Monday, August 3, 2015

Frugal Failures and Successes: Monday 8/3/15

  • Happy Monday.... ours started in the rain and the weirdest yellow sky at 6:45 a.m.! It's supposed to rain all day so I suppose that I'll be driving to the library to drop off my books and hopefully pick up new ones.

  • Greg went back to "the grind" as he says. On days like these, I feel very guilty that I get to stay home. Maybe this is why I'm usually more productive on Monday mornings than on Friday mornings :) I do get up with him and make him breakfast, pack his lunch and see him off, making sure that he has everything that he needs, though.

  • My ex and I made an agreement about how to get our daughter back and forth between our 2 houses on the weekends when she's supposed to be visiting him.  Technically his moving away more than 10 miles away violates our divorce agreement and I should let him assume the full cost of getting her to and from his house... but I'm nice so until we get a family car, I will drive her there on Fridays and he will drive her back on Sundays. Once/if she has a car to drive, he will pay for gas and I will pay for tolls. He probably gets the best of the deal but oh well. He also helps our sons financially much more than I do (his parenting philosophy is much different from mine) so I guess in the grand scheme of things, it's fine.

  • I packed Greg a lunch: the leftover burrito from last night, 2 hard-boiled eggs, chips and salsa, a yogurt.

  • For my breakfast I had the free large hazelnut coffee that I had picked up from Racetrac yesterday and a bowl of generic rice square cereal from Aldi with some sliced strawberries (I never did dehydrate them) and the rest of the milk that has an expiration date of 7/22!  It smelled a little off but tastes just fine. I have a smidgeon of it left in the gallon so I will use it in my coffee.

  • I earned my Bing Rewards credits for the day. Once again I noticed that it didn't take all my mobile searches into account... weird (I count them as I go to make sure I hit the 20 searches that I need to do on mobile).  Anyhoo, I'm at 94% of my goal with 447 credits so I should be able to order a $5 Amazon GC on Tuesday.

  • I had a message that I had qualified for the 50 SB Swag-Up award from the Swagcation team contest so I ordered a $25 Amazon gift card. Only the GC still cost me 2,200 SB instead of 2,150 so I emailed customer service.

  • There was an article on the Lake Sentinel online edition about growing turmeric at home. The flower is really pretty! I didn't realize that it was a rhizome plant too and that we could grow it from store-bought rhizomes, just like ginger. Of course, there isn't an asian market in town so I'd need to drive in Orlando to get one... I suppose a field trip to an Asian market could be fun!

  • Greg has turned the thermostat down by 1 degree last night because he claims he was too hot so I lowered it back down to 76 when he left this morning.  Then, since it was supposed to rain all day and not be too hot anyway, I changed it to 78.

  • I used rainwater to water my zombie celery plant. It's doing very well!

  • Speaking of rainwater, it feels like the Pacific NW here!  It hasn't stopped raining (it's now 11:40 a.m.).  The weeds are loving this (of course!).  On a happy note, so are the guest tomato and squash plants :) The strawberries... not so much (plus I think a slug found them). I also found this large grasshopper on one of my Ichiban eggplant plants... so I wacked it away.

  • I found 2 perfectly good boogie boards that we used to have in the shed... in the trashcan!  I guess Greg decided to clean up but didn't check with me first.  Grrr. I pulled them out of the trash. The kids are no longer interested in boogie boarding but they can make someone else happy and raise money for the animal shelter so I will donate them to their thrift store this week. It's still summer even though it doesn't feel like it today!  On the plus side, it's only 75 degrees outside right now (24 celsius), which is really nice and will save us money on electricity.

  • I did an extra large load of laundry on cold/cold with cheapie detergent. Once again it's way too humid (see: non-stop rain!) so I used the dryer on the Auto Moisture Sensing setting. I did dry my bras on hangers, though.

  • Lunch was the same as yesterday.  My son got up at noon so he had cereal for "brunch".

  • When I was driving Greg's truck yesterday I kept on hearing this jingling every time I turned. It ended up being that tissue box filled with change that he was supposed to return to his parents (the change came from their RV) but once again he forgot. Those coins have a lot of mileage on them by now!  So I just took it out and added the change to our change jar. From there I also saved a tiny button (it went into my sewing kit), a washer and a couple of screws (went into my toolbox).

  • I was awarded 259 Swagbucks as July bonuses for hitting my daily goals 7 days in a row!
  • I'm going to be a lazy cook for dinner and also declutter my pantry a little: I'll make Chicken Helper with this box that I bought several months ago, a chicken breast that's in my fridge ($1.89/lb at Aldi last week) and I'll stir-fry some zucchini as well (from Aldi a couple of weeks ago).

  • The Florida Back to School Tax Holiday starts on Friday and runs through 8/16. I printed the list of eligible items to peruse in case I need anything (might as well save the 7%).  I almost scared myself when I saw that personal computers were included (since we just ordered a new one for our son today) but then I remembered that the seller we used didn't charge us tax.  Phew!

  • I printed more pet coupons so I could donate them to the South Lake Animal League thrift store.

  • I found a Racetrac receipt in the stack of receipts that Greg gave me from his camping trip so I took the survey on it and earned a code for a free cookie!
  • I signed up for a program called the National Consumer Panel. They're sending me a scanner and I'm supposed to scan in everything single thing that I buy (or receive for free) for my household. Then I also have to take some surveys. I will earn points that I can redeem for free merchandise and will also be entered in Sweepstakes.  I suspect it will be much more beneficial for that organization (related to Nielsen) than to me, but you never know and since I don't have a job... why not do that?  I'll let you know what happens with that.

  • Greg was able to make our son's computer sputter back to life last night so he can still use it although it doesn't work great (it stopped working for some programs) so we may still decide to change it.  It's a decision that we need to make before school starts because he'll need a reliable computer to do his school work. Right now we're telling him to email himself a copy of every new or updated document that he works on (he had a summer project to work on) in case the PC crashes again. Update: Greg and I decided to just get a new PC.  It's pricier than a "normal" PC because it's a gaming PC so the graphic card, processor, etc are more robust.  We still got a good deal (according to Greg, I don't know anything about gaming PCs).  We got it through Amazon from a third-party vendor and I charged it to Discover so we should get 5% back in Bonus Rewards (so about $30).  I decided NOT to apply my $25 gift card to it so we would get the 5% on the $25 too (lol) and also because I was going to buy a couple of D&D books for our son with the gift cards anyway. We also splurged by getting the 3-year protection plan.  You never know :)

  • Gas to drive to the library. I could have easily walked because the rain had stopped and the temperatures were cool, but I was just lazy :)  I did get several freebies from the library (on top of returning a book that was due today and couldn't be returned) so let's call it even, OK?

  • Nothing today.

Did you have any frugal successes or failures today? Please do tell!

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