Thursday, September 17, 2015

What To Do When Your Laptop's Battery Seems To Be Stuck at "xx% and Charging"

If you're like me, you still use a laptop instead of a tablet and you love it.  What you don't like is when things don't work properly.

My laptop is a couple of years old now (maybe even 3 years old, I'm not even sure!)  and it's started to feel cranky.  Recently the HP Software started warning me, upon restarting the laptop, that the battery was pretty much dead and needed to be replaced.  I had noticed a marked decrease in the amount of time the battery allowed me to use the laptop, but I wasn't overly concerned since I'm home almost 100% of the time so I just leave the laptop plugged in.  Yes, this may have contributed to the demise of the battery faster than I would have liked, but I leave the sound turned off as a rule so I never hear the little alarm telling me that I should plug my laptop in and I've lost some work on several occasions (when I forgot that the laptop had been unplugged for one reason or another).

Plus it would be nice to be able to take it to the patio without having to lug the charging cable and get the extension cord from the shed.

Anyhoo, I bought a battery replacement on Amazon last week (with Discover Rewards, of course!) and I had high hopes for it.  It wasn't an original HP battery but had high ratings on Amazon and cost half the price so I went for it.

When I installed it in the laptop yesterday, it started charging right away but would get stuck at various stages with the indicator telling me "27% and charging" but nothing seemed to happen and it would get stuck at each stage for hours.

The only way I could get the percentage to change was to reboot the laptop but every time it would just get stuck at a slightly higher stage.  I was ready to contact Amazon this morning and ask for a refund when I remembered a trick that I had uncovered several years ago when I had a similar problem with a previous laptop.

If you do have use a laptop, you might want to bookmark this post to try it yourself if you have the same problem one day.  Ready? It's really simple and doesn't require any supplies at all.

  1. Turn off the laptop
  2. Unplug the charger from the laptop
  3. Take the battery out
  4. Try to turn the laptop back on (without the battery or charger!) by keeping the power button pressed for 3 or 4 seconds.  Your laptop's LEDs might flash. Mine didn't this morning.
  5. Put the battery back on
  6. Plug the charger back on the laptop
  7. Turn your laptop on
The battery should now be charging properly.

When I did this today, my battery immediately showed that it was already 100% charged and the charge has been powering my laptop for over 2 hours at this point so it wasn't lying :)

I'm not technically savvy enough to understand why that does the trick (probably resets some internal battery/circuitry), but I do know that it works.  So if you have the same problem, give it a try before you throw your laptop out the window, errr, before you take your laptop to a computer repair store or buy a new battery :)

Let me know if this worked for you!

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  1. Awesome tip, well done you. I have a windows RT so pretty much a tablet. Xx


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