Saturday, August 22, 2015

Frugal Failures and Successes: Saturday 8/22/15

  • My daughter survived her first day at her new job yesterday.  She was told she can have anything she wants from the restaurant (food, drink) but she didn't ask about taking any home, lol.  However, it's torture for her since she just went back on a health kick and is trying to lose some weight.

  • Yesterday was a really bad day on Wall Street, apparently, and I'm going to do what I always do and hide my head in the sand when it comes to our investments and avoid opening the emails containing our retirement account statements.  Most people would probably panic and try to switch money around but since I don't know squat about investing and markets tend to recover cyclically, I think we just won't do anything. It's only retirement money, right?  Sob. (disclaimer: you probably shouldn't be like me).

  • I had picked the "No Rush Shipping" when I ordered the HDMI cable on Amazon to get the $1.00 digital credit. I got the credit AND it looks like the cable will be delivered on Sunday after all (2-day shipping).  Apparently my area now gets Sunday delivery?  Hmm, methinks it's going to go to the Post Office (instead of being delivered directly by UPS or Fedex) and they don't deliver on Sunday so it'll be crammed in my mailbox on Monday. Wanna bet?

  • I should have been productive today since I have those bins from my son's room to go through and organize for the thrift store and also a thriller that I need to read since it's due next Thursday. And the dishes to do. And weeds to pull. However, Greg and I were really into that Fargo TV show that I had just borrowed from the library. Greg promised me a marathon today so we spent the whole afternoon watching the last 6 episodes, lol.  I did do the dishes first, though :)

  • I earned a $5 Amazon gift card on Bing Rewards today, woohoo!  So far I have earned $30 in gift cards from Bing Rewards (starting in late April of this year) and $360 from Swagbucks (starting late September 2014).
  • I used rainwater to water my indoor seedlings and zombie plants. It rained in the afternoon so I didn't need to water the garden again!

  • For breakfast I mixed some more of those gross Publix rice flakes with some rice squares from Aldi and topped them with lots of fresh strawberries. That was pretty good when mixed altogether.

  • I added 1/2 a gallon of water to 1/2 a gallon of whole milk to stretch it.

  • My lunch was a fantastic mix of leftovers: rice with the chicken meat that I had picked from the bones cooked to make broth, topped with the rest of the balsamic brown sugar glaze made for the pork roast earlier this week (or was it last week?). I added a couple of leaves of Romaine lettuce and some cucumber slices to the remnants of a salad we had 3 days ago and topped it with homemade vinaigrette, and for dessert I had a yogurt topped with the last crumbs from the PB&J oatmeal granola bars that I had made last week.  I think the only leftovers I have in the fridge now is a small pork chop from last night. Woohoo!  Greg had a PBJ because it seems that it's the only thing he cares to eat when he has to fix it himself, these days, lol.

  • I really needed to write to my family back in France to give them news, but it always takes a couple of hours out of my day to type this all up in French so I kept on procrastinating...  last night I had an epiphany: could I use Siri to just dictate an email on my phone?  So I enabled Siri and picked the French keyboard and, sure enough, I was able to dictate my whole email in French in just a few minutes!  I have to do some editing before sending it, though, but that still will have cut the time spent on that task by probably 75%. This is the first time that I actually have found a use for Siri, although I disabled it right after dictating the email.  Do you use Siri or a similar "intelligent" personal assistant to accomplish some tasks?  Which ones? Am I missing out by not using it regularly?

  • I snacked all afternoon while watching Fargo so when it was dinnertime, I wasn't hungry. Greg offered to go get take-out from somewhere but I nixed that. He and our son decided to have canned ravioli (which he took care of warming up) and I just skipped dinner.

  • Gas for my daughter to drive to her job :)

  • No failures today!

Did you have any frugal successes or failures today? Please do tell!


  1. Hi Nathalie, Sounds like a perfect day to me, good show to watch, nice lunch and no cooking what more could a girl ask for! I spoke to my brother who has lots of shares in various things and he reckons you are doing the right thing just leaving them where they are because in the long run they most of them tend to go up. Wishing you a lovely weekend my dear friend x

    1. Ha, thanks for the confirmation from someone more "expert" than me, lol.

      It WAS a nice day AND I got free pizza for dinner at the end of the night when my daughter brought one home for us from her job. I'm so glad I didn't cook, hahaha.

      Yours sounded great too, your little boy looked like he had a wonderful birthday!

  2. I only use Siri when I need to text someone something that I can't type out while driving (I know I know BAD TRAYCEEBEE!) This only happens rarely but still shouldn't happen ever!
    My husband loves to use Siri for directions instead of an old fashioned GPS. I don't trust it - ESPECIALLY the one time he turned Siri on to help get us to Long Island and it brought us to the CT FERRY to take to Long Island instead of driving! We must have spent a good ten minutes laughing and trying to get the route changed but Siri wouldn't budge! She even got a little snarky back at my husband! LOL It took about 30 minutes of more driving towards New York before Siri gave up and found us the directions we originally wanted!

    1. Oh my! "Intelligent personal assistant" indeed, right? I had to look up Siri in Wikipedia when I wrote the post because I didn't know how to qualify it (app? assisting device?) and when I read "intelligent" personal assistant outloud, Greg and I busted out laughing because he has it enabled on his phone and it NEVER EVER gets him anything close to what he's asking for. It's really a "dumb" assistant as far as we're concerned, but hey, the dictation seemed to work OK .Well, she can't understand my accent sometimes so editing the dictation is going to be fun - no, I still haven't done it!

      Regarding the dictating while you drive, when I had my Nokia (I've only had a Smartphone for 4 years), I used to just hit the speed dial button for my home phone number and leave myself reminders on my answering machine. Low tech, but it worked because I had an actual answering machine with a flashing light in my kitchen. Nowadays, I have to press the home button on the phone (which I can do without taking my eyes off the road) and wait for the "ding ding" to come on to I can say "Dial" so and so but since I have switched to a cell phone line for my home phone and I keep that phone OFF, I don't have the visual reminder that I left myself reminders, you know? So it's pointless to even try. I don't want to fumble with the phone to find the Reminders app (which is lame anyway). So I might see if using Siri to leave emails or texts for myself would work. I wouldn't use it to message anyone else if I can't edit the texts first since she doesn't always understand what I'm trying to say. I kind of miss my low-tech days, I have to say. Life was more hectic back then, but somehow easier too. Question: after you dictate your text, can you tell her to send it too or do you actually have to push the send button to send it?


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