Wednesday, August 5, 2015

My Other Great Deals This Week

Here are some other (as in non-food) great deals that I made this week:

  • I'm glad I didn't get the manicure set at Dollar Tree last week... because this week they had those 2 nail brush set that contained the brush that I needed and the small one too.  Yay!  So I bought 2 (1 as a spare). These come in very handy when you garden and you constantly have dirt under your nails!

  •  We needed AAA batteries so I spotted this set of 8 batteries at Dollar Tree. Works for me!

  •  Our icemaker has been broken for over a year so we make ice cubes the "old-fashioned way"... with ice cube trays!  My current ones were bought used at various thrift stores, but apparently no one has the patience of running water over them so they're all pretty cracked.  I found these on clearance at Walgreens today. Each pack has 2 trays and was marked down to $1.49 each (down from $2.99 each).  The nifty thing is that the bottom of each "cube" is make of soft silicone so we should be able to push each individual cube out of the tray without having to twist the tray. I hope it works!

  •  Back to School sales are in full swing and my daughter always needs lots of index cards. I got these packs for $0.29 each (after store coupon) at Walgreens.  I really should have waiting until Friday to buy them since our tax free week starts then, but it would have cost me more in gas to go back.

  •  Walgreens has the Renuzit cones on sale for $0.89 (up to 3, with store coupon) this week.  I was thinking they should charge me the full price for the other 3, but looking at my receipt, the coupon was applied to all 6 so $5.34 + tax = $5.71.  I used a $3.00/6 printable manufacturer coupon so I paid $2.71 OOP and I submitted my receipt to SavingStar for the $3.00/6 offer, which should make it a $0.29 money maker.

  •  Ace Hardware had the 32 load bottles of Ajax laundry detergent for $1.99 with a $0.50 instant discount for Ace Rewards members, making them $1.49 each with a limit of 2. I bought 2 bottles.  Then when I got home, I remembered that Dollar Tree sells bottle of generic laundry detergent for $1.00.  Argh. Although I don't know for sure that it's the same size. I still think this was a good deal :)

  •  CVS had the 3-bar packs of Dial soap on sale for $2.00 each this week and there was a $2.00/2 printable manufacturer coupon available. So I paid $2.00 for 6 bars, and got $1.00 back in ECBs, which made it an OK deal. Note: I should have tried to use the coupon on the packs of 3-bars of Dial Basics soap that the Dollar Tree currently carries because I could have potentially gotten 6 bars for free, which would have been a much better deal!  I have another one of those coupons so I will try it next week.

  •  Ace Hardware is having a sale on canning jars and lids right now. I didn't need any but I did need some pectin for when I try to make jam again.  This 4.7 oz jar of Ball's Lower Sugar Jam Pectin wasn't on sale at my Ace, but was priced at $5.99... Amazon has it for $7.24 with Prime Shipping while Walmart sells it for $13.71 on their website.  See? Walmart or Amazon aren't always the cheapest!  

  •  My middle son is moving into his own apartment next month and I told him that I would help him furnish it.  I stopped at my favorite thrift store today and picked up a few pieces for his kitchen for $22.47. I got:
    • 4 tall glasses at $0.50 each = $2.00
    • 2 large plates @ $0.75 each = $1.50
    • 2 small glass plates @ $0.50 each = $1.00
    • 4 cereal bowls @ $1.00 for the 4
    • a sauce pan with lid for $3.00
    • a small dutch oven with lid for $4.00
    • a large Tupperware container with lid for $3.00
    • a smaller Tupperware container with lid for $2.00
    • a medium Rubbermaid container with lid for $0.50
    • a flatware drawer organizer for $1.00
    • a set of salad spoons for $0.25
    • a wooden spoon for $0.25
    • a plastic spatula for $0.50
    • a vegetable peeler for $0.50
    • a pizza cutter for $0.50
I'll look around the house and attic for spare things to give him too, otherwise we will visit thrift stores for the rest.

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