Wednesday, August 19, 2015

My Other Great Buys This Week

Here are some other (as in non-food) great deals that I made this week:

  • Aldi had those shoe towers several weeks ago and I had been tempted to get one for my daughter since her shoes are just lined up on the floor of her bedroom right now. But she couldn't be reached that week and I didn't want to get something that she might not use (did I ever mention that she's messy? lol) so I didn't. She actually asked me for one this week so I took her shopping with me today and we checked thrift stores and researched prices at Target first. I had seen that Aldi still had a couple of these last week so we checked today again and here it was. At $16.99, it was at least $3.00 cheaper than the cheapest one at Target that is smaller than this and can't be rolled around.

  • I had had a Blu Ray player on my thrift store wish list for several months but had never spotted one before.  Today my daughter and I were at Goodwill and I was inspecting all the machines but every one of them was a DVD player, but a Blu Ray player. I was about to tell my daughter "At some point, someone is BOUND to donate a Blu Ray player, darn it!" when an arm reached in front of my face and deposited this Samsung Blu Ray player!! The Goodwill workers were restocking the shelves. 

Guess what the price was?!

Oh yeah, it came home with me!  I asked the cashier what the return policy was in case it doesn't work and she said "30 days with a receipt if you leave the price tag on it". I tested after dinner and it works GREAT!  The only "problem" was that the remote didn't have a battery case cover but I just stuck a piece of black duct tape over the battery casing. Problem solved.  I checked Amazon and the same model is selling used of course (it's a 2009 model) for a minimum of $32.80.  I was able to download the manual from the Samsung website. I am so excited!  We don't have to move Greg's Xbox One from his desk to the TV when we want to watch Blu Rays anymore! It is good to rejoin the 21st century :)

  • My daughter needed some more storage space since I took away one of her dressers.  We checked 3 thrift stores and didn't find anything suitable so we bought this 8-cubby organizer at Target.  It was priced at $44.99 and since we were also buying groceries, we were able to use a
    "Spend $50, get a $5 Target gift card" coupon that they had mailed me. I received a 5% discount for using my Target RedCard to pay my bill, so the organizer cost me $42.74 after tax and discount, and since I was also able to apply the remainder of the $5.00 gift card that I received last week ($3.62), so in the end the organizer cost me $39.12, tax included.

However, the "drawers" weren't included and they're priced at $6.99 each.  Boo! I decided not to get them today because I had seen some at the Dollar Tree. But when we looked at those, they were too small (boo!).  We checked to see if plastic containers might work but they were also too small. We went to Michael's to see if we could find baskets but they didn't have anything that would fit, plus it would have been more than $6.99 per organizer anyway.  So I will go back to Target next week and get her 4 drawers (they come in various colors) to see if she might like it like in the picture. If not, I might get her 4 more. We'll see.

  • I had read a tip that stated that throwing a couple of Efferdent tablets in the toilet would help clean mineral deposits. I checked Dollar Tree and they sold Efferdent tablets! I also got a couple of bottles of gas pills for Greg. He's been using those and they have worked great. I'll be trying the Efferdent "trick" in the next few days as I have a toilet that I can never get completely clean.

  •  Lastly, I picked up a couple of the laundry racks from Aldi, on sale this week for $9.99 each. I already have 2 racks but I wanted a 3rd one and I was happy with the last one that I had gotten from Aldi.  I also bought an extra one this time since my middle son will be getting his own apartment in January.


  1. Hi Nathalie, I thought I would drop in again. It sounds like you had a successful shop today! Well done on the blue-ray player, bargain! Woo '''hoo.
    I have been tidying and sorting my two eldest boys rooms recently (they are also very messy) there shoes are normally not even lined up but fling somewhere separately on their floor. I have also been looking for a shoe rack but they seem really expensive. We also have Aldi so I am going to keep popping in to see if they get any in stock.
    I also use clothes racks to dry my clothes when its raining and they can't be hung on the line so much cheer than a tumble dryer!
    Well done on the bargains and I hope you get an apple peeler. Have a great day Tara

    1. Hi Tara! Teens are the worst when it comes to keeping tidy rooms, aren't they?! I was messy too when I was a teen and my mom is a neat freak so we would argue a lot. I'm still kind of messy so her nagging didn't really help. Also, I decided when, my oldest became a teen, that my kids got told what to do and how to do it all day long (by me, their teachers, their dad and his new wife...) so their room(s) would truly be their domain and I wouldn't interfere all that much. But, good grief, the mess! It's sometimes toxic in there and I do have to intervene, but mostly I leave them be.

      Since you do have an Aldi close by, check out their online site: Like they do here, they post their "Special Buys" online ahead of time so you can plan your shopping trips around that (they also post their weekly produce sales so make sure you check that out too before heading out to the store if you shop at several stores!) I know that over here, they sometimes sell out very fast of the Special Buys (which is why I like shopping on Wednesdays, which is when their new weekly ad starts over here) but sometimes they don't and they discount them the following week. I think the shoe rack might have been $29.99 when they first had it, a few weeks ago, but I don't remember. I do know that I missed out on buying several items because I took too long to make up my mind (or I purposefully waited a week to see if they would have them on clearance but they ended up not having any the following week) and I really regret it now, but they'll probably sell them again next year at the same time so this time I WILL buy them when I see them, lol. I wish they would sell apple slicers, lol. A knife works just fine but my kids really liked making apple slices with ours (it rbroke) and it also resulted in much less waste than when they eat apples without slicing and coring them first.

    2. Hi Nathalie, Ha ha toxic rooms, that is so true! I kept wondering why I always had odd socks in my washing but when I cleared out the boys room I found about fifty smelly disgusting teenage boy socks! Yeugh! Now I know why I always had odd socks.
      I agree teenagers do always get told what to do by everyone in their lives so its nice to have a bit of a break away from it all, that's why I like the school holidays so much. They can just chill out!

      Thanks ever so much for checking out the Aldi web site for me, I will have a look in a minute. I think our new products come in on a Thursday so it might be worthwhile making that my shopping day, I will be doing half days on a Thursday so that would work out perfectly.

      We use an apple slicer too the kids much prefer apple slices and my eight year old is quite fussy so if he has a whole apple and there is so much as a bruise on it he will bin it (such a waste).

      I love the look of your apple sauce by the way and its a great idea to use it instead of oil. Much healthier and I could certainly do with being healthier!

      Have a good evening x

  2. Nathalie the ALDI website is great thank you x


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