Friday, August 21, 2015

Mini Gardening Update: 8/21/15

I took some pictures in my garden this morning so I'm posting them here for my own records :)

A couple of the vinca plants have reseeded themselves. Yay!

The hibiscus (a cutting that I got from our neighbor's yard) continues to grow and bloom. It
has several buds on it.

I thought this was a bug but it ended up being some bug's eggs.  I brushed them off.

The guest squash plant is huge now! It's been loving all the rain we've been getting and has lots of blooms...

... and squash (squashes?) that are forming!

I put an ornamental "lattice" next to it so it could climb and not have the squashes on the ground.

The guest tomato plants are also doing great and growing steadily.

This one even has flowers and ...

... is growing a tomato!  So this is a guest Roma tomato plant.

Ye old jalapeño plant (over a year and a half old now!) is looking thin and bedraggled, but...

new shoots are growing from its base!

I guess it was a good thing that I harvested those 2 eggplants earlier this week, it seems to have given the plants a boost of
energy and now not just one...

but two flowers have appeared on it out of nowhere.

The serrano pepper plant is also blooming quite a bit,

And the younger jalapeño plants are producing baby jalapeños.

Greg wanted me to trim the raspberry canes because a couple of them are getting big and
scratching at the new window and screen...

but I don't know if it's the right season to do that so I just bent it back.  I did trim the dead canes, though.

The strawberry runners that rooted are flowering and starting to produce some fruit, but I think the plants might not be getting
enough sun now that they're on the west side of the house.

The older pineapple plants are quite large now. They're supposed to give me pineapples next year, I think? Or maybe the
following year. I'll need to check my records.

The roselle bush is doing quite well in its new location.

And new roselles are growing.

The jasmine on the far side of the house is coming back nicely...
... and the cuttings that I took from it last month are doing great in their makeshift greenhouse
(which is a flimsy plastic bag from Greg's gym), in my breezeway.

I have this love/hate affairs with weeds. I hate them because they grow without any effort and are a pain to get rid of...
but they can be so pretty too!  Right before Greg mowed, the back yard had a lot of these growing around...
and some of them were quite big!

A moth had made a nest on my little plum tree so I took it down. The tree isn't doing so well, unfortunately :(

I was inspecting my nectarine trees and spotted this little frog's butt peeking from under a leaf...

... and here it is from the other side :) I think it's a green tree frog, native of Florida.

The oranges on my tree continue to grow and a few are looking plumper, thanks to all the rain.

This little guy was resting on my other nectarine tree...

which seems to have promising buds on it.

The dwarf Cavendish banana tree is supposed to produce small bananas but in the year that I've
had it, it hasn't shown sign of producing a flower, much less a banana :(

I love the color of the kohlrabi but I don't think I'll ever be able to taste one! This is the best looking of the bunch (looks big but this is an extreme close-up so it's maybe an inch and a half across at the most!).

The others are all like this. I guess the heat made them bolt?!

I transplanted 2 of my basil cuttings that were ready. I just tucked them in the larger basil pot with their siblings, and took 2 new cuttings too.

I repotted the rhubarb in a larger pot and mulched it.

The red canna plant is growing a new shoot.  Yay!

I planted the peppers from a pack of mixed seeds so I guess this one is supposed to turn yellow
or orange... I'm leaving it on the plant until it reaches the color that it's supposed to be.

Another pepper is growing but it's weirdly shaped... and the plant is also blooming again.
The plant in the forefront has weird lesions on its stem, not sure if that's normal or something
I should be worried about?

This bee was buzzing around and collecting a lot of pollen from those liriopes that we put on the berm.

The zombie Romaine lettuce continues to regrow leaves. I need to move it into a pot with dirt, I think.

And the zombie celery is getting a little bigger every day.

The second zomvir Romaine lettuce is waking up...

The zombie pineapple plant has come back from the dead.  The root is quite long now!

The other one is going quite well and might be ready to be potted outside.
This is it for today.  New tomatoes, squashes, zombie plants growing... I'm pretty excited!

I still wish it would get cooler.  I have a lot of weeding to do and I still haven't planned my garden for the new season. Arrgh.

How is your garden coming along?

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