Monday, September 14, 2015

Garden Update: Monday 9/14/15

After a week of drought, we had torrential rains this weekend and the temperatures dropped by a couple of degrees too, which seems to have woken up some of the plants, and ruined others.  Let's take a quick walk through my garden...

The roses are blooming!  Yay!  I love roses.

However, all that rain seems to have done my rhubarb in!  What the what?! It survives the scorching sun of the Florida summer but let a little bit of rain defeat it?!  I hope it comes back.

I hadn't gone near the roselle in a few weeks...oh my!  Not the most spectacular flowers but tons of them and roselles... I'm supposed to be able to use those like cranberries but I never had more than one or two at a time when the plant was in a self-watering bin or in a pot, so I never bothered (although this is why I actually bought the seeds in the first place!).  I need to look up the instructions!

I think my plum tree is dying,,, there is some kind of a lichen growing on all the branches' tips.  Or maybe it's just dormant because it thinks it's Fall or something...

I have a frustrating history with my blueberry twigs. I planted the blueberry plants 3 years ago and!  And the bugs keep on munching on the leaves. And if they flower at all, the flowers fall out right away.  So I was surprised to see new growth on this one plant.  The one next to it is completely dead.

One of my nectarine trees (the one that's more in the shade than the other) seems to be doing OK.  It has buds.  The other one (further down in the post) looks horrible. I think it's dying. I need to dig out my Lowe's receipt so I can get it refunded if indeed it does die.

My tiny lemon tree has new growth too.  Those plants must think it's Spring or something!

It's really slow to grow though. I planted it 3 years ago and it's barely at my knee.

The oranges are plumper this year than last.  They should ripen in December or so.

That's my other nectarine tree.  It looks very droopy even though it got tons of water this weekend.

At this point I'm just keeping the kohlrabi (planted LAST fall!) around just because I'm stubborn.  I'll never get any actual kohlrabi from those plants. Arrgh.

Hey one of my Ichiban eggplant plants is flowering again!  Well, ONE flower...

And I still have 2 little Ichiban eggplants that are growing.

This is to show you that my oldest jalapeño plant is STILL blooming and producing. I planted it in Spring 2014!

This is it, right here. No, not the big bushy thing in the background (that's just a hedge), but the twiggy plant in the pot. It almost has no leaves left!

But look at the base... new growth and flower buds too! Zombie jalapeño!

These are the serrano peppers that I have in a self-watering bin. I guess I should harvest the red one and freeze it.  The plant has a lot more flowers too!

The vincas that reseeded themselves 2 years ago are doing great no matter the amount of rain or sun and are completely maintenance-free. Those might just be my favorite flowers :)

The guest tomato that just appeared right after I came back from France in mid-July has suddenly exploded with tomatoes!  Those are Roma tomatoes,  Up until 2 days ago, there were 2 tomatoes on the plant.  Today I counted 8...


14!  And lots of flowers!  1 gallon of water per day?  Try 4 or 5!  It poured this weekend and this is the result!

Oh wait... 17?!  I must have counted some twice. Math isn't my forte.

Unfortunately, the other 2 guest tomato plants aren't doing as well (late bloomers) and all the seedlings that I had transplanted completely disappeared :(

The pineapple empire is doing well but no sign of any pineapples. I think a couple of plants should be flowering next year, though.

My Red Canna plant was dying but then with all the rain came a new cane with new leaves.  Yay!

The green pepper /medley pepper plants look sickly but when you take a closer look...

There are some pepper buds in there as well!  Woohoo!

Something's attacked my acorn squash plant and the older portion is dying,  I wonder if it was the wasp spray although I only sprayed a tiny bit under ONE leaf...

The one acorn squash that is growing is still going strong. I have no clue when I should harvest it.  Hopefully it won't rot on the vine!  All the other little spheres that I was excited about rotted and fell off. I never did spray that Natria stuff that I had gotten for what I thought was mildew issues.

I had kept one leek (planted last fall or winter) in a self-watering bin instead of harvesting it because it was too puny. It's still puny but it's doing so much better now that all the weeds have been pulled from the bin!  I'm going to keep it in there a while longer.

Well, look it here... the sweet potato vine is trying to come back!  Maybe I'll find sweet potatoes in there next year!  This stuff grows like kudzu so I need to be vigilant since I no longer have the tent to contain it.

My "old" green onions (they're 4 years old and I've been regrowing the same tips for that long!) are doing extremely well for their age :)

This is supposed to be oregano.  But weeds are so good as camouflaging themselves that I'm starting to wonder if they took over the oregano pot... when I brush the leaves, I smell a faint odor of oregano but it's not as strong as it once was and I'm wondering if I'm just imagining it!

The basil in those 2 pots looks leggy but I can still use it. I've been pinching back the flowers so the plants last longer. Those are cuttings I took from the last basil plant I bought in the Spring 2014 and also some that I grew from seed.

I gave my thyme a haircut a few weeks ago and I have thyme drying on my windowsill presently.  This will regrow. If not, I'll just plant more since I have seeds.

The mint is very leggy.  I really would like big bushy bundles that I can harvest for Greg's tea.  I'm thinking maybe a pot isn't the right environment for it?

The sage (grown from seed) is still doing well.  The marjoram that shared its pot completely died though.

Ah, parsley.  Either it gets eaten by caterpillars (every year but this year) or it just doesn't grow. This parsley has been like this for months!  It's so small that I don't even bother harvesting it.  Meanwhile, the Prudent Homemaker reports she's been collecting parsley seeds.  She must feed it steroids or something!  I don't know what I'm doing wrong but at least it did survive this year :)

I love my rosemary bush!  I've had it for several years. I'm always drying some more.

The banana tree has rebounded but no sign of bananas of any stage, yet. I've had this for a year and it is in full sun.  It's a dwarf Cavendish banana tree.

There was a frog resting in the inside of it but it hit when it saw my camera!

The milkweed is about to bloom. I crushed aphids of off the plants just last week.

My little "Christmas tree" is loving the pot that I put it in several weeks ago, Unfortunately, so do the squirrels that keep digging into it!

Our favorite next-door neighbor planted some kind of ground cover between our 2 properties so he wouldn't have to mow it (most of the area there is his) but the darn stuff keeps on invading our turf and has taken over part of our berm and now the rocky path that Greg made around one side of the house. I need to go cut it off to slow it down before it completely takes over our backyard!

Our neighbor has an orange and a grapefruit tree that he doesn't harvest and always allows me to pick the fruit. This year it looks like we'll only have 3 grapefruit (the 3rd one is shy and is hiding behind the middle leaves), but it should be enough to make grapefruit cake.

The hostas my youngest son and I planted in front of the house several years ago are doing splendidly (here's another plant that's maintenance free!) and are taking on their fall colors :)

Yeah, the mildew is blooming too. Dang Florida weather!  I need to scrub this with bleach. And I wish it were the only spot of it.  Sigh...

I can't remember the name of this little flowering vine right now, but it's flowering again. It hasn't been really "viny" because it's still the same size it was when I planted it 2 years ago!  Mandevilla?  I think that's what it is.  Maybe I should train it on something...

These are some flowering weeds between our house and the other neighbor's house.  They're so pretty, I never pull them.

And this is some kind of wild iris, still between the other neighbor and our property (but on our property). The photo doesn't do it justice, it's the palest blueish-purple, very pretty.

This is NOT pretty. That's the spot that I need to completely weed out and mulch (in between the pots, I mean).  The square is where I want to plant... shoot I forgot what I was going to plant there.  My beans?  I need to look up my plans for Fall 2015!

The raspberry canes have grown since this spring, I need to research when is a good time to cut them back. I also need to find some kind of fertilizer for them. How does one fertilize raspberries?  Any natural fertilizers I can use for those?  Compost would be good but I don't have a lot of it.

My little red salvia that I got on clearance for a quarter (or two) this Spring has flowered again!  I should move it back to the patio table to see if more hummingbirds will be attracted!

Some more pictures of my roses...

I keep vincas in pots alongside my patio and some of them have reseeded themselves right outside the pot!

I checked to see if Susan's Natural Weed Killer did the trick on Saturday.  I had barely finished dousing them with the stuff (vinegar, salt and dishwashing liquid) when it started pouring so I wasn't too hopeful.  However, the weeds that got their medicine do look brown and flat...

While those that didn't look perky.  I'm buying lots more vinegar and salt comes Wednesday!

Let's move indoors... the lettuce seedlings haven't changed in weeks.  It's not time to transplant them yet and still, I think that they're not getting enough sun and room to grow indoors.  Should I tempt fate and transplant them anyway?  The squirrels will have a field day since I don't have the tents to protect them anymore.

I also have 3 green collards seedlings growing...

oops, make that two.  In trying to straighten one out to take a better picture, I completely destroyed it.  Fragile little thing. Weird, considering that the one collard green plant that grew for me last winter was the most vibrant plant ever and its stem ended up measuring 2 inches across!

These are some Supersweet 100 tomato seedlings.  I hope they survive so I can have tomatoes!

I gave this zombie pineapple a haircut yesterday. I cut off all the dead ends so hopefully it will grow faster now.

Inside this makeshift greenhouse is my confederate jasmine cutting.  I will be replanting it soon, although now we're talking about building some kind of a shelter for our generator in the exact spot where I was going to plant this.  Hmm, need to think of an alternate location!

The zombie leek survivor is doing well in its fresh water jar.

I can't believe the change in the zombie cabbage between yesterday and today!  This leaf grew overnight!  And to think I was going to compost it!

Look at all the growth that popped up under water since yesterday, too!  I don't think I'll get a new cabbage out of it, but it's an interesting experiment... (and yes, I should have taken the label off the old candle jar...)

The basil cuttings are relaxing as if they were dipping their toes in a pool while sipping on a martini!

Love my zombie celery!

Well, that's it for today. I love looking at those pictures, months down the road, to see what was once and to give me hope that it will be again :)

Do you garden?


  1. Ok so I am quote often jealous of where you live Nathalie but now I know that you can grow oranges, bananas and pineapples I think I am going to stow away and pretend to be a gnome in your garden lol xx

    1. LOL! That would be too funny :) Notice though, that no bananas nor pineapples are actually growing right now so don't get your hopes up. I do seem to be able to grow a lot of weeds though. Useless, annoying weeds.

      I keep giggling. If I do get a gnome, I'll have to name it Tara! Now I have to try and find a cute one... preferably one that's reading a book :)


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