-breaking x


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