Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Daily Frugal Successes and Failures: Wednesday 9/9/15

  • Happy Hump Day!  To tell the truth, I'm relieved I don't have to go shopping again today, although I just noticed that the cucumbers are $0.29 at Aldi this week, much cheaper than the $0.50 I paid at Save A Lot on Monday. 

  • I made a partial to-do list last night so I'd better get to it. Our bathroom sink is almost completely clogged but it should just need for me to unscrew the plumbing under the sink and clear it that way. I hope. Still, it's a pain to do because it's a cramped space and I'm not petite. Plus I'm blind as a bat.

  • My daily exercise regiment now includes chasing our female cat throughout the house for a good 5 minutes.  I'm not being mean, she really needs to lose weight as she is 2 lbs overweight and apparently the diet food isn't doing its job at all.  Our youngest son, though, the self-appointed caregiver of our cats, thinks that I'm torturing her and is quite cross with me.  I gave him the choice of making his peace with it or not having that cat anymore, but I'll have to do it while he's at school because my patience deficit won't cope well with the sighs and eye rolling and general pouting about it. Wait, I'm still talking about my son, although I've been observing the same behavior from the cat, who couldn't believe it yesterday when she was slowing down thinking I couldn't see her (like a kid in P.E. class when they think the teacher can't see them!) and then realized that I was still right behind her and still chasing her, hahaha.  Update: I put a timer on, put my exercise clothes and running shoes on, and chased the cat for 5 minutes. Well, tried to chase the cat because today she chose to hide in all the hidey holes she could find. Arrgh.  At one point I wiped out in the kitchen and sprained my ring finger (the last knuckle) and it hurts pretty bad. A good deed never goes unpunished, right?  Well after the timer rang and I estimated she had actually run for 5 minutes, I let her be. She's hiding in her cat tower.  I also put the food away.  We leave the bowls out all day but since I don't know whether she's eating more than her share, I'm going to train them to eat as soon as the food is put out and then move our male cat's bowl away from hers so I can make sure she doesn't eat HIS food.  I'll need to leave the food out for an increasingly shorter amount of time each time until they learn that if they don't come as soon as the bowls are "filled", they don't get to eat for another 12 hours.  We'll see if this works!

  • I'm trying to ignore the fact that I wasn't feeling too good when I woke up (at 5:45 a.m. ugh!) this morning.  La, la, la!  I'm not listening to you, body!  I feel just fine and I will not be sick. So there.

  • I came across a great post today on Ann's Entitled Life. She gives good tips for easing up the meal preparation every week: 7 Easy Tips to Meal Prep For a Week. I kind of like the idea of making the omelets and freezing them.  I also love the idea of prepping crockpot meals in advance, like this blogger from The Cannary Family does: Freezer Meals #13.  I really should be doing this.  Need to add it to my to do list since we'll be using the crockpot quite a lot once my son's cross country meets start.

  • Living with my middle son again reminds me that the more things change, the more they remain the same: he leaves the lights on everywhere (even sleeps with the light on because he falls asleep and doesn't wake up to turn it off.  I don't want to intrude so I let it burn.  Grrrr.), leaves his dirty dishes on the table (I don't make the kids wash their dishes or even unload/load the dishwasher but at least put it in the freaking sink!), leaves his trash (wrappers from the food he eats) all over the place in the kitchen... it's like he was back in high school again instead of being a sophomore in college.  So it's been a week and a half and my exasperation is starting to show.  I don't like nagging, despite what Greg thinks, and little by little the surprise of giving him (all) his rent money back when he moves away is starting to look too big of a reward... I might have to deduct unreasonable electricity consumption and maid services.

  • 8:30 p.m. Update: well, I didn't accomplish much of anything today!  After the coupon printing frustration and the cat exercise frustration, I rode my recumbent bike for 45 minutes, had a leisurely lunch while catching up on email, then took a long bath with a new book which turned out to be pretty good so then I ended up not doing much of anything the rest of the day but read the book... oh well, I guess that counts as my unofficial "Labor Day". Hence the theme of the first graphic on this post!
Or vice-versa!

  • I was thrilled to see, this morning, that Swagbucks DID count the manual survey corrections as "completed surveys" for the purpose of the last Survey Soiree event after all (ya'll... complaining on a public space does work!  I had joined several other participants complaining about this on their blog) and that I had a 150 SB Swag-Up rebate waiting for me.  

  • So I redeemed SB for my first $25 Amazon gift card of the month (so only 2,200 SB) and got the $150 SB rebate (which doesn't count towards my first Daily Goal, unfortunately!). Woohoo!  Now I'm waiting for the $50 SB Swag-Up rebate from last week's challenge (I think it credits on 9/14?) to order my 2nd card. I'm at 1,768 SB as of 9:00 a.m. today so hopefully I'll reach 2,500 SB pretty soon.

  • I packed leftovers for Greg to take to work: my daughter had eaten a sandwich before all of her meetings last night so I was able to use her dinner portion for Greg's lunch.

  • The kids packed their lunches to take to school.

  • Addendum to yesterday's Frugal Successes: Greg worked from home yesterday (so I could use his truck to take the cats to the vet's and then to go to Aldi), saving us $20 in gas and tolls.

  • I also forgot to mention last night that I had given my daughter a Tupperware bowl and asked her to bring back whatever cookies weren't consumed at her FFA meeting last night (we provided the cookies). She did and my son was happy as he will have them as snacks for the next couple of days.  The expense came out of my "School Events" budget.

  • I completed my daily Bing Rewards credit activities.

  • There was much swearing in my house this morning as I was trying to print coupons from my daughter's desktop computer (older, very far from the router) and the printer needed to be reinstalled and then all the coupon printer programs had to be reinstalled and then stupid Internet Explorer was running like molasses or freezing up (aaargh) and then the printer was finally printing but in full color even though I had defaulted all the options to "draft copy, black ink only".  Much, MUCH swearing. What won't I do to save money, though? Well, I won't steal or lie.  Anyhoo, after an hour, I had finally printed *some* coupons and I was exhausted by all the going up and down stairs because the printer is downstairs (stupid Wi-Fi printer!) and the PC was upstairs, on the other side of the house.  Pant, pant.  But I guess that was free exercise to log into MyFitnessPal :)

  • I clipped the coupons that I had printed while I was biking my on recumbent bike and watching an episode of Law & Order: SVU on Netflix (at least I'm getting my money's worth by watching Netflix this month!).

  • I logged my exercise (chasing the cat and then biking for 43 minutes) and my weight in Walgreens' Balance Rewards for Healthy Choices and earned another 180 Balance Rewards points.

  • My lunch was a turkey wrap, leftover veggies from dinner last night, a cup of plain yogurt with some mango preserves mixed in, and an orange.

  • Like yesterday, I zested the orange first and froze the zest.

  • Dinner was the mini meatloaves with home fries and green beans.  It was good, although I steamed the green beans instead of roasting them because I didn't have enough room for them on the baking sheet.  They ended up a little rubbery but we ate them nonetheless :)
Photo from

  • I earned 100 KFR points by entering bonus code BONUSCODE4MOMMAS in my Kellogg's Family Rewards account. (thanks, Slickdeals!)

  • Our Home Insurance Policy Renewal came in and we'll actually pay $27 less than last year.  Guess what went down? How much they charge for the sinkhole coverage (oh and by the way, our deductible for that is $35,000.  Yep. Let's hope no sink hole forms near our house, m'kay?!). I guess the recent local sinkhole hadn't reached the ears of the insurance company yet but that we'll probably see a big increase at renewal time next year (let's just hope that they don't drop us altogether!).

        • A tub full of hot water for yet another bubble bath!

  • Internet Explorer on my daughter's PC insists on printing the coupons from in full color even though I defaulted the printing properties to draft mode and black ink only.  Ugh.  Thankfully I didn't print the hundreds of coupons that I sometimes print!

Did you have any frugal successes or failures today? Please do tell!


  1. Thanks for the laugh this morning about your kitty! I grew up in a house with cats so I completely understood the whole visual and "cat-titude"! LOL Good idea about re-training them with meal times.
    I hear you about the printer too! I am a crazy woman when things get printed wrong and need to be re-printed! The ink costs are insane!

    1. This morning our male cat is famished (I'm letting him wait until my son gets out of the shower because he usually feeds them, I'm sure he'll eat his food pretty fast today!) but the female cat could care less. Oh and I had a typo and she needs to lose 3 lbs, not 2. He needs to lose 2. I'm not going to chase her today, I decided that the food training was more important than getting frustrated by her being lazy and hiding everywhere. I did consider buying a full body harness for her and making her run but I have a feeling she'll just tangle herself in the leash. She's a little psychozoid. I saw a video with a cat on a treadmill last year (that cat was huge, over 20 lbs, and was on mandatory exercise) and I kind of wish we had a treadmill. Or a giant hamster wheel that rolls itself so she can't just lie at the bottom of it :)

    2. I guess that should read "could NOT care less", sorry about that :)

  2. To be a fly on the wall at your house.........would be so-o-o much fun. I've told you before that you can write; but this story about chasing the cat is just hilarious. The fact that your son is upset by your torturing the cat....well I can just see all of it. I laughed so hard. The cat must think you have lost your flippin' mind. Great story. Next, I'd like a description of you taking apart the drainpipe and cleaning out the clog. You could write a sitcom about living at your house. I'd watch. Just trying to print out the coupons and the ensuing swearing and tantrums, would fill a whole episode. Ha.

    Still you managed to accomplish a lot of frugal wins. You have an insurance company that actually DECREASED its premium this year? How unusual is that! Congrats on your Bing rewards and Swagbuck totals. Way to go!

    1. You're too sweet :) and yes, I am suspicious of the insurance company decreasing our premium, even if it's just by $27. So I found the current policy and compared with with the new one to make sure they didn't delete something from it or adjust our deductibles or anything underhanded... but I couldn't find anything. I'm sure we'll get a big increase next year, what with that sinkhole fiasco nearby...


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