Saturday, August 29, 2015

You guys! There's a baby alligator in one of my rainwater bins!

Everyone knows that if there is a body of water in Florida, chances are an alligator lives in it. Fact of life.

Our house is located within 1 block of two small lakes.  Alligators definitely live in those lakes. I have seen some.

So why was I surprised this morning when I went to collect rainwater from one of my bins and saw this baby alligator swimming in it?!

I called my son to witness this.  My calm son told me baby alligators aren't that small. I retorted that I had never seen a lizard that looked like that in our yard. I should know, I watch the lizards all.the.time. Also? I spent a lot of time at the Florida Aquarium with them when they were little, and even went to Gatorland once.  So, ahem, I know alligators, son.

He was still skeptical.

And then this happened:

... and I thought: if alligators start being able to climb walls like Spiderman, we're in big trouble!

So I caught it in a jar and brought it to our expert for his opinion.

He decided it was some kind of a lizard and got very excited and tried to open the jar. But he's a cat so he couldn't.

Meanwhile, my son and I looked it up in the National Audubon Society's Field Guide to Florida and decided that I had indeed caught:

Well, I still think it's a gator.

But I released it outside.  I hope there's not a large mommy gator gecko waiting for me somewhere...


  1. How adorable was that little guy?!?!? I called G1 in to show her the picture. She was extremely disappointed to hear that you didn't keep him! And, for the record, that sucker looked like a baby alligator to me too!

    1. The funny thing is that it would play dead when it felt threatened: it got on its back and let itself sink and not move until I jostled it a little! It did that in the bin too, when I was trying to coax it into the jar. So funny! However, when it had room to swim in the large bin, it swam just like an alligator (with its tail moving really quickly from side to side) and that was pretty freaky (mostly because it helped convince me that it was a baby alligator and I was pretty much freaking out, lol). Our cat had a good time rolling the jar around for a little bit, trying to get at it, and then I released it because I don't think it would have survived long with the cap on.

    2. Also, I think it ate the tadpoles that I had in that bin because there were lots of them when I put the weeds in it yesterday (to feed them) and today there were only a couple left and look at how big that gecko's tummy is!

    3. Oh Nathalie it is so cute. I showed my kids and they were all saying how lucky you are. I'm not so sure they would have thought you were lucky if it had been a baby alligator. Xx

  2. I think I would have swallowed my tongue if I had seen that in the bin. Wouldn't have mattered to me if it was a gator or a gecko. I would have jumped two feet in the air if I saw that.

    1. LOL? Do you not like lizard-type things? Are there lizards in Canada? Probably a stupid question...


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