Thursday, September 3, 2015

Frugal Failures and Successes: Thursday 9/3/15

  • I should have gone to bed early last night but after spending the whole day running around I wanted some "me" time which actually meant prepping my Grocery Shopping blog post, inputting my receipts in my checkbook and YouNeedABudget, filling out rebate forms and submitting them, etc.  Then catching up on some blogs but sorry ladies, I could barely keep my eyes open so I didn't comment on anything. I'll try to do that today.  You all had great blog posts that I really enjoyed reading and it's funny that several of my followers posted their Grocery Shopping trips yesterday too!  I love it! So I didn't go to sleep until 2:30 a.m. and this morning, I'm knackered, as Tara would say :)  I'm too old for this crap (second night in a row!).

  • In order not to be completely lazy today, I got dressed in actual exercise clothes so it spurs me to get on my recumbent bike. Oh and I enabled the step tracker on my iPhone so My Fitness Pal should keep track of how many steps I take (as long as I remember to carry my phone around everywhere, which I usually do as I always wear cargo shorts or pants but the spandex running pants don't have pockets so that's gonna be a challenge. No news from my BFF as to whether she joined MFP after all or not... but I went back into the app and entered what I ate yesterday. Yikes, I was over my calories, as I knew I would be.  Oh well, at least I'm being honest and today is another day :)

  • I did pull a few weeds from the backyard today. But they're clearly winning the war. I need to spend time in the garden (more than a few minutes) and put the rest of the cardboard down and mulch.  Hopefully this weekend!  Look at how big my guest acorn squash is!

  • I packed a lunch for Greg to take to work today and also a lunch for my daughter since she was running late (that road construction means she has to leave for school earlier than she planned and she didn't pack a lunch last night but didn't want to stand in line to buy lunch either!).  My son packed his own lunch.

  • I used the water left over from boiling eggs last night, as well as some tap water left in a cup on the table to water my indoor seedlings.  Some of the tomato seeds that I added to one of my nurseries germinated!  The seedlings that I had already transplanted outside were all destroyed by the storms and the squirrels so I need to get going with tomato plants.

  • My son finished a box of cereal this morning.  The box went into my cardboard stock for the garden and the bag was rinsed and will be reused to freeze meat.  

  • I kept the water used to rinse the bag and used the bag to water my indoor seedlings (part 2!) with it.

  • I earned my Bing Rewards credits for the day. I'm at 81% of my goal.

  • I worked at earning enough Swagbucks to at least reach my first Daily Goal today.

  • I  don't know where all my upcycled gift bags went... but while I was looking for them I came across a big bag of Star Wars and Clone Wars-themed party supplies, left over from one of my youngest son's birthday celebrations when he was younger. At first I thought I would donate them, but then I remembered that the new Star Wars movie will be coming out in the next year (I think?!) so I'll keep them so we can have an in-house Star Wars celebration.

  • While I was looking for those, I also found the bud vase that I had been looking for earlier in the day to put the basil flowers that I harvested this morning. Cutting off the flowers and the buds allows the plant to last longer. I almost bought one of those vases at Walmart yesterday because I couldn't find mine. I'm glad I didn't!

  • I wanted to carry my iPhone on me to keep accurate count of my steps and remembered that I had the holder that came with the Otterbox case on my desk. What a mess on there but I found it... but then I realized that it was the holder for my old iPhone 4 Otterbox case and it wouldn't fit since I now have an iPhone 5 S. Poop.  While I was there I started decluttering the top of my desk and came across the shipping box for my current Otterbox... and there was a holder in there!  Woohoo!   Update: later on, I decided to disable the step counter anyway because while we were having dinner (and not moving), the program said I took another 300 steps.  Hmmm... Greg told me he had stopped using his too since it was so inaccurate.

  • Another thing that was on top of my desk was an old 3-ring binder that my son wasn't using anymore. I pulled the labels off and upcycled it as well as some page protectors, which found their space in our office/school supplies stock.

  • For lunch I had the left over barbecue pulled pork from a few nights ago, some leftover cabbage and a few potato puffs. It wasn't photo-worthy though.

  • It rained at about 2:30 p.m., yay!  No need to water the garden!

  • I checked out the previews for the CVS and Walgreens ads for next week and wrote down what I'll be getting from each store on my shopping list (eggs at Walgreens, milk at CVS!)

  • Chrome seems to be working for printing coupons from via Swagbucks again, yay!  How do I know?  I printed some more coupons today.  It's an addiction, really (hangs her head in shame...)

  • I took the survey on my 2nd Racetrac receipt from yesterday and earned another survey reward code for a free roller grill item.

  • Which reminded me that I had a hot dog from Racetrac in the fridge that I didn't eat for lunch... I need to remember to eat it tomorrow.

  • I updated some prices in my price book. I keep myself online as a spreadsheet in Google Drive.  What does your price book look like?

  • I ordered a free Disney Parks Family Sticker via a Swagbucks offer in my inbox (and got 25 SB too). I made it for my oldest son's car, actually, since he and his GF are huge Disney fans (he has a seasonal job there and she and her whole family have annual WDW passes).

  • I reached my 2nd Swagbucks Daily Goal!  Bring on the bonus SB, baby!


  • I ordered Bath & Body Works items as a bonus birthday present for my daughter because they had a good promo (buy 3, get 3 free and 30% off too and free shipping if you buy $50+ so I bought myself another scented candle.  Pure indulgence. Sometimes, we need it.

  • Some more food waste to report on my weekly Food Waste Friday post. Grr.

  • My middle son asked to print a photo he took on photo paper from my inkjet printer. Since it was for a school assignment, we picked the "best" quality, which uses a lot of ink... and since he didn't have any photo paper, I gave him some of mine (his is on order).  The picture didn't print to his liking and then we accidentally smeared the surface of it because the ink wasn't dry, so we had to throw it away.  Crap. He decided to try and print it at school instead.  But this was a complete waste of inkjet color ink, which is pretty expensive for my HP printer.

  • I had seen a preview of the Checkout 51 offers that started today so I knew there would be a $1.00/2 Special K offer but I went shopping for Special K yesterday anyway... oh well.

Did you have any frugal successes or failures today? Please do tell!


  1. Oh I feel your pain my ink is expensive for my HP printer too.

    The squash is so awesome! I bet your really proud of yourself for growing it, I would be.

    How did you stay up until 2.30am when you were knackered ha ha.

    Loving the Disney sticker! Xx

    1. Ha, I thought of you when I ordered the sticker... you should get one too (not sure if it's just for US residents though).

      Isn't that squash gorgeous? I'm just amazed that I didn't actually grow it... it's a "guest" plant that grew from one of the seeds that I had put in my compost last winter. I spread compost in that spot in the spring before planting my beans and this beauty has been growing by itself since my return from France!

      HP pisses me off because the printer recognizes when I don't use a "genuine HP cartridge" and then refuses to print. So no cheap ink for me. I mostly use my older Brother laser printer as I can put a piece of tape over the "eye" to trick it into printing far after it's decided that the toner cartridge is empty (it's not, far from!). But it's not a wi-fi printer and it only prints in B&W, which is fine for most jobs.


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