Thursday, September 3, 2015

My Other Great Buys This Week

Here are some other (as in non-food) great deals that I made this week:

  • 2 bags of Tums Chewy Delights (Greg's favorites) at CVS. They're more expensive than at Target (although I didn't see any at Target last time I checked) and I didn't have a coupon for them (sob!) but there was a $5 ECB offer when you bought 2.  That $5 ECB will reduce my grocery bill next week so I think it's a good deal!

The bags were $5.79 each. I didn't have any manufacturer coupons and
 I just realized that I forgot to check if I had a CVS coupon for this kind
of thing in my stash... ooops

  • Bath & Body Works sent me a special offer just in time for my daughter's birthday so I decided to spoil her a little... and had her choose 6 products that she wanted.  I used a "Buy 3, Get 3 Free" promotion along with an additional 30% off promotion and since I needed to reach $50 to get free shipping, I added another of their yummy candles at 50% off (for me,this one!) to my cart. My total before the 30% off was $51.25 which qualified me for free shipping.  After applying all the discount and the sales tax, my total was $38.03, about $27 of which is for my daughter's birthday present so that isn't too bad, right? I did get her other presents too.


  1. Nice! I hope your daughter has a lovely birthday.

    I love candles too. I normally get a few from the kids in my class at Christmas and the end of term so I don't have to buy many unless they smell particularly yummy ha ha xx

    1. Free candles are even better! Say... weren't you going to bed about an hour and a half ago? LOL


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