Saturday, August 29, 2015

Frugal Failures and Successes: Saturday 8/29/15

  • TS Erika became weaker and is now a Tropical Wave (as of this morning) and shifted to the Gulf of Mexico so that should be dissipated over Cuba so it's great news for us in Central Florida!

  • My middle son moved back in today. We did a walk-through and signed a lease, he moved his stuff in and then left because he had photographic assignments to do for his homework (he's a photography major).  We'll work out the food portion of the stay as we go.  He wanted to buy his own food and keep it separate, but that might not work all the time. I told him to just tell me what he wanted and if I could fit it in my budget, I'd just get it from Aldi for him when I go shopping and he wouldn't have to pay me.


I poured the melted wax into the third candle and then waited a little for it to harden and put (what I thought were) the wicks from one of the candles into it.  Only... I realized afterwards that there weren't any wicks anymore, just the metal wick holders. Doh!  So I'm going to see if I can find wicks at Walmart when I go there on Wednesday.  (For another 9 things you can do with your crockpot that don't involve food, check out this article!)

  • My lunch was the cheeseburger (topped with my homemade zesty pickles) and sweet potato fries left over from last night. I also cut up the last mango. My son and Greg made themselves sandwiches.

  • I used rainwater to water my indoor seedlings and zombie plants. Have I shown you how big the zombie celery has gotten?  Look!

  • Greg mowed our lawn this afternoon (no professional landscapers allowed here, lol!).  I spent several hours weeding and spreading more mulch between my garden beds.  I need to get more cardboard boxes now because the areas that I want to mulch are thick with weeds.  So I'll work on weeding them between tomorrow and Wednesday and hopefully will get more cardboard boxes from Save A Lot on Wednesday.

  • One of my little acorn squashes is getting larger and I hope it will survive!

  • It poured at about 4:15 p.m. for a while so still no need to water the garden, yay!

  • My son got caught in the storm with his digital camera so to be safe, he used the 4 lbs of rice that I had left in a bag to dry it off and make sure no moisture got into it.  I'm thinking I'll still be able to use the rice for cooking.

  • Greg reused the tea leaves that he used last night to brew himself another cup of tea. He admitted that he was partly being lazy but mostly being frugal (hahaha!).

  • Dinner (see "Splurges") came in polythene containers so I rinsed them and will drop them off in the "egg cartons" recycling bin at Publix next week.


  • Since the storm isn't coming after all, I figured I might as well garden this weekend so we splurged on a load of mulch ($50).  

  • I also asked Greg to pick me up 4 rolls of edging from Lowe's.  I have a $5 off $50 coupon for Home Depot but I can only use it for in-store purchases and they were out of the edging that I wanted when I checked on Thursday.  I wanted to try and install it before the next time I go into town so I made my peace with not using the coupon. I wish Lowe's took competitors' coupons, darn it!  I looked up the price online while Greg was traveling there and saw that it was on sale for $18.98 a 40 ft roll. I sent him the link and asked him to check if they would match their website if it rang for $19.98 (their regular price).  I **should** have ordered it online for store pick-up so I could have earned rewards on the order for shopping online AND gotten the sale price automatically, darn it.  Arrgh. So this is technically a small failure.

  • Gas for my daughter to go to the college for her math "lab" requirement, and later on to go to her job.

  • Water!  I took a long bath with a book after my gardening session left me dirtier than PigSty.

  • Dinner. I'm not counting it as a failure but as a rewards... I am more than $200 under budget in groceries for the month of August and we only ate out once at the very beginning of the month.  So we got to order Mexican food and eat it at home.  A good thing too because that restaurant was crowded!  The food was OK. I don't really like that place but Greg and our son do.  We have a limited choice of take-out places in our little town, which is actually very good for our wallet, lol.

  • We didn't have any failures today!

Did you have any frugal successes or failures today? Please do tell!


  1. TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS UNDER BUDGET?!?! Wow, Nathalie! That's unbelievable - and so great for you! I definitely wouldn't feel guilty about tonight's take out meal -- though it would have been better if you could have enjoyed it as much as your husband and son. LOL
    Really happy that the storm isn't coming for you guys after all. =)

  2. Agree with Trayceebee $200 under budget, you are so good at budgeting! Well done! It must be great to have your son back home. What a lovely weekend. Xx

  3. Lunch, again, looked wonderful. I have wanted to comment a couple of times on reusing the tea leaves. I buy tea bags, and like my father, I can usually make 3 or 4 cups from one bag. You may be grossed out by this, or you may wonder why I don't just drink hot water. But I have always enjoyed very weak tea. I tell people that I just pass the bag over the steam of the hot water in my cup....very weak tea, which I doctor up with a bit of sugar and milk. MMM-mmmmm.

    1. Not grossed out at all, I think it's awesome that you do that! Greg steeps his for a while but if I drink hot tea I'm like you, I like it weal with milk and sweetener (I use Stevia). If I drink it cold (like the raspberry tea I'm drinking right now), then I like it stronger with just sweetener. Mmm-mmm, as you said! Do you drink a lot of tea during the day, or do you store your tea bags in the fridge in between cups? We're lazy so they usually just sit on the counter in a cup until we decide to reuse them (usually the same day, though).

  4. Today I had 3 cups of tea (and it is very hot and humid here), so the tea bag will go into the compost tonight. During the day, it sits out on the counter. In the winter, I will drink more tea than water.

    1. Makes sense... I keep forgetting not everyone lives in a subtropical climate!

  5. Today I had 3 cups of tea (and it is very hot and humid here), so the tea bag will go into the compost tonight. During the day, it sits out on the counter. In the winter, I will drink more tea than water.


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