Sunday, September 6, 2015

Frugal Successes and Failures: Sunday 9/6/15

  • Happy Sunday... it's still morning here as I type this but it won't be posted until much later tonight!

  • As you might know, my guilty pleasure on Sunday mornings is getting up while everyone is still in bed and printing my weekly coupons while sipping on my coffee. When everyone is still in bed.

  • This morning, Greg woke up earlier than me with a stomachache.  When I came down at 7:30 a.m., he was up reading his Kindle and didn't go back to bed.  Do I love my husband? Yes.  Am I annoyed that he didn't go back to bed on a Sunday morning so that I could print my coupons in peace?  Yes.  LOL.

  • The frustration continued as my computer was acting up anyway... I had to reboot it twice. It was running slow like molasses, nothing seemed to work well.  I ran Malwarebytes. Well, it's still running at 10:18 a.m. and so far it hasn't found anything wrong and the PC is running better... but I'm also not earning any Swagbucks while this is happened.  I think it's going to be hard getting to my first daily goal again today :(  I do want to try to hit it everyday this month to get that 300SB bonus, darn it! I barely made it yesterday.

  • Once again, I don't feel like gardening today although I really need to!  I did go out to check on my plants first thing (since someone was in the living room!), while in my PJs and barefoot, and it's so dang humid out there that everything is soaked as if it had rained. But it didn't.  That didn't put me in the mood to get dressed and pull weeds.  Ugh.

  • I have BOOKS that I need to read, dang it.  The detective novel that's due on Tuesday (still planning on reading that tomorrow at the latest) and the "Small Batch Preserving" book too. Oh and I have another thriller that I've already renewed twice and actually started... should try to finish that too! But I'm not really in a reading books mood either.

  • And I should also work on a menu for this upcoming week. Already?  Didn't I just do that like yesterday?!  I might just do it tomorrow.  I can use the dish that I didn't cook last night for my Monday night dinner too... yay!

  • And I have to exercise :(  I discovered yesterday that both TraceyBee and Tara (readers of this blog and bloggers themselves, their blogs are listed at the bottom of my right-side column) do quite a bit of exercise every day... I need to keep up!  TraceyBee takes daily 4.5 miles walks with her dog, while Tara walks to work, 30 minutes each way, and sometimes does it 4 times a day!  Wow.  And then there's Susan who weeds and unloads truckloads of dirt... and me and my step tracker that adds 300 steps while I'm just sitting at the dinner table, lol.  Keep it up, ladies, you're inspiring.  I shall endeavor to use my bike today, whether I feel like it or not :)

  • On the plus side, I woke up to a kitchen free of a ton of dirty dishes!  Yay!  I did the dishes last night and then Greg piled up a couple of cups and a cereal bowl on the counter, of course (that Greg!) but it's so much nicer than waking up to a huge mess because I felt lazy the previous night. You would think that would motivate me to do the dishes every night, but it really doesn't.  Sigh.

  • I upcycled a cereal box and the cereal bag too.  (cereal box will be laid in my garden under some mulch... eventually!) and the bag will be used to hold frozen meat.

  • I was feeling quite defeated by my computer woes this morning (and I also had some last night which I didn't share... Microsoft is pissing me off because it won't recognize my Windows Live Mail password all of a sudden and the rep I chatted with last night knew even less than me.  Grrr.  So this still hasn't been fixed... and it affects my account as well.  Arrgh.).  Then I saw a post on Slickdeals advertising a free 20 oz bottle of Coke Zero. Free?  I'm there!  However, the link provided didn't seem to work and people in the thread were complaining that it didn't work. Well.... little "old" me figured it out and posted the solutions... and got the free Coke Zero.  I felt quite accomplished, after that, and not such like a technology dinosaur, after all!  I emailed the link and instructions to my kids so they can get the freebie if they want (although they don't drink Coke products or sodas, really, for the most part) and pass it on to their friends as well.

  • I submitted my Target receipt at Kellogg's Family Rewards to see if they'll credit me with more rewards for the 2 boxes of Jif cereal I bought on Wednesday. Yes, this is double dipping, but all I'm doing it taking advantage of the "loophole" they have in their program at the moment.  I'm trading valuable customer habit information (on my receipt) for free KFR points, I don't see that as being wrong. Since it's Labor Day weekend and they have a big promotion going on, I'm hoping I'll get the 1,000 KFR bonus points as well. Update: It worked... kind of.  I earned more KFR points for the 2 boxes, but didn't get the bonus because the boxes have to have been bought between 9/4 and 9/11.  Argh.  I fail at reading the LARGE print, in this case.  Oh well, it's better than nothing and maybe a store will have some awesome Kellogg's sale this Wednesday...

  • I mixed 1/4 gallon of water with a 1/4 gallon of whole milk to stretch it (I missed the 1/2 gallon mark, darn it!).

  • I noticed that my baking potatoes are starting to look a little wrinkly so I decided to change tonight's dinner menu a bit. We'll have baking potatoes topped with the rest of the turkey bacon that's in the fridge, instead of macaroni and cheese.

  • I watered my indoor seedlings and zombie plants with rainwater.
My zombie celery
  • I completed my Bing Rewards credits for the day. I miscalculated yesterday, when I said I would reach my goal today. I'll reach it tomorrow.

  • I signed up for the Plenti Rewards program and linked our AT&T account and my Winn Dixie Rewards card to it. I double checked to make sure that Rite Aid still wasn't in Florida... and it's not.  Damn it!  I don't get gas at ExxonMobil so I'll probably never earn anything worth a damn on the card, but hey, I'll try.  I uploaded a Household Offer for 50 pts if I buy bananas at Winn Dixie before 9/7.  Probably won't happen since Aldi is cheaper... The only other local supermarkets where I could earn Plenti Rewards are Kmart and BJ's and I don't shop at either of those.  I want Rite Aid to come to Florida, damn it.

  • For some reason it was a very arduous process today, but I finally printed a few (not too many!) coupons from via Swagbucks, Smartsource (had to use IE since Chrome reverted to not printing from that site), Redbox, Target, CVS... and clipped digital coupons to my Publix, Walgreens, and Winn Dixie digital wallets.

  • My lunch was the same as yesterday: sliced turkey on a spinach Flatout wrap, carrot sticks (my daughter asked me to cut her some last week and never ate them!), a small apple and some grapes.  And water.

  • I completed 2 Driscoll's surveys and earned 4 more $1.00/1 berry coupons to use during my shopping trip this week.  

  • I'm thinking about going shopping tomorrow instead of Wednesday since Greg will be home and I can use his truck (my daughter will be going to spend the day at her dad's with my car), and that way I can take my time and not stress about having to pick up my daughter from the high school at a specific time. All I'll miss by going tomorrow instead of Wednesday will be the new Aldi produce specials and that's OK.  Greg needs more kefir before Wednesday and he was thinking about buying the expensive one at Publix today. I had to put the brakes on that one and promise that I would go get him some tomorrow (at Aldi) anyway...  Oh, that means I should read my book today... I might not have time tomorrow.  I hope all my stores are open tomorrow (Labor Day).

  • I checked the Winn Dixie weekly ad to see if there was anything reason to go there this week and...not really (save maybe for Challenge butter, which I heard might be on sale for $3.00 each and I have a $1.00 digital coupon loaded on my WD Rewards card, as well as $0.75 printed coupons... OK, maybe I'll make a quick stop because butter is $2.89 at Aldi right now and that's the best price in town.

  • I entered my exercise into Walgreens' Balance Rewards for Healthy Choices and earned 160 BR points. I also logged my weight and earned another 20 BR points.

  • I opened my Target app and couldn't see any digital coupons in there, even though I had texted "MEAT" in order to get a $5/$20 meat store coupon (no I'm not planning on using it since my freezer is so full anyway, but I don't like ignoring good digital coupons because you never know!).  So I texted MEAT again straight from the app (I didn't even know I could do that!) and then a bunch of digital coupons appeared, including one for $3 off $15 in produce and some others that I might be able to redeem (Barilla pasta).  Woohoo.  Not sure how that happened but I like it.

  • I really wanted to buy new FILA exercise tank tops (they're so comfortable!) from Kohl's website but the shipping fee ($8.95) much eliminated my $10 discount code so I didn't go through with the purchase. I've read that Kohl's MVC members will get free shipping starting on 9/10 so I'll wait until then. Maybe I'll get lucky and I'll get 30% off too :)

  • It started raining right before dinnertime and was still raining at 8 p.m.  Yay!

  • Dinner was awesome!  I made the Salisbury Steak Supreme.  I used up the container of baby portabella that had been in my fridge for over a week and it really was tasty.  I once again omitted the onions to give Greg's stomach a break.  Instead of pairing it with mac'n cheese, I steamed 2 large potatoes in the microwave and each of us had a half potato.  I topped mine with light sour cream and dried chives.  Everyone else just put butter on theirs.  I also steamed the rest of the asparagus that I had bought at Aldi. For dessert, I cut up the cantaloupe also bought at Aldi.  

  • I did the dishes right after dinner!  OK, that's not a "frugal" success, but it's a success nonetheless :) Yay me.

  • I used 3 Raspberry Zinger tea bags to brew 2 quarts of tea to drink as iced tea. Inspired by Susan's comment about reusing her tea bags all the time, I collected the tea bags and put them in the fridge so I can reuse them next time I brew some.  I don't mind if it's weak, it still tastes different from plain water :)

  • Last week I finally had to throw away the pot scrubber that I had made with onion and clementine mesh bags last September (I believe) so tonight I grabbed 3 more mesh bags from my stash and tied them into a new one. I used it right away to scrub my cast iron skillet clean :)

  • I asked our son if we could postpone (again) our weekly Dungeons & Dragons Family Night until tomorrow afternoon, actually, since I need to work on making menus for the week and a shopping list for tomorrow morning.

  • Greg got a haircut but he used the Great Clips prepaid card that I bought earlier this year (the haircuts only cost us $9.99 with the card instead of $14 but since it's prepaid it doesn't cost us anything but the tip - $2.00 - on our visits)

  • Hot water!  After I exercised, I treated myself to an hour-long hot bubble bath with my detective novel. The bubble bath was given to me by Greg as a Christmas gift several years ago.  To atone for the water consumption, I rinsed my hair with the bathwater and I filled a bucket with the water before draining the bath. I'll use the bucket to flush the toilet overnight.

Let's pretend this was me...

  • Well, we failed at having a No Drive Day since Greg decided to go get a haircut today, hahaha.  My daughter had changed her plans so she wasn't going to drive today after all so I was hopping we could score our (27th?) No Drive Day of the year.  But I've been after Greg to get a haircut for months now and he finally decided to go today.  I tried to entice him to wait until tomorrow (my daughter will be driving tomorrow anyway) so I could count it, but he called me a "No Drive Day hypocrite" since he tried to convince me not to go to Winn Dixie last Sunday, hahaha. Still, I told him I was counting this as a failure. He replied "Whatever makes you happy, honey!".

Did you have any frugal successes or failures today? Please do tell!


  1. Congrats for figuring out the free Coke Zero. You are a bulldog when it comes to figuring out those techie challenges. I can't...I just can't. I don't know enough and I get too frustrated.

    Dinner looked awesome, as did your lunch. I was reminded that yesterday's lunch included that iced raspberry tea that looked so good. I am inspired to make iced tea today as it is another scorcher today (It's September people, and it is hot as Hades) Have a great (labourless) Labour Day.

    1. I read your blog post and wow, it must have felt like Florida in your neck of the woods today. I can't believe it was so hot up there! Did you ever brew your tea? lol.

  2. Hey hun, that dinner looks delicious, I fancy that no and I've already had my dinner! Might have to get some steak when I next go shopping. Well I walked twice today so only an hour but I'm shattered. So out of touch. Is the raspberry iced tea nice?
    Glad you had a relaxing bath and a read that's one of my favourite things to do xx

    1. Yes, the tea is very good, I must say. I didn't even put any sweetener in it. It's just a nice change from plain water, which I sometimes (well, most of the time!) struggle to drink. A big part of being healthier and losing weight is drinking enough water.


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