Sunday, August 23, 2015

Frugal Failures and Successes: Sunday 8/23/15

  • Happy Sunday,  I hope yours is a relaxing one!  I had no plans save for sitting on the couch and figuring out my plans for the week and reading my book.  As I commented on TraceyBee's blog, I ought to get back into my exercise routine and tear myself from the internet, dang it.  

  • I also need to get started (already) on the projects that I have mentioned but never started: taking photos of my oldest son's childhood photos, posting my pictures of my French trip somewhere online so my family members can grab whichever they want, mail my oldest son's CDs to my family members, learn how to use my sewing machine properly, start learning Polish via the library's free language learning site (well now I'm thinking Norwegian because I watch some Norwegian TV shows once in a while and it'd be nice to understand some of the dialogue without having to read the subtitles, lol), learn how to can food like a boss instead of like a screw-up (I've failed miserably at my attempts to make jellies and jams this year, ugh), and a myriad of other things. And the more I list them, the less I feel like accomplishing them. Ugh, ugh, ugh.

  • Oh, and I forgot that I really, REALLY need to get my butt outside, and deal with the garden. Seriously.  

  • Update: after typing this I spent an hour and a half in the garden, pulling some weeds, transplanting some of the tomato seedlings, and making plans. I wanted to plant the pineapples in ground but it was so hot that after planting just one, I had to give up.  16 more to go!  But I have a plan for my garden. I'm gonna have to get up super early every day to work before it's too hot.
Some of the weeds I pulled. They had completely taken over my lettuce bins over the summer. I also threw away the ripped up tent that used to give these bins a bit of shade.

These grubs were neon green and in the soil of the lettuce bins. I wonder what bug they would have eventually turned into?!

I managed to plant ONE of the 17 pineapple plants that I'm currently growing. It was so hot
that this little bit of exertion was too much!
  • Last minute news: I just found out (10:30 p.m.), by reading the local news' website, that a pretty big sinkhole opened up this afternoon in our neighborhood and that we are until boil-water alert for the next 24 hours AND that my son's school might not open tomorrow as their water was completely turned off.  No one told us anything and there is nothing on the school's website, nor did we receive any emails or phone calls from the principal alerting us that there might not be school tomorrow!  Grrr.  They're waiting to see if the sinkhole stabilizes (it takes 12-14 hours but we just had a big storm blowing through so that's not going to help things) before they try to repair the water main that broke because of it and fill in the sink hole. Apparently another one had opened in the same spot about 40 years ago.  This is worrisome not only because of the presence of such a threat pretty close to where we live (after all, a man was swallowed up by such a hole last year about an hour away from here), but also because it's already hard enough finding homeowner's insurance for an old house but will be harder if our current one drops us and the area is listed as being susceptible to sink holes. 

  • My daughter brought home a small cheese pizza from her workplace last night.  Since I had skipped dinner (well, I'm lying, I had made myself a sandwich), I ate the pizza. Yummy!  I did give a slice to Greg :)

  • I was able to request a sample of Truvia sweetener thanks to a heads-up from a Slickdealer.  Request yours here. (there's a "country" field to fill out so I'm guessing it's not only for the USA).

  • I printed a few coupons (but none from Target and none from Smartsource as I couldn't get the latter to load at all) and uploaded a few coupons to my Publix and Walgreens digital wallets.

  • For lunch I made a peanut butter and mango jam sandwich and I had a banana. Very sweet and I'm sure I'll be hungry about 10 minutes later.

  • The HDMI cable that I had ordered from Amazon did indeed come in on a Sunday (UPS), just 2 days after I ordered it, and I did get the $1 credit for picking the "no rush shipping" option so... go figure! It came in a bubble mailer that I kept to reuse it next time I need to mail something.

  • I was then able to install the Blu Ray disc player in its permanent spot under the TV and stuff the DVD/VCR combo in a closet. I want to keep it so I can still play the old video tapes that I haven't converted to digital format yet. Also the Blu Ray disc player won't play the copies of  DVDs that we have.

  • For dinner I decided to make turkey burgers instead of hamburger since I still had the ground turkey that I bought on Wednesday in the fridge. I froze the rest of it.  I made enough mac'n cheese for dinner and also Greg and my lunch tomorrow.

  • We had No Drive Day #26 today since my daughter wasn't scheduled to work and we didn't need to go anywhere.  Woohoo!

  • I put a book on hold at the library... I really need to master canning, darn it!

  • I asked Greg to get me 2 truckloads of mulch next weekend so I have enough to spread around.  So it's not a splurge (yet), but it will be....unless I go to the dump on Thursday if Greg works from home, and get free mulch from there. Hmmm...

  • A bubble bath: I was overheated and dirty from working in the garden and I had a thriller that I needed to read before Thursday so a bubble bath was a great way to accomplish 3 things at once: get clean, relax a little, and read without getting distracted by the computer!

  • I had to throw away the rest of the squash bread that I had baked last week because it was woefully undercooked and had turned too since I had left it on the counter.

Did you have any frugal successes or failures today? Please do tell!


  1. How is it possible that so many agencies failed to tell you about the sinkhole?!!? How awful to have heard about it on the news! Our town has a "CODE RED" telephone system for such things and has been used by the school system in emergency situations in the past. (Thankfully we never had any other situation to use it in - like a jailbreak for example. Yep, there is a jail on the other side of town.) Hopefully things are better this am?

    1. Yep, we do too, as far as the school district is concerned at least. I should be getting emails and voicemails from them but the school itself never published anything on their own website so I really think someone dropped the ball on that. However, this morning, the main local newspaper had an update posted at 11:30 p.m. last night (after I went to bed), saying that the school was planning on making alternate arrangements for the food service so I assumed that school WAS on. Still nothing on the school's website though, and while there was a small blurb on the School District's website, there wasn't anything from their PR person on the school's blog, which is where they usually post important information. If I find out that they posted it on Facebook but not on the other channels accessible by anyone, I will be majorly pissed.

      As far as the city is concerned, the only measure they took was to put a small blurb on their website. Well, I don't monitor the city's website. No phone calls, no flyers, nothing. I have now subscribed to the city's main page updates but there is a disturbing pattern of not being proactive with the information which is also starting to piss me off. I might just show up at a city council meeting soon.

    2. Hi hun. I am so sorry to hear there is a sinkhole so close to you. We heard about the one last year! I hope that you get the appropriate information quickly and it doesn't cause any long term problems with your insurance etc. Thinking of you x

  2. I remember the story about the sinkhole killing that man last summer. How terrifying. That would definitely be a case of getting the news "out there" as quickly as possible, as this is what I would call a state of emergency.

    I went back to review your frugality and financial goals for 2015 and you have done splendidly.

    1. Thanks Susan! I do need to review our goals and progress again. I don't feel like we've really accomplished anything since I've been back from France as I haven't taken any new action...


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