Monday, August 31, 2015

This Week's Dinner Plans

Each week I peek in my fridge, freezer, and garden, to see what needs to be used up and I take a couple of minutes to think of ways to use up those ingredients in the next few days...

MONDAY:  Barbecue Shredded Chicken, White Rice & Asparagus
  • From the freezer: chicken breast
  • From the pantry: white rice
  • From the fridge: defrosted chicken breast, rest of the barbecue sauce that's already opened, asparagus
  • Need to harvest: nothing
  • Need to make in advance:  cook chicken in crockpot
  • Need to buy: nothing

TUESDAY: Chicken Sausages, Cabbage and Potato Puffs
* The recipe calls for kielbasa but I'll be using chicken sausages that I have in the freezer. I've made this recipe with smoked turkey sausage before and it was delicious too.
  • From the freezer: mild Italian chicken sausages, Alexia potato puffs
  • From the pantry: sugar, diced onion, red pepper flakes, seasoning salt, caraway seed
  • From the fridge: bacon fat,minced garlic, organic cabbage
  • Need to harvest: nothing
  • Need to make in advance: bake potato puffs
  • Need to buy: nothing

WEDNESDAY: Almond-Lemon Tilapia with Green Bean, Spinach & Sweet Potato Couscous
  • From the freezer: tilapia fillets, lemon zest, sliced almonds, green beans
  • From the pantry: parsley flakes, EVOO, salt, pepper, tiny sweet potato from garden,couscous, lemon juice
  • From the fridge: Dijon mustard, spinach
  • Need to harvest: parsley
  • Need to make in advance: nothing
  • Need to buy: sweet potato

THURSDAY: Bacon-Cheeseburger Chowder with Rolls
* The recipe calls for Velveeta and I really don't like the stuff so I'll be using Cheddar instead.
  • From the freezer: ground beef, diced onion, turkey bacon, rolls
  • From the pantry: flour, potatoes
  • From the fridge: red pepper, minced garlic,milk
  • Need to harvest: nothing
  • Need to make in advance:  bake the rolls (with butter and parmesan on top)
  • Need to buy: beef bouillon granules, cheddar cheese

FRIDAY: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Carrot Coriander Soup
  • From the freezer: leeks
  • From the pantry: soup base, ground coriander
  • From the fridge: carrots, cheese slice, bread, butter
  • Need to harvest: nothing
  • Need to make in advance:  defrost chicken thighs for tomorrow!
  • Need to buy: nothing

SATURDAY: Yogurt-Curry Marinated Chicken Thighs with Scallion-Dill Potato Salad
  • From the freezer: chicken thighs
  • From the pantry: sweet onion, curry powder, EVOO, salt, crushed red pepper, potatoes,dill,salt, pepper
  • From the fridge: nothing
  • Need to harvest: green onions
  • Need to make in advance: marinate the chicken for 4 to 8 hours, make potato salad
  • Need to buy: 2 cups non-fat plain yogurt

SUNDAY: Salisbury Steak Supreme with Macaroni & Cheese
  • From the freezer: ground beef
  • From the pantry: sliced sweet onion, bread crumbs, salt-free seasoning blend, pepper, nutmeg, cornstarch,beef bouillon granules, box of mac & cheese
  • From the fridge: butter, milk, baby bella mushrooms
  • Need to harvest: nothing
  • Need to make in advance: nothing
  • Need to buy: nothing


  1. Yay, you did it! Looking very yummy this week. Can I come to your house for tea hahaha. Xx

    1. Thanks Tara! I really wasn't motivated this week but seeing how you and other bloggers I follow were all posting your menus helped light a fire under my butt to get it done :) It's a shame we all don't live closer to one another, we could exchange leftovers, hahaha.


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