Saturday, August 29, 2015

My Daily Freebies: Saturday 8/29/15

Here is what I got/found for free today!

  • Football season is upon us so I ordered a free NCAA college football team cling (thanks to a heads up from Coupon Pro). I really wanted a UCF Knights cling but alas the choices are limited so I picked a UF Gators cling. One of my stepdaughters graduated from UF and Greg does follow the team. 

  • My daughter got a free dinner at her job tonight :)

Did you get any freebies today?


  1. Five Dollar Ace Rewards coupon came in the mail here, expiration end of September. Papa went right over and got some mouse traps. Unfortunately, there is some relatively open property around us and the field mice thrive. It's going to get cooler soon and they seem to like our garage. I hate killing them but they do wreak havoc so...I just leave that job to Papa! =)

    1. First off, yay for the freebie! Also they let you redeem them even after the expiration date (at least, that's what my local Ace staff told me when I asked them once. A couple of times I gave the $5 Rewards voucher to Greg who forgot to use them before the expiration date (I was MAD!) and so I threw them away; then one day I asked about it since it was just 1 day since it had expired and they told me they'll always accept those.

      Second, I hear you about the mice! The traps are the way to go though. Greg's been poisoning ours and they die in the walls of the house and we can't get at them and they stink up the place something horrid for several days. It's so gross. Last time, he went around the whole house's exterior and tried to block all the access points as much as he could (we think they were jumping on the roof from the nearby trees) but since part of the house in on a crawl space, I'm sure they're finding ways to come in from under there too. The curse of an old house. Our cats are useless when it comes to mice. They do love chasing the lizards that find their way in too, though. Well the male cat does. The female just sits around and lets him do the work.


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